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Hey my dearest people  πŸ’— 

Good news !! I know that some of the REALME fans has been waiting scrunitially for the latest 7 series to arrive at our country. And be square NO MORE  people !! It's FINALLY is here to stay !! Woooohooo !! All my REALME die hard fans jump for joy !! Here's a sneak peek on the awesome gadget we have been waiting for !! 

giving users a Dare to Leap lifestyle and experience

Photo credit : Gizmo

PETALING JAYA, 24th September 2020 - realme Malaysia today has launched two of its latest smartphones in their Number Series, realme 7 Pro and realme 7. realme’s Number Series is well-known for its charging technology, camera features as well as trendy design. Malaysians can now capture sharper and charge faster with the functions equipped in the new realme 7 Series.


“Here at realme Malaysia, we believe in continuously improving and innovating products to take users' experience to the next level. We’ve decided to ramp up the specs with a stronger camera and boost its performance for realme 7 Series users to experience the leap forward technology. We would also like to thank Malaysians for being patient while waiting for the arrival of realme 7 Series to the market,” said Tiffany Teh, Brand Manager of realme Malaysia.




The device comes with a huge upgrade of 65W SuperDart Charge for an unparalleled charging experience. It can power up to 100% within 34 mins for its 4500mAh massive battery while keeping the phone cool below 40 degree celsius of charging temperature. Even while heavy gaming, the 65W SuperDart Charge can charge up to 43% in just 30 minutes.



Both realme 7 Pro and realme 7 feature the 2nd generation of 64MP quad-camera system with a new Sony IMX682 sensor to enhance users’ satisfaction in capturing sharper images. The realme 7 Pro focuses on its Ultra Nightscape Video as well as Pro Nightscape mode that enables users to freely adjust the shutter, ISO, white balance, and other parameters. On the front of realme 7 Pro, there is a 32MP high-resolution selfie camera which is the highest pixel for the front camera right now.


Apart from that, both realme 7 Pro and realme 7 are equipped with mind-blowing features such as Starry Mode, Ultra-Nightscape Video, Night Filters, AI Colour Portrait Video, UIS on primary camera and UIS Max on wide angle lens. Users who are interested in night photography could explore more possibilities in their night filters for better clarity and artistic inspiration.


Display & Performance

realme 7 Pro is built with a 6.4 inch Super AMOLED Display and 98% NTSC colour gamut for a better immersive visual experience, better image quality and brighter colours. On the back, the unique aesthetic of AG Split Design presents the asymmetry perfectly in a visually harmonious and balanced way. realme 7 Pro is available in two beautiful colours of Mirror Silver and Mirror Blue that are inspired by the mirror space.

In terms of processors, the realme 7 Pro is driven by the powerful Snapdragon 720G. It applies an advanced 8nm production processor that clocks up to 2.3GHz high-frequency Kryo 465 CPU which

comes with a powerful Adreno 618 GPU. This enables the device to stand out in performance and efficiency by delivering a seamless gaming experience with high image quality.


Audio & Fingerprint

realme collaborated with Dolby Atmos and adopted a dual-speakers Dolby Atmos Sound Effect as well as Hi-Res Sound Quality for users to immerse in awesome listening experiences on realme 7 Pro. realme 7 Pro is also equipped with Goodix's new generation of light sensor in-display fingerprint modules that greatly improve the monitoring and identification speed, accuracy as well as safety performance.


Both realme 7 Pro and realme 7 features three card slots, a dual SIM slot, and a dedicated SD card slot which is expandable up to 256GB,  hence users will never have to worry about running out of space while storing images, videos or files.


Battery & Performance

realme 7 is equipped with a 5000 mAh large battery capacity and the latest 30W Dart Charge. In terms of charging speed, it can be charged to 50% in just 26 minutes, and fully-charged in 65 minutes.


As for the realme 7, it comes with MediaTek Helio G95 Gaming Processor for Malaysian users to indulge in a smooth experience in both performance and gaming. It is also equipped with cutting-edge superb carbon fiber cooling systems that can cool up to 8.6% while keeping the phone's performance up to speed.


Camera & Display

realme 7 is also built with the 2nd generation 64MP quad-camera system with a new Sony IMX682 sensor where it enhances users’ satisfaction in capturing sharper images. realme 7’s 16MP Ultra-clear front camera satisfies users in taking selfies that show natural and delicate skin.


The device is equipped with a 6.5 inch 90Hz Ultra Smooth Display to provide the smoothest experience in the segment and sampling rate of the display is 120Hz. The back cover of realme 7 Series also features AG Split Design processing with classic CD textures makes the phone look more premium. There are two surreal colours available for realme 7, which are the Mist White and Mist Blue.


Product Availability



Sales Information






realme 7 Pro


RM 1,499





Mirror Silver

and Mirror Blue


First Online Sale on realme’s official store at Shopee

-          29th September 2020

-          Link - http://bit.ly/r7propr

-          Free Gift: realme Watch


First Offline Sale at all authorised dealers

-          3rd October 2020


Pre-order at realme stores and all authorised dealers

-          24th September - 2nd October 2020

-          Free realme Buds Q White Edition (specially designed by Jose Levy)



realme 7


RM 1,299




Mist White

and Mist Blue

First Offline Sale at all authorised dealers

-          26th September 2020


Pre-order at realme stores and all authorised dealers

-          24th - 25th September 2020

-          Free Neck Massager


TÜV Rheinland Smartphone Reliability Verification

realme 7 Pro and realme 7 are among the top smartphones that passed TÜV Rheinland Smartphone Reliability Verification with its new reliability standard making realme smartphones not only better to use, but also more durable for fans to enjoy the pleasure brought by the leap-forward technology and trendsetting design.


To find out more about realme’s events and promotions, do follow our Facebook page as well as Instagram at @realmemalaysia

So there you go !! Are you excited enough? Have your gadget fixed has been fulfilled? Come on guys ! Wait no more and head on to the nearest REALME outlet near you ! I hope you'll enjoy the phone as so will I soon after my purchase !! 

Have a wonderful day and always be happy!! 


Love and rise up , 


 Be nice, Be respectful and Be responsible.

Zazasters a.k.a MamaMonstaπŸ‘»

Photo credit to its owner and REALME malaysia. 

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MAN RAJA LAWAK - Saya sedar diri bukan dilahirkan kacak macam hero Hollywood atau Bollywood

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 Tak baik fitnah, saya kurus memang kerana Cococurv - Man Raja Lawak

Korang tengok perubahan pada Man Raja Lawak turun mendadak bukan berat badan dia? Ada cakap dia makan dadah lah, buat pembedahan perut lah , macam- macam tomahan yang diberi kepada Man Raja Lawak. 

Walhal dia cuma ingin hidup sihat dan melakukan aktiviti macam-macam selagi masih ada kudrat, 

Mati tak kira usia, saya hanya nak sihat


KUALA LUMPUR:  Ketika cerita Man Raja Lawak berjaya menurunkan berat badan sebanyak 30 kilogram tular dengan bantuan produk kesihatan berperisa koko, Cococurv baru baru ini, ramai yang terkejut dan tak kurang juga skeptikal dengan melemparkan nista.

Ibarat berbadan gempal salah, apatah lagi kurus,  Man  atau nama sebenarnya, Abd Rahman Kassim akur begitulah suratan hidup.

Serba tak kena, Man sudah terbiasa dengan permainan dunia seni dan kehebatan wira papan kekunci serta netizen.

Tak kurang juga ada mulut jahat berkata Man kurus sebab potong usus, buat pembedahan dan macam macam lagi.

“Kalau asyik fikir cakap orang, sampai ke sudah kita akan terus berada di takuk lama. Jadi saya ambil pendekatan tak ambil peduli. Memujuk hati, saya anggap mereka dengki dan cemburu dengan apa saya berjaya lakukan.

“Lepas itu akan terpacul soalan atau pandangan apabila gemuk dan tiba tiba kurus serta nampak sakit. Kalau kurus bertukar jadi gemuk mungkin orang fikir kita bahagia.

“Tapi apa yang merisaukan saya apabila berat badan naik dan boleh mendatangkan penyakit. Mati sekarang pun tak kira usia. Di usia sekarang, 43 tahun... saya hanya nak sihat. Cakaplah apa mereka nak cakap. Janji saya sihat,” katanya.

Malah satu perkara yang Man perlu berdepan saat ini ialah rupanya yang dikatakan mula ‘haggard’ apabila berat menurun.

“Saya sedar diri memang bukan dilahirkan kacak macam hero Hollywood atau Bollywood. Apatah lagi seperti bintang popular di negara kita. Wajah saya memang tahap biasa saja. Orang kampunglah katakan.

“Ada yang cakap muka saya bertambah buruk dan ‘haggard’ apabila berjaya menurunkan berat badan. Saya tak boleh ubah kejadian Tuhan. Saya terima diri seadanya. Tapi saya bangga akhirnya berjaya kurus dengan bantuan Cococurv.

“Tapi soal fizikal itu sangat subjektif. Buruk di mata orang itu, tak semestinya buruk di mata lain,” katanya merendah diri.

Paling utama Man berkata, dia berharap akan terus memberi inspirasi kepada mereka di luar sana yang masih bergelut nak turunkan lemak di badan.

“Saya sendiri tak menyangka boleh turun berat badan. Dulu saya rasa semua ini mustahil. Namun tak ada yang mustahil dengan Cococurv.  Ia memang produk hebat dan berkesan. Ramai testimoni berjaya membuktikan keberkesanannya.

“Betul bukan mudah nak kurus. Pasti ada liku yang bertandang. Semua itu cabaran yang mematangkan. Tetapi sekali kita dapat dan berjaya di atas apa diusahakan, itulah nikmat hidup yang tak boleh ditukar ganti atau dibayar dengan wang ringgit sekalipun.

“Saya sekarang lebih selesa dan yakin diri. Nak pakai apa jenis gaya pun sudah boleh. Alhamdulillah tawaran berlakon dan kerja melawak pun tak putus. Saya selama ini pun orang kenal kerana bakat, rupa itu bonus yang jatuh di tangga kedua,” katanya

Man dalam tempoh tiga bulan sejak Februari hingga Mac lalu berjaya mendapatkan berat dari 98 kilogram menjadi 68 kilogram.

“Kalau kita letakkan niat, fokus dan semangat nak kurus, memang tiada yang mustahil. Saya mula minum Cococurv sejak Februari iaitu sebelum Perintah Kawalan Pergerakan lagi. Sampai sekarang saya terus istiqomah dalam hal ini. Saiz baju saya kini M dan dulu 2XL. Ukur lilit pinggang pun daripada 39 sentimeter jadi 30 sentimeter.

“Kalau ada yang cakap saya jumpa doktor untuk potong usus atau pembedahan apa apa sekalipun, percayalah saya nak keluar rumah pun tak boleh sebab Perintah Kawalan Pergerakan Diperketatkan dikuatkuasakan. Tak baik fitnah cakap saya jumpa doktor. Memang taklah, melainkan jiran sebelah rumah,” kata Man

Sementara itu, Cococurv yang mula berada di pasaran sejak tahun lalu terus mencuri perhatian. Hanya selepas sebulan dilancarkan, produk itu berjaya mendapat sambutan hangat

Tidak hanya di Malaysia, produk diusahakan Liena dan rakan kongsinya itu juga berjaya menembus pasaran negara seberang, Indonesia.

Biarpun sering diuji dengan pelbagai dugaan yang cuba menjatuhkan produk itu, Cococurv terus mencipta magis dan meraih kepercayaan ramai bagi mereka yang mahu menurunkan berat badan.

Minuman kesihatan berperisa Coklat Belgian ini jika diamalkan secara konsisten dan dibantu dengan pengambilan detoks Berry Curv mampu memberikan hasil diingini.

Tanpa perlu menahan lapar, mengikat perut, memeningkan kepala dan bersenam, pengambilan Cococurv yang diformatkan dalam bentuk sachet  mampu mengurangkan berat badan sekitar 3 ke 5 kilogram dalam tempoh seminggu.

Cococurv dihasilkan dengan ramuan tepung koko, fructose, krimer non dairy, hoodia, guarana dan Aloe Vera.

Untuk mendapatkan produk ini boleh mengikuti Instagram @cococurv_hq atau @cococurv.liena. Bagi yang ingin menjadi agen menambah pendapatan dan mengubah nasib hidup boleh menjadi stokist & agent dengan menghubungi talian HQ 011- 55554175


a. Membakar lemak & kalori dengan pantas

b. Meningkatkan Metabolisma badan

c. Mengurangkan selera makan

d. Membuang toksin dan mengempiskan perut

e. Sesuai untuk ibu menyusu (baby umur 3 bulan keatas)

f. Menghalang pembentukan lemak baru

g. Menurunkan berat badan dengan pantas



a. Minum waktu pagi selepas sarapan berat. sejuk

b. Minum waktu tengahari selepas makan berat. 

c. Pada bulan puasa boleh diambil waktu pagi selepas bersahur

d. Boleh dibancuh mengunakan air panas ataupun air sejuk

e. Minum air putih secukupnya setiap hari


a. Yang nak kurus tapi tak nak tahan lapar

b. Yang nak kurus tapi mals nak pergi gym atau bersenam

c. Yang nak kurus sebab nak  ubah gaya hidup dan ubah pandangan masyarakat pada mereka yang berbadan gemuk

d. Yang nak kurus untuk memudahkan solat, ringan badan dan sihat

Itulah dia netizen kita ye?! Gemuk salah , kurus salah. Ada je benda tak kena di pandangan netizen. 

Apa- apa pun kita doakan yang baik-baik untuk Man Raja Lawak dan semoga dia dapat menjalani kehidupan dia dengan lebih sihat dan aktif di masa hadapan ye ! Semoga terus sukses dengan kerjaya lawak nya. 

p/s : Penggunaan dan pemakanan adalah hak pengguna sendiri untuk menilai baik atau buruk sesuatu produk.

kredit gambar : beritaharian dan owner2 gambar tersebut dari Google search

THANKS   πŸ’•πŸ₯°
Love and rise up , 


 Be nice, Be respectful and Be responsible.
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September 21, 2020 16 Comments


Hello everyone πŸ’—

Do you know that I used to look at other parents with their baby in a ring sling as a 'CHAMP ' ! Why ? Because I can never apprehend or master the art of tying a ring sling and I am worried and petrified if I did it wrongly and I would hurt my baby while carrying her. And the worst came to thought , what if the knots I did, unfolded and my baby would fall and hurt her head as I failed to support her ?! NOoooo ~! I am always afraid to try new things out of the norm for me. Yes ! I am 'that' kinda mom. Always thinks the worst especially when it comes to my child. 

But 'fraid not people, I have found the perfect baby ring sling that is so easy, durable, adjustable and safe to use for both parents and child. Mamaway Baby Sling. I've seen my friend recommend this ring sling and I wanted to try myself. Hence I chose the Rainbow Sweetheart Baby Ring Sling. As colorful as it can be, the color and pattern are fairly neutral for both Mum and Dad to use without feeling self-conscious. 


Appropriately made for infants to toddlers with the maximum of weight of 50kg. Made by high-quality premium cotton and safe & durable Nylon Rings (N66).

It is made custom for one size fits all parents with any body shape and suitable to carry kids of all sizes as it's designed to fit both newborn and toddler. That is why I adore it so much as you know, me and my hubby are a bit bulky on the size. LoL πŸ˜†

Baby's weight is evenly distributed along my back and shoulders to comfortably carry my baby. It takes loads of stress from my back and shoulder.


The Sling is 100% cotton with nylon rings, a folded style shoulder and slightly padded top and bottom edges (rails). It can be worn on either shoulder, so fairly versatile and comfortable for parents. 

The extra material makes for an ideal ‘cover’ for discrete and easy breastfeeding with my baby. This is really convenient for me as I do not need to bring extra cloth as nursing cover. 


Best part is that the sling tucks into its own pocket, meaning it’s compact and easy to store and travel. It will easily fit in your change bag or basket of your stroller without being bulky or heavy, so always on hand when you need it. 

The sling is really easy enough to set up and use whenever needed. My baby girl is in the phase of 'clinginess' . She's now 17 months and its really hard for me to carry her around to do anything. So this really helps me to be close to her and for me to do my house chores or go out with her with ease ,comfortable and effortless carrying. And she loves to be wrapped around her mom, OBVIOUSLY !! 😁


Here's some info I've gathered for you

Easy to Use

Quick setup and can be adjusted in seconds.

Safety Materials:

Made by high-quality premium cotton and safe & durable Nylon Rings (N66). Nylon N66 rings have been weight tested at 50kg with no issues.(SGS Test Report no.: SGS-TW1186350)

One Size Fits the Whole Family

Suitable for parents with any body shape to carry kids from newborn to toddler.

Safety Design Feature

Baby's weight is evenly distributed along your back and shoulders to comfortably carry your baby or toddler, for hours on end, making you easy on your back!

Practical Design

Extra long sling fabric can be used as nursing cover; Patented pocket design so you can take it anywhere.

Material Fabric

100% Combed Cotton Fabric

πŸ‘‰Length: 203cm, Width: 75cm

πŸ‘‰Approx. 30 x 15 X 5 CM (± 2CM)

πŸ‘‰Weight: 380g ± 50g 

Ring: 100% Nylon 6.6

Designed in Australia, made in Taiwan

Other than that, I had my cousin try out the ring sling too ~! She just had her baby boy too who is 5 month old now and was searching for an affordable and relatively versatile way to choose babywear. And she approved of the MAMAWAY ring sling too ~ She loves how breathable and comfortable the ring sling is when she tries to carry her baby around. And of course, the varieties of design available too ~! πŸ‘πŸ’“

The great thing is that if you have no clue on how to use the ring sling, there's instruction on the back on the box or if you want more thorough instruction and guides. You can always check out at MAMAWAY official website or their social media platform.  

Check them out HERE !

πŸ ‡πŸ ‡πŸ ‡πŸ ‡πŸ ‡πŸ ‡

Website ⮞⮞⮞ MAMAWAY official

Facebook ⮞⮞⮞ Mamaway Malaysia

Instagram  ⮞⮞⮞ mamawaymy

Youtube   ⮞⮞⮞ Mamaway Malaysia

Overall I highly recommend parents who want a parenting tool for hands-free snuggles, settling babies in and breastfeeding. Get a MAMAWAY ring sling NOW ~!  For yourself or buy it as a gift to someone who just had their baby. 

 You can purchase directly here too : https://bit.ly/2FS2OxF or use my code MAMABLOG-ZAZA to enjoy RM25 off for purchase over RM180. 

Well that's all for now ! Thanks a bunch for reading my blog !! I hope you enjoy as much as I do πŸ˜πŸ˜˜

THANKS   πŸ’•πŸ₯°
Love and rise up , 


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September 17, 2020 12 Comments

Hey all πŸ’š

How have you've all been doing? I've just read that the recent infected patients for Covid19 are arising at Sabah and Kedah. Kedah state is now in ERCO ( emergency restricted control orders) in malay we called it ' PKPD' ( Perintah Kawalan Peringkat Darurat) . Gosh people, please take care and do follow the S.O.P given by our government for your health and safety. Always wash your hand with soap, use sanitizers and always wear a face MASK whenever you are in PUBLIC places.  

Anyways, beside that Public Announcement, I would like to share with you all something I've stumbled across while I was window-shopping at one of Shah Alam's famous mall, Central I-City. Kid you not, I haven't been to I-City for years and I mean years because the time I went to I-City, the surrounding was isolated with trees. And now, the whole place is surrounded with Stone Jungles (buildings) hence, the mall. 


Since I was at the area visiting some friends, we stop by ' Central I-City' Mall just to see what's the hype about. The entrance was quite fascinating for my kids though. There were like tiers of water fountain and on the ground one has a pool of gold fishes. My kids love it so much.

So as we were strolling around and looking at shops. I've noticed that one of my favorite kiosk was on the ground floor. 'Olive House' logo was at Aafiyat Store kiosk. I remembered that my mom loved to buy their pomegranate syrup and olive oil capsules here. And I love to buy their Mediterranean snacks here especially the nut bars. 

Whilst entering the kiosk after following the S.O.P intended, something caught my eye on the middle of the kiosk. There were these adorable design for diapers and also a bunch flare colored sanitary pads. I went straight to the shop assistant for some assistance as it somewhat intrigued me to check out the diapers and pads. 


Flowra Sanitary Pads ​​and Bae Bae Diapers are the 1st in The WORLD who got JAKIM Halal Certification. Yes, there are other products that claim their products are Halal from other countries too but obviously getting a Halal recognition from JAKIM Halal Certification are far more better since JAKIM it is well-known by worldwide. 

Products are hygienic, fresh and most importantly safe to be use daily. 
There's 5 choices of Flowra sanitary pads πŸ‘‰

🠞Flowra Flexi Fit - Day ( 240mm)
🠞Flowra Flexi Fit  - Night ( 290mm )
🠞Flowra Soft Touch - Panty Liner  ( 163mm )
🠞Flowra Soft Touch - Day ( 240mm )
🠞Flowra Soft Touch - Night  (320mm ) 

Flowra Flexi Fit 

Flexi Fit are made with flexible suspension core design to provide a better, safer, and more comfortable side protection for consumers. Such design has been recognized by the National Intellectual Property Administration. Not only that, the suspension core is designed with flexible materials both sides that help the core to fit the body with any active movement.

The unique 3D and perforated process makes the surface drier, softer and thin thus makes you feel comfortable and dry all day long. 

  • Flexi Fit is simply pure - made without latex, fragrances, toxic dye or lotions. It's
  • Fragrance Free, Dye Free.

🠞Flowra Flexi Fit - Day ( 240mm)
🠞Flowra Flexi Fit  - Night ( 290mm )

The material is made with Air through NW, Composite NW, Fluff Pulp, SAP  (Sumitomo, Japan), Leg Cuff Non-woven, Tissue, PE Film, Release Paper, Elastic Ribbon, Hot Melted Glue (Henkel, German & Bostik, UK). and it has 10 layers of absorbent paper and others material to prevent any leakage occur. 

Flowra Soft Touch 

As for Soft Touch, it has silky pure cotton surface, that is soft and breathable, clean and graceful for it consumer to use. Created with selected high-quality pure cotton to make it skin-friendly. You can enjoy the gentle care endowed from the great nature by feeling the soft touch. It uses Natural fiber and best yet is its Biodegradable. 

🠞Flowra Soft Touch - Panty Liner  ( 163mm )
🠞Flowra Soft Touch - Day ( 240mm )
🠞Flowra Soft Touch - Night  (320mm ) 

Material is made with  Pure Cotton, Fluff Pulp, SAP  (Sumitomo, Japan), Leg Cuff Non-woven, Tissue, PE Film, Release Paper, Elastic Ribbon, Hot Melted Glue (Henkel, German & Bostik, UK) , made without latex, fragrances, toxic dye or lotions. It's Fragrance Free, Dye Free.

Bae Bae Diapers

Just look at the cute design on both diapers packs. Here's some information on the diapers I've looked up for you. 

Bae Bae Diaper uses NASA astronaut technology where the same technology is used by space astronauts. That's why it is free from any harmful chemicals and has super absorption that are helpful and convenient for astronauts. And because of that, it is suitable and safe for baby to use. 

Bae Bae diapers are so durable and bearable that it can last up to 8-10 hours, so that your baby can sleep well at night. 

Inara wants mama to buy this for her !

Your baby will feel more comfortable all day with Ultra Dry because of its fast absorption to keep diaper surface dry. Ultra-dry uses Super Absorbent Polymer that will quickly absorb and spread baby urine evenly. Say goodbye to traditional thick, heavy and bulging diaper. This diaper is tape use. 

Using super-flexible elastic spandex material, wider waist, greater flexibility and adjustable waist circumference. More comfortable fit to the babys body without leaving marks.

Ultra-soft surface layer selection of super soft hot air non-woven fabric to allow baby feel more comfortable all day.

Actively drain away the stuffy hot moisture inside the diaper, speed up the flow of air, breathable, impervious and prevent rashes at babys butt.

Convenient visual wetness indicator. Allow perfect timing for diaper change.

Dual core absorbs at the same time. Absorb more, faster and maintain the surface dryer simultaneously.

Gently fitting the babys legs and effectively prevent side leakage.

After a thorough explanation from the experienced shop assistant, ergo I had to try them out myself. I bought 2 sanitary pads and 1 diapers for me and my baby girl to sample. 

I bought both night use sanitary pads for Flexi Fit and Soft Touch as my monthly period are kinda of heavy flow. So I took them to try out. Unfortunately, I didn't get the chance to get the panty liner as it was out of stock at the shop. 

Bae Bae and Flowra ​​products are available at selected Aafiyat Stores throughout Malaysia, the first store is the store I found in Central I-City Mall. 

Let's support our premium quality local products. 

Well thats all for now ! Thanks a bunch for reading my blog !! I hope you enjoy as much as I do πŸ˜πŸ˜˜

THANKS   πŸ’•πŸ₯°
Love and rise up , 


 Be nice, Be respectful and Be responsible.

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