Best Flavour Pod in Malaysia

 Top 10 Best Flavour Pod in Malaysia

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If you've read my previous posts on 2 different pods with Nanostix pods. You got to know this post is a must-have too! If you haven't read my post about the review, where were you?

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What is the function of a pod without its flavour, right? Flavour pod is a need and a compulsory thing to have for those who own a pod.

As we all know, the pod is another alternative for smokers to smoke other than cigarettes. 

Moreover, some people who want to stop smoking, switch to pods and e-cigarettes because they can control the nicotine level.

Different from cigarettes, the pod has many flavours that you can choose from.

Therefore, we will talk about the 10 Best Flavour Pods in Malaysia and where you can get the most delicate pod’s flavours in town!

What is Flavour Pod?

Do you know that flavour pod can also be known as e-liquid, e-juice, and vape juice?

Pod's flavour or e-juice is a liquid mainly used in a pod, vape, and electronic cigarettes that might contain nicotine (depends on your preference) that creates actual vapour.

Moreover, the liquid is a combination of propylene glycol (PG) or vegetable glycerine (VG), water, food-grade flavouring as well as your choice of nicotine levels.

Propylene glycol usually can be found in medicines, food colouring and vanilla extract. The function is to help to diffuse the taste of any food flavouring in the liquid.

Besides, there are 10% of food-grade flavouring, nicotine and 90% of VG and PG in the pod flavour.

Some of you might wonder about the difference between the propylene glycol (PG) and the vegetable glycerin (VG) flavours.

Propylene Glycol (PG) E-juice:

πŸ‘‰Has no impact on the flavour
πŸ‘‰Thinner consistency compared to VG
πŸ‘‰Produce a better “throat hit”
πŸ‘‰Less residue and gunk compared to VG

Vegetable Glycerin (VG) E-juice:

πŸ‘‰Have an impact on flavour and sweeter than PG
πŸ‘‰Has a thicker consistency compared to PG
πŸ‘‰Produces a bigger vapour cloud
πŸ‘‰Has more residue and gunk compared to PG

Top 10 Best Flavour Pod in Malaysia

If you are a first-timer, finding the right flavour that suits your taste might be a little bit hard and confusing. Therefore, here are the top 10 best flavour pods in Malaysia that you should try!

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1. NanoPOD Guava Freezi by NanoSTIX

Are you a fan of strawberries and pears? What if we told you that you could have both?! 

Guava tastes like a hybrid between a strawberry and a pear.

Guava Freezi by NanoSTIX will give you exactly that. Once you take your first puff with this flavour, your mind will be blown away. 

If you are up for sweet things, you should try this one.

2. Pink Diamond by Medusa

This e-juice has a combination of sour candy and sweet pomegranate flavour that will hit you at your first puff and leave you craving for more!

3. NanoPOD Coffee by NanoSTIX 

Drinking coffee is cool but have you tried smoking coffee?

Next on the list, we have NanoPOD Coffee by NanoSTIX for coffee enthusiasts out there.

If you’re that type of person who simply can’t go through the day without coffee, this is the perfect flavour for you.

4. Asap Grape by Nasty Juice

Hands down, this is the perfect flavour for all grapes lovers out there as it is not overly sweet and does not leave you the acrid aftertaste as many other grape flavours do.

5. NanoPOD Honeydew by NanoSTIX

Honeydew is undoubtedly a popular flavour choice for many out there. 

Keen on trying this flavour? NanoPOD Honeydew by NanoSTIX is the one for you.

The Honeydew juice packs a fruity punch of flavour and a strong throat hit for nicotine salt lovers. Big juicy melons! Enough said.

6. Lemon Mojito by Brewtender

Infused with rum and mint leave flavours and has a lemonade base, this flavour is perfect for you to refresh yourself.

7. NanoPOD Strawberry Apple by NanoSTIX

Next, we have NanoPOD Strawberry Apple by NanoSTIX

This blend of flavours will take your whole vaping experience to another dimension. 

It is refreshing and also tempting; it will take your taste bud on an incredible and unforgettable adventure once you smoke.

8. Vintage Classic (Lemon Sangria) by Basic Vapor

This vintage classic by Basic Vapor will give you the sangria after taste with the combination of cola and lemon.

9. NanoPOD Lychee Freezi by NanoSTIX

The fresh taste of lychee is simply too good to resist. Now, imagine smoking it.

NanoPod Lychee Freezi by NanoSTIX is the one you should buy if you’re craving a fruit flavour that is not too sweet and has a suitable amount of tartness.

 10. Fcukin’ Munkey by Fcukin’ Flava

Last but not least is the menthol infused flavour that includes the honeydew flavour and a hint of bubble gum and it is not overly sweet as other flavours.

In conclusion, there is a lot of flavour pod that you choose and try from. 

If you want to go for something sweeter and thicker consistency, you can opt for VG. Meanwhile, if it is vice versa, you can just add that PG e-juice into the cart!

If you are still confused and do not know where you can get your pod along with the flavours, we would like to suggest NanoSTIX. 

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NanoSTIX offers a variety of flavours, from light flavours to strong ones.

˃NanoPOD Mix Pod
˃NanoPOD Tabac Classic
˃NanoPOD Tabac Menthol
˃NanoPOD Jackfruit Freezi
˃NanoPOD Lychee Freezi
˃NanoPOD Guava Freezi
˃NanoPOD Coffee
˃NanoPOD Coffee Hazelnut
˃NanoPOD Graple
˃NanoPOD Honeydew
˃NanoPOD Strawberry Apple
˃NanoPOD Strawberry Vanilla
˃NanoPOD Banana Vanilla
˃NanoPOD Bubblegum
˃NanoPOD Apple Ice
˃NanoPOD Grape Ice
˃NanoPOD Orange Ice
˃NanoPOD Lemonade Ice

Not only that, but they also offer a package for starters to make your journey easier and more convenient!

˃NanoSTIX Starter Pack Rainbow
˃NanoSTIX Starter Pack Red
˃NanoSTIX Starter Pack Purple
˃NanoSTIX Starter Pack Aquamarine
˃NanoSTIX Starter Pack Blue
˃NanoSTIX Starter Pack Pink
˃NanoSTIX Starter Pack Grey
˃NanoSTIX Starter Pack Black

Moreover, NanoSTIX’s devices have an inbuilt battery with 350mAh capacity with the LED Power indicator so that you do not have to charge the device constantly.

Furthermore, the cartridge is equivalent to 30 cigarettes, and it holds a 1.5ml liquid capacity. Therefore, you can save more compared to when you purchase cigarettes.

Other than that, you can also make a side income with NanoSTIX as you can register as an agent with NanoSTIX as low as RM521. They will also support you with all the marketing tools.

Besides, it has a 1-year warranty, and you will get free shipping if you spend above RM50 with NanoSTIX.

What a snatch!

Grab your NanoSTIX now!

*** Disclaimer : I am not condoning or even agreeing that any of you should start vaping or any tobacco products, but there are always options for you. 

In my personal opinion, It’s either you stop and quit tobacco or find a better alternative that doesn't involve others' health in your array of recreational pastimes.

Whatever it is that you might choose. Please make good choices. Do take good care of your own health. πŸ’“

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