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Are you craving for the best 'Asam Pedas' in Kuala Lumpur? Especially the oh-so-famous 'Asam Pedas Mayong Fish Eggs' also known as ' Telur Ikan Mayong '. Before I reveal the location to you. Let's take a food history journey with me to discover the originate of ' Asam Pedas'.

What is ' ASAM PEDAS' ?

As any lover of spicy food will know, South East Asia is home to a huge variety of the world’s most well known foods including chili peppers.

Asam Pedas is a simple name from combining the two words meaning just ‘sour,’ and ‘spicy' is a classic Malaysian Dish that synonymous with Malacca as well as Johor in Malaysia.

Where is it originally made from?

The exact origins of the Asam Pedas are unclear but as to date, Asam Pedas is a Minangkabau and Malay sour and spicy fish stew dish. Place of origin was known from Malaysia and Indonesia and was created by the Minangkabau and Malay culture. 

These dishes are basically popular in Brunei, Malaysia and Singapore. Though we are still in doubt of the origins, it's obviously a dish that perfectly accepts whatever ingredients a locale has readily available.

How does it taste and how's it made ?

The main characteristic of this popular Malaysian dish is the combination of tamarind juice (boiled until soft, and then squeezed to make juice), and chili paste (of course made from use of fresh chili peppers), giving the dish its signature sour and spicy flavors. Even though it appears in numerous varieties throughout the country, it is traditionally prepared with okra, tomatoes, fish, and various seasonings, all cooked in a zesty, rich broth.

Asam Pedas are usually enjoyed as the main course, commonly served accompanied by rice.

Asam Pedas is an amazing must-eat food in Malaysia mainly in Malacca or Johor but afraid not, you can still relish your longing for the best Asam Pedas for both states in one place, just in a small location concealed secretly for it's regular 'Asam Pedas' enthusiast in the heart of Kuala Lumpur.

Being said that, now let me revealed and stop the anticipation and share with you the hidden gem that I have recently discovered that serves the top of the line, wide varieties of the tastiest , finest, richest broth  of that tangy zesty 'Asam Pedas' inspired directly from Melaka and Johor tradition.

KANTIN ASAM PEDAS is located in Ukay Perdana, Ampang. A small cozy restaurant that's concealed in an Apartment residence area named Residensi Bistari. What I loved about the place was when I arrived and entered inside the restaurant, you can feel the change of the atmosphere and the setting sets you back to the good old nostalgic days.

The brilliant and beautiful owner, Kak Lin has created such memorable and a sentimental longing or wistful affection for a period in the past in its store that customers felt so much at home and welcomed.
In the middle is Kak Lin, the Owner 

This place has been discreetly known to Kak Lin's regular customers for almost 8 years and within that time period, her recipe has never changed but only adding more variation to her Asam Pedas dishes.
What I like about Kak Lin's Asam Pedas gravy is that it's thick , flavourful and fragrant. Each dish is made with different gravy depending on the menu.
There is not a single gravy for each filling in the menu. I can taste the difference in Kak Lin's Asam Pedas gravy. The best thing is that each raw ingredient is chosen by Kak Lin herself to maintain the quality and freshness of her food.

From fish such as Mangrove Red Snapper (Ikan Jenahak), Stingray (Ikan Pari), Catfish (Ikan Keli), King Mackerel ( Ikan Tenggiri)  and more, to other meats such as Tethered Meat (Daging Tetel), Chicken (Ayam) and the most exquisite, famous and hard-to-get dish ( Literally you have to make a reservation for this!!) the Mayong Fish Egg (Telur Ikan Mayong)

It comes in Menu Sets too which includes Rice and 'Air Sirap' ( Rose Syrup drink) and there is also Malaysian favourite side dishes like 'Sambal Belacan ( Fermented Chilli & Shrimp paste)', 'Ulam-ulaman' (Malaysian Salad) , 'Ikan Kering (Dried Fermented Fish) and Telur Masin ( Salted Egg).

Do bear in mind that Asam Pedas 'Telur Ikan Mayong' and Asam Pedas Fish Head are serve as Ala Carte and depends on market price. 

You can ask for refills for all the items included, even the Asam Pedas broth but not the meat though. Hihi 😄

In addition to the Asam Pedas options, they also sell  an alternative ala carte for those who do not eat Asam Pedas. There is Crispy Fried Chicken and also Fried Pomfret Fish ( Ikan Bawal Goreng). Enjoy it while it's hot and crunchy. Eat it with sweet soy sauce. Simply delicious !!~~

And for dessert, they serve 'Lempeng Kelapa' (Coconut Pancake) and 'Cekodok Pisang' (Fried Banana Balls). Even Though it looks simple and typical but the taste itself , it's simple, decadent and fulfilling. Kak Lin said that every day they had to buy at least 2 big bunches of Banana to make the Fried Banana Balls to cater to her customers demands.

Kantin Asam Pedas is also famous for its decoration which looks like the house of yesteryear , village feel to it. For those who love OOTD, I recommend you to come and have fun taking a lot of nostalgic beautiful pictures here while dining. Don't forget to bring your own 'Kain Batik or Kain Pelikat' for additional settings.

Finally, after trying all the different meats, I am delighted to be able to tell you – it is quite culturally acceptable to lick your fingers and to drink the broth to savour the last bit of deliciousness 😍

And I am honored to be feasting on such glorious, delicate and delish gastronomy prepared by Kak Lin.

Since the Restriction Order, if you are not comfortable to dine in, you can call Kak Lin to place your order and pick up by you or a runner you hired. 

Kindly make sure to call Kantin Asam Pedas to make a reservation if you are with your entourage which is more than 6 people at once for them to accommodate and reserve your seats in advance. Please take note to make a reservation too for  the ' Telur Ikan Mayong' dish  or you can check on their official Instagram for the latest update.

Tuesday - Sunday ( Monday OFF) 11:00 am - 4:30 pm

For reservations : 03-41019876 / 012-6665552 

For more deets, check out Kantin Asam Pedas officials.
Facebook : Kantin Asam Pedas

Address :
Restoran Kantin Asam Pedas
E-G-14 Residensi Bistari,
Taman Ukay Bistari,
68000 Ampang.

Well that's all for now ! Thanks for reading my blog !! I hope you've enjoyed it !

Have a wonderful day and always be happy!! 


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