New.Bie Skincare

New.Bie Skincare

Hydrating Glow Essence (HGE) 
Hydrating Everyday Sunshield (HES)

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Recently I had a massive acne breakout on my jawline as I discovered that my skin was allergic to cleansing oils. And to make matters worse, wearing a mask , doesn't help my skin to breathe either. Since then, I felt quite self-conscious to go out without wearing any make-up to cover up which is not really great for my skin condition.

Basically if I am at home, I’ll rest my skin with just the basic routine skincare. Just face wash, toner , moisturiser and sunscreen for Day use and face wash, toner and moisturiser at night. Minimal usage of products to help ease my irritant and sensitive skin.

Whatever it is, make sure to ALWAYS wear sunscreen / sunblock even at home. Indoor or outdoors, you still need to protect your skin from harming more deep inside from the sun-ray.

Being said that, I was intrigued by a local skincare product that was introduced to me by my friend. Mind you, I am the utmost skeptical human being when it comes to local brand cosmetics or skin care as I have once had a very nasty experience using a local brand before. Not mentioning names but it was said to have mercury in it.

So yours truly is traumatized as it took years for my skin to recover and heal. Yes, this was when I was a youngling with no basic knowledge of skincare or cosmetics back then. Lesson learned !

New.Bie Skincare

New.Bie Hydrating Everyday Sunshield (HES) (previously known as Hydrating Calamine Sunshield) and Hydrating Glow Essence (HGE) 

Let me share with you the brand's background story.

New.bie was founded last year in August 2020 by a skincare enthusiast.

The vision for the brand is to produce very good quality, effective, and only using ingredients that back up with science. Aim to target Malaysian able to use, experience, and owning good products at reasonable prices with knowledge.

New.Bie Founder will make sure that all the right knowledge and assistance is provided to all of New.Bie resellers (drop shipper, agent, and stockist) to be equipped with skincare knowledge with the sole intention to help customers to achieve their dream skin.

New.Bie Skincare

The 1st product that they had produced is 
Hydrating Glow Essence (HGE)  . An exfoliating serum containing AHAs (combination of Lactic, Glycolic and Citric Acid) with 7 types of humectants to gently remove the dead skin cells for a clearer and glowing complexion without causing any irritation on skin especially for acne-prone skin.

Most of the time, when we hear about exfoliating acid, we tend to get afraid or skeptical of the after used effects.The usual symptoms like dryness, itchiness , stinging , and breakout of the skin is not what we look for.

But fret’ not, New.Bie uses a different kind of technology compared to the rest of other brands in the market by encapsulating the acid and they are able to reduce the irritation on the skin with minimal sting and no drying effects. 

It is so moisturizing and hydrating and best yet, makes your skin brighter with a healthy glow and lessen acne and sebum build-ups.

New.Bie Skincare

Hydrating Glow Essence (HGE) is effective for
✅ reduce hyperpigmentation
✅ reduce acne and acne scars
✅ brighten up the skin
✅ reduce dull skin
✅ Reduce Fine Wrinkles
✅ Reduce large pores

After using it 2-3 times per week for 2 weeks now, I see the difference in my skin. Skin is more smoother, glowing even though I still have dark spots and acne scars from previous acne scarring.

The best thing is, my acne has stopped popping out as it used to be. There is still one or two but not as much as it was before ! Thank goodness for New.Bie ! Love it !!

New.Bie Skincare

π—‘π—²π˜„.𝗯𝗢𝗲 2nd Product is the
New.Bie Hydrating Everyday Sunshield (HES) (previously known as Hydrating Calamine Sunshield) with 𝗦𝗣𝗙 𝟱𝟬/𝗣𝗔++++ . It uses calamine to help soothe and calm sensitive skin and it is low irritant and physically blocks UVA UVB rays on the skin surface. 

It comes with 2 sizes - 50ml bottle and 15ml tube.

New.Bie Hydrating Everyday Sunshield (HES) also been improved with 3x boost protection against uv light, covered from bluelight as well as infrared (heat - trigger factor to melasma). 

New.Bie Skincare

Calamine is very well-known to be good for soothing and as an anti-inflammatory agent for acne and iron oxide able to protect skin from melasma to be triggered. Your skin will feel cool once applied to your skin, it is able to cool down the heat coming from the sunlight on your skin.

The ingredients that 
New.Bie Hydrating Everyday Sunshield (HES have : 
• calamine (zinc oxide)
• titanium dioxide
• glycerin
• sodium PCA
• urea
• aloevera
• trehalose
• sodium hyaluronate
• vitamin E

New.Bie Hydrating Everyday Sunshield (HES) It's a physical sunscreen also knowns as mineral sunscreen and it is advice for you to apply at least 15 minutes prior to sun exposure.

New.Bie Skincare

New.Bie Hydrating Everyday Sunshield (HES) is formulated with intention to tackle customers who are facing with skin issue of acne (prone to acne), oily skin, combination, sensitive and melasma.

New.Bie Hydrating Everyday Sunshield (HES) is a lightweight formula, non greasy and has a matte and comfortable finishing yet not drying or irritating your skin everytime you apply or reapply.

New.Bie Hydrating Everyday Sunshield (HES) contains :
πŸ‘‰Mineral filters which are 8% calamine (zinc oxide + iron oxide) and 8% titanium dioxide. Both filters are safe for above mentioned skin types and conditions.

New.Bie has also taken the formulations into consideration on oiliness, uncomfortable feelings, heavy texture, whitecast issue while wearing sunscreen. As wearing sunscreen is very important to keep us protected from harmful sunlights to maintain healthy and young looking skin. 

Do make sure that reapply Sunscreen is even more vital for our daily protection.

New.Bie Skincare

New.Bie Hydrating Everyday Sunshield has Spf50 with 97% protection with pa++++ which is a very good protection for outdoors activities.

New.Bie Hydrating Everyday Sunshield is a waterproof formulated sunscreen that is amazing for outdoor or even indoor activities, even if it is contacted with water, the sunscreen won't dissolve and it will still remain to protect your skin.

Hence, any outdoor activities (with water contact) is suitable while using 
New.Bie Hydrating Everyday Sunshield without the need to worry about getting sunburn but make sure to reapply after 40 minutes or more of swimming or sweating, tower dry or every 2 hours under sun exposure.

New.Bie Skincare

New.Bie Hydrating Everyday Sunshield is safe to be used by the whole family even for little cute baby more than a year to get protected by the harmful sunray.

* Do get professional advice from your doctor before proceeding to use the product for your child.

New.Bie Hydrating Everyday Sunshield is waterproof , it is advisable to wash properly using micellar water or oil cleanser after evening use.

Some sunscreen irritates my skin even more and makes the acne itch. I just had to find the right sunscreen and I’ve found 
New.Bie Hydrating Everyday Sunshield

New.Bie Skincare

I personally love the texture as it is not oily base and easily absorbed into my skin. I love the healthy glow result after use for 7 days as this  New.Bie Hydrating Everyday Sunshield helps to correct skin tone and the best thing is, NO ITCH on my face and no more visible new acne on my face.

Honestly, after using these 2 amazing unbelievable homegrown local brands. I felt that my skin is healing well and the dark spots are lessening everyday bit by bit. I truly recommend you all to buy and keep on supporting our local brands but make sure it's legit and safe. 

And New.Bie is definitely one of the brands that you need to look out for more mind-blowing and wondrous skincare products !!

Make sure to wear your sunshield consistently okay guys !!

New.Bie Skincare

To purchase or know more about the New.Bie products , Check them out at their Official Sites.


 Well that's all for now ! Thanks for reading my blog !! I hope you've enjoyed it !

Have a wonderful day and always be happy!! 


Love and rise up , 


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