Cik Lyn's Smoked Mansion manufacturing


Soft Launch at Impiana KLCC Hotel 

20th January 2022

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Many knows that Daging salai or smoked beef is a speciality hailed from Negeri Sembilan. The charred beef slices obtain their full-bodied flavour in a distinctive process achieved through a smoker. It is not the heat of the fire that gives a special feature in smoked meat but the technique of smoking over long periods of hours that actually gives the difference.

Thanks to the 
enhanced taste, a blend of sweet and smoky tang, the beef is best served with a plate of rice and Sambal Belacan or air Assam, or for a perfect combination, braised in Masak Lemak Cili Api. 

Gradually there will be various types of smoked food that makes it a dish in most cultures. The most popular smoked meats are of course Beef. But if you are not a beef eater, there are still other options such as smoked duck, smoked chicken even smoked fish. 

Cik Lyn's Smoked Mansion manufacturing

If you are finding the ideal and distinctive taste of 'Daging Salai'. Look no further! I would highly recommend you 'Daging Salai Ori Cik Lyn ". Currently, Daging Salai Ori Cik Lyn (DSCL)) produces 2 kinds of smoked meat which is beef and duck. The smoked duck is called 'Wek-Wek Salai' Doesn't it sound so cute!!

Daging Salai Ori Cik Lyn (DSCL) is a Muslim -owned producing business of meat & duck based food products. DSCL produce delectable and high-quality food products. The selected meat
is premium quality meat and has a remarkably special flavour texture. While ducks are healthy and quality organic ducks.

What makes it different from others Smoked Meat ( Daging Salai ) products in the market?

Cik Lyn's Smoked Mansion manufacturing

🠊 It's 100% smoked using original coconut shell produces an aroma that's appetizing whereas else uses either wood or uses conventional gas ovens.
🠊 Using ONLY high-quality premium beef with 5% fat
🠊 Takes 4-5 hours to smoke the products to perfection.
🠊 Specially designed kitchen to retain the smoking process. 
🠊 Uses natural native spices combining 3 states 3 flavours.
🠊 Do not use artificial ingredients.

What's  'DAGING SALAI CIK LYN' ( business background?

"Daging Salai Ori Cik Lyn" (DSCL) company founder Mrs Norhayati Maslinda Chew @ Lynda Chew, an entrepreneur who is persistent in business begins fully started in 2020. Educated in a bachelor's degree in Design Interior & Exterior. Do you know that previously Mrs Lynda Chew was a container Architecture Designer (Contractors) who are mostly dominated by men?

Cik Lyn's Smoked Mansion manufacturing
Mrs Lynda Chew is also involved in several volunteers, cooperatives and associations. Lending a hand, supports & gives contributions in times of distressing pandemic. She has also achieved success in some areas of business beforehand. She was involved in a spa shop and iron workshop (fabrication).

When the covid-19 pandemic hit the country in 2020, she took the plunge and devoted full time to her smoked meat business. By starting in a small-scale business in 2021 and setting up operations 'Salai' house (smoked house) in Besut, Terengganu.

And recently,  Mrs Lynda Chew was selected as a RECIPIENT OF OUTSTANDING WOMEN AWARD SABAH 2022 in conjunction with THE INTERNATIONAL WOMEN DAY 2022 from  IKSnita (Persatuan Industri Kecil & Sederhana).  Congratulations Cik Lyn !!

What are "Daging Salai Ori Cik Lyn" (DSCL) vision and mission for the future? 

Cik Lyn's Smoked Mansion manufacturing

Prior to the establishment of Cik. Lyn's Smoked Mansion manufacturing, it was a small smoked
house. But now Cik. Lyn's Smoked Mansion manufacturing company has grown and is finally able to afford more growth, improve and further boost the company’s internal capabilities broader aspects of product production, processing and marketing.  Acknowledging the company's goal to grow the business to a higher level. 

Cik Lyn's Smoked Mansion manufacturing

Company Mission - To be a Bumiputera Muslim company that can explore the market
internationally. Starting from the domestic market of East Asian countries, Southeast Asia, East
Central and further to the European and American levels. From zero to hero. Malaysia Boleh!

Given the good response to the demand for smoked meat since the operation. Cik. Lyn's Smoked Mansion manufacturing company has made plans for expanding the smoked meat business to a more heightened level, through increasing the company's production capacity to meet growing existing demand. 

Cik. Lyn's Smoked Mansion also plans to have distributors throughout Malaysia, Southeast Asia, East Asia & the Middle East by encouraging more demand for products. 

Cik Lyn's Smoked Mansion manufacturing

Vision - To develop and improve the Bumiputera economy throughout the nation. In the planning of opening Café or Restaurant Francize.

Creating a more affordable Mozlyn Kiosk with a modern and attractive design for Malaysian entrepreneurs at a reasonable price and providing free courses to selected Entrepreneurs.

Introducing a whole new modern & unique menu recipes using meat
smoked to all over the world. Smoked meat is not only cooked in a traditional way but can be modernized as well to cater to the new millennial taste palate. 

Where can I purchase Daging Salai Ori Cik Lyn (DSCL)?

GOOD NEWS!! Now DSCL is available  on the MARKET in the following locations:

1. Pasaraya Merhaba
2. Pasaraya Ikhwan
3. Jaya Grocer
4. Rosyam Mart
5. Shell Seremban
6. Shell Karak Highway (Towards Kuantan) Bentong
7. Shell Karaka arah KL (Bentong)
8. Petronas Klang (Taman Rishna)

Cik Lyn's Smoked Mansion manufacturing

Available in 4 sizes : 150gm, 300gm, 200gm & 500gm
**150gm is only available in selected petrol stations. 

Daging Salai Ori Cik Lyn (DSCL) comes in 3 Flavours: Moist, BlackPepper & Spicy

Storage method - It can be stored in the refrigerator or to keep longer, you can store it in the freezer. And before cooking, you will just need to soak the meat pack in water to defrost. Do not need to cook the product for too long as it has been pre-cooked before packaging. 

Soft launching of Daging Salai Ori Cik Lyn (DSCL)' at Impian KLCC Hotel on 20th of January 2022. 

Cik Lyn's Smoked Mansion manufacturing

I was honoured to attend such astounding product launching of 'Daging Salai Ori Cik Lyn (DSCL)' recently at Impiana KLCC hotel.

Cik Lyn's Smoked Mansion manufacturing

Witnessing the launching ceremony of Cik Lyn's smoked meat product being officiated by the Honorable Tan Sri Noh bin Haji Omar, Minister of Entrepreneur and Cooperative Development. At the same ceremony, a session was also held to sign an MOU between Cik. Lyn's Smoked Mansion and Koperasi Harapan Mutiara Pulau Pinang Berhad, to be distributors in the northern part of the state.

Cik Lyn's Smoked Mansion manufacturing
Cik Lyn's Smoked Mansion manufacturing

In the launching ceremony, we were also graced with a cooking demonstration session by Dato Chef Ismail with Tan Sri Noh and his wife to prepare a dish of ' Daging Salai Masak Lemak' and ' Kerabu Lawa Daging Salai'. The wonderful event was also hosted by a TV personality no stranger to all foodies, Maria Tunku Sabri.

Cik Lyn's Smoked Mansion manufacturing
cooking demonstration session by Dato Chef Ismail with Tan Sri Noh and his wife
Cik Lyn's Smoked Mansion manufacturing
Daging Salai Masak Lemak
Cik Lyn's Smoked Mansion manufacturing
Kerabu Lawa Daging Salai
Cik Lyn's Smoked Mansion manufacturing
Smoked Beef Wrap
Cik Lyn's Smoked Mansion manufacturing
Sushi Daging Salai & Sandwich Daging Salai

It was a privilege to be able to taste and experience such scrumptious meals made with 'Daging Salai Ori Cik Lyn (DSCL) products. I enjoyed the fusion recipe of ' Sushi Daging Salai' which was incorporated with yellow glutinous rice. What a modern twist indeed! 

Dato Chef Ismail
Had a great chat with Dato Chef Ismail 

The tasty Smoked Meat by is effortless for you to prepare in various versatile ways for you and your family to enjoy at home. With its soft meat texture, I’m sure you’ll love it! What's important is that it's a Halal Muslim product and it is Halal-Certified!

Cik Lyn's Smoked Mansion manufacturing
With the beautiful founder of Cik. Lyn's Smoked Mansion, Mrs Norhayati Maslinda Chew @ Lynda Chew

I wish and congratulate Cik Lyn and for her 'Daging Salai Ori Cik Lyn (DSCL)' to soon penetrate the international market with its own remarkable taste!! All the best!!

For more information about these exceptional Smoked Meat products. You can follow their Official Social Media page.

IG : @dagingsalai.ciklyn
FB : Daging Salai Cik Lyn
Website :

Be enticed by the richness and smokiness of 

Daging Salai Ori Cik Lyn (DSCL)

Cik Lyn's Smoked Mansion manufacturing

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