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Have you ever heard of SNUS or NICOTINE POUCHES before? I for one,definitely have NOT !! Recently, browsing around the net. I’ve just discovered and read about snus and nicotine pouches online.
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Bare with me, I don’t have a clue what these items were but as I read on. It's sort of an alternative of nicotine consumption, replacing a smoker (cigarette or vapes) to a smokeless tobacco product which is usually placed behind your upper lip.
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Fancy? Maybe ! For a girl who has no knowledge about it at all. All I knew about nicotine was it is in tobacco and via cigarettes and now-in-trend friend - VAPE
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I don’t think Malaysian are exposed to these tobacco products yet but I am not ruling out the hardcore tobacco fans though. They might have known about these years ago. 

What is the difference between Snus and Nicotine Pouches ?

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is an oral smokeless tobacco product which is usually placed behind the upper lip, either in a loose form or in portioned sachets. which resemble miniature tea bags. 

Snus is ground air-cured tobacco, mixed with salt and water and then processed under strict quality and regulatory controls using a technique similar to pasteurisation.
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Snus is distinctly different to other oral tobacco products due to the unique manufacturing process involved .It comes in flavors such as mint and wintergreen. You don’t burn it, and you don’t have to spit when you use it unlike chewing tobacco. 

Snus usually contains nicotine , which is highly addictive.
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It's a very traditional product in Sweden. But do you know that In the European union, Snus is prohibited.

"The European Union banned the sale of snus in 1992, after a 1985 World Health Organization (WHO) study concluded that "oral use of snuffs of the types used in North America and western Europe is carcinogenic to humans", but a WHO committee on tobacco has also acknowledged the evidence is inconclusive regarding health."
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Nicotine pouches are white pre-portioned pouches containing either tobacco derived nicotine or synthetic nicotine. It is like snus, but does not contain any tobacco leaf, dust, or stem.

The tobacco pouch snus is made from tobacco whereas nicotine pouches are made from natural fibers, chew base fillers and nicotine which has been extracted from the tobacco leaves.
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Best described as either similar to or a tobacco-free version of snus.

Nicotine pouches
often contain food grade fillers, water, salt, flavorings and nicotine. Nicotine pouches are sold in an array of fruit flavors such as black cherry and citrus.Other flavors include peppermint and coffee.
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1 - Tobacco-Free

2 - All White Format

3 - Does not stain your teeth

4 - Longer Expiration Date
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A nicotine pouch can also be used anywhere while not exposing your surroundings to harmful second-hand smoke. As they come in an all-white format - the risk of discolouring teeth is also removed.

Nicotine pouches typically cost about as much as a pack of regular cigarettes. Unlike vaping products, they require no batteries and no accessory device.
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As the products are free of tobacco - they don’t have the runny tobacco taste that many people find unpleasant. 

๐Ÿ‘‰ Free of tobacco - white, discreet and doesn't stain your teeth!

๐Ÿ‘‰ A good substitute to cigarettes - use anywhere

To find out more about nicotines pouches, the best nicotine pouches available. 
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Is it better to consume Snus or Nicotine Pouches than smoking a Cigarette or Vaping ?

No studies are available to determine if smokers would switch to Nicotine pouches or Snus or if they would continue to smoke and use nicotine pouches, resulting in dual use.
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The main advantage of switching to nicotine pouches is that the same amount of nicotine can be consumed in a harm reduced way instead of absorbing the substance via the lungs as with vaporizers and cigarettes.

Although Nicotine pouches or Snus have the possibility of being a reduced risk product, there is NO independent testing of their constituents, exposure or biomarkers of effects
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So what’s your prediction? Yes or Nay? Should Malaysian smokers switch or replace smoking by consuming Snus or Nicotine Pouches instead ? 

I understand that Nicotine is addictive and it's hard for smokers to quit smoking but at least with these products, you won't harm others with second hand smoking right?

Give it a thought, maybe ?! 

 Well that's all for now ! Thanks for reading my blog !! I hope you've enjoyed it !

Have a wonderful day and always be happy!! 


Love and rise up , 


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  1. Tak ada kepuasan mungkin bagi perokok tegar sebab tak ada asap nak hembus-hembus..hihi

    1. betul juga kan? maybe dorang kenyang makan asap la tu... hahahh

  2. Baru tau pasal benda alah ni. Tp cam susah je nak ltk kat upper lips. Haha. For smoker, mayb ley try to reduce risk to 2nd hand smoker kann.

    1. ye betul. Ni lebih kepada yang ketagih nikotin.. nak berhenti hisap tak tak leh...

  3. sounds interesting tapi tu la i dont think this works. even vape/pod pun few smoker not helping them to stop smoking lol

  4. saya tau pasal ni, tapi entahlah, sebab saya dari awal memang tak merokok & memang tak suka asap rokok ni. haha tapi kalau perokok nak gunakan alternatif lain ni, rasanya boleh kut.

  5. Oh. Now I know about this. Am learning a new thing today. Hurm. Tak kembang ke upper lips kalau letak bawah lips kan?

  6. I biasa dengar nicotine patch, yg tampal kat kulit. Yg letak dalam mulut macam ni i pernah tgk yg jenis loose tobacco. Org bangladesh/nepal suka. Haha. Dulu i kerja dgn ramai org dari sana, so selalu tengok diorang beli.

  7. Pertama kali tau benda ni juga.. tapi kalau dah perokok asap tegar, memang susahlah nak guna produk lain.. nak juga asap kepok-kepok hahahaha..

  8. Perokok tegar susah nak lepaskan asap-asap rokok. Apapun, usaha ni bagus nak bantu mereka. Hopefully its work.

  9. interesting fact ini. tapi rasanya macam tak berkesan kepada long term smokers sebab mereka dah biasa sangat merokok. i betul betul harap can reduce smoker sebab sejak saya ada anak, saya benci sangat nak hisap second hand smoke.

  10. This is interesting article, maybe I'm not a smoker so I am not aware of these products at all.. but I did learn something about this.. Now i know the difference between SNUS and Nicotine pouch.. :P yeahh!

  11. Ada solusi yang bagus cuma semua nya pokok pangkal dari hati nak usaha ke tidak. Payah nak kata depa ni. Tapi why not cuba kannn?

  12. Wowww produk camni pun ada! First time tengok dan baru tau! Hahaha. Nampak macam mudah je nak kemam kat upper lips. Tapi tak nampak weird ke upper lips ada sesuatu. Macam pakai braces ke rupa org yang letak Snus ni? Hahahaha. Interesting eh. Hahaha. Serius mak curious nak tau.

  13. i have so many friends with sinus but i didnt know ther are pouches for that. so convenient and a fast relief option!

  14. i first saw and tried nicotine pouches masa i travel dkt sweden many years ago. i find the taste really weird, but my swedish friends semua suka guna ni!

  15. first time iena baca mengenai oral smokeless tobacco nie ..jarang amek tau pasal rokok2 sebab ayah tak merokok n kawan kawan opis tak merokok..adek lelki je merokok.. Tapi kalau tuka ke oral smokeless tobacco ni tak tau la dorang suka ke tak..biasa merokok tengok dorang hembus asap rokok kepuk kepuk tu buat dorang nampak lege hehe

  16. Kak ana pun baru first time tau tentang ni. Gigih baca info yg zaza share ni. Pendapat akak, kalau elok dan tak memudaratkan why not give a chance kan. Dari smoke memudaratkan diri sendiri dan orang lain.

  17. first time juga dengar. Kalau betul ianya alternati kepada nicotin, jadi benda baiklah untuk stop smoking. Nice sharing btw.

  18. First time dengar benda ni. Agak menarik walaupun pelik. Mungkin salah satu opt utk org kurangkan merokok

  19. First time dgr psl ni sbb blm pernah tgk lg walaupun kat umah ada yg merokok

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