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As you all know the beautiful talented Mrs. Fazura who is an actress, singer and entrepreneur  is currently pregnant with her first child with her husband, Fattah Amin. Ever so glowing and looking amazing as she always been, Fazura has finally made a decision to launch her own skincare line called , FAZURA SKINCARE at The Light Box, Sungai Buloh

After years of being the faces or ambassador to various brands of cosmetic and skin care products, Fazura was frequently asked about the way she takes care of her skin because she always looks radiant and young. Her fans often suggest her to create and produce skin care products with her own brand and reveal her beauty secrets. 


All that mystery decisively has been answered as Fazura introduce the skincare line to her fans after years of liberation & consideration, satisfied with the outcome of her products.  Ultimately decided to name it as FAZURA SKINCARE. A staple name that everyone has known of. 

With collaboration and cooperation from a well-known dermatologist in Malaysia, Dr. Ingky Lim from Mediiskinstudio. 

'I am very caring and thorough with my skin care. After filming with thick make-up and always having to move around, I know how important it is to have the right skin care products and routines so that my skin is washed well and clean.' explained Fazura.

FAZURA SKINCARE products are suitable for all skin types including acne prone skin problems. Not only that, it also has anti-aging and brightening agents. In addition, this product moisturizes and hydrates the skin so that the skin is healthier and more radiant. An exclusive FAZURA SKINCARE set completes with a face wash, face scrub, day and night creams and even a mini-sized serum that is perfect to take anywhere. Easy to pack while travelling. Convenient right? 

'Currently FAZURA SKINCARE set has become my daily routine and it is very relaxing and easy to use every day. Its non-greasy texture makes me feel very fresh and helps repair my skin especially on busy days.' says Fazura 

FAZURA SKINCARE uses a high quality natural ingredients formula. It contains Avena Strigosa seed extract which is also known as Black Oat Extract. This material is very effective in providing improvements in terms of skin hydration for a long period of time

This product also contains Cynanchum Atratum Extract which is an extract from Korean medicine that helps control the skin's defense function, prevents inflammation and has a profound effect on skin regeneration. The unique combination and effectiveness of these two ingredients makes the FAZURA SKINCARE brand different from other brands of skin care products. 


Any skincare enthusiast can purchase FAZURA SKINCARE products through a registered stockists in Malaysia (as well as Southeast Asian countries including Singapore and Brunei available soon) with an introductory price of RM89.90.


Other than that, there was a ceremony of Fazura receiving Youtube award for her song 'Can't Forget Me', which was streamed more than 7 million times worldwide. 

Fazura's song 'Can't Forget Me' has been played over seven million times across platforms. The song was recorded with producer Willy Beaman as well as singer and lyricist Cameron Forbes in Los Angeles. The song has also dominated the iTunes Malaysia charts a few hours after its launch last year.

"I am very grateful for the support from my fans and also Universal Music Malaysia,". "This song 'Can't Forget Me' is definitely my favorite song and has always been a source of inspiration for me when faced with difficult days." said the singer who will be a mother soon. 

"I cannot wait for my fans to hear my new song, a ballad in Malay, which will be released soon, before I unwind to take a moment to focus on my family," she added

Fazura serenading us with her song.

Singing with Alvin. 

"Universal Music Malaysia believes and is confident in Fazura's talent and we are very proud when the song 'Can't Forget Me' was heard over 7 million times. We are very excited and look forward to seeing all her plans in the future." said Universal Music Malaysia Managing Director, Kenny Ong

As for now, Not only that Fazura has revealed plans to launch its skin care products under the brand name FAZURA SKINCARE, she will also launch an exclusive special edition merchandise in conjunction with the launch of her latest song, 'Be Honest'.

Posing on for her 'Be Honest' Merchandise with Alvin, Fattah and Vivian Abdullah

Among the merchandise that will be launched are the 'Be Honest' (grey) long-sleeved T-shirt priced at RM90, the 'Be Honest' (Black) short-sleeved T-shirt priced at RM80 and the 'Be Honest' (Black) tote bag priced at RM35.

Supporters and Fans of Fazura can place Pre-orders to purchase the exclusive merchandise from September 4 to September 17 only at https://universalmusicstore.avana.asia. All Pre-orders over RM100 during the period will receive a special edition key chain for FREE. 

Door Gift I received at the launching 💗

This exclusive merchandise will be launched publicly starting September 18, 2020.

You can listen to 'Can't Forget Me' and 'Be Honest' on all digital platforms. 


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All the best to Fazura in her future endeavors and Congratulation on her skincare , song and also baby soon ~! 

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