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Do you love to play video games, online games, or any type of game in particular? I used to play Playstations and Computer games when I was a young adult and after marriage, with the current technologies, I opted for mobile games instead. 

Occasionally, I do play some online games on my PC but that's when I only have some free time in my hand while doing my content work online.  And I don't have the PC capacity to play online games like Dota, Fortnite, PUBG, or Call of Duty anymore as I used to. ( yes people, I do play these games in the past, and played well too!😜)

Since being a mom, I only have little time to play games but nevertheless, I'll make time to play some games to let off steam or stress every day.  It's scientifically proven that playing games helps to reduce daily stress, depression, or anxiety. Not only is play crucial to mental well-being, it also enhances creativity and happiness. 

What are the benefits of playing games? 

online games for kids

Playing games is fun and can trigger the release of endorphins, the body's natural feel-good chemicals. Having these needs met, while also having the added element of playfulness, makes us feel good, happy, and satisfied.

Not only that, Video games increase problem-solving ability, eye coordination, and teamwork. The benefit of problem-solving in video games is that players can try different ways to solve a problem without any long-term consequences. They may lose that game but can re-think their tactics in the next game or level. 

Does playing games good for your brain? 

online games for kids

Do you know that there's even an MRI brain imaging analysis done by researchers which found that children or adults who played video games for three or more hours per day showed higher brain activity in regions of the brain associated with attention and memory than those who never played?

"The most important discovery was the observation that the group of gamers, compared to people who played games less often, had more nerve fibers connecting the parietal and occipital areas of the brain. These areas are involved in the processing of visual and spatial information" - source from

Efficiently, I found a free online financial Video Game for Kids and adults to play! Money Games is one of the pages from the Mortgage Calculator which offers dozens of fun, free, and ad-free online  Entrepreneur, Business, & Money Management Video Games for kids.

What Types of Games Are There In Money Games? 

online games for kids

I love that they categorized every type of game that is available with details and tips on how to play the games. My son truly adores and is invested in these games as it also has up-to-date animated cartoons that he recognized like We Bare Bears, Ben 10, Lego, Gumball, and many more. 

It's really interactive and helps children to learn how to count cash money in stores, how to clean up and recycle, time management and cash flow and there's also about building houses and managing the town, and restaurants as well. Here are some snippets of the games. 
Real Estate Games: buy and sell properties, make a thriving LEGO city, and clean up a mess or germs. You can also build stable structures, or use dynamite to blow up structures.

Real Estate Games - Build, Protect, Clean, Or Destroy
  • LEGO City Adventures Build And Protect
  • Hero Elementary Treehouse Trouble
  • Kingdoms Wars
  • The Amazing World Of Gumball Tidy Up
  • The Loud House Germ Skirmish
  • Merge Blocks
  • Real Estate Tycoon
  • The Powerpuff Girls Panic In Townsville
  • Build With Buddies
  • Castle Blocks
  • Mahjong Solitaire
  • Magnificent Tower
  • Tower Boom
  • Construct A Bridge
  • Bomb The Bridge
  • Bob And Chainsaw
  • Red Outpost

Money Games: counting money and making change. These games are a fun way to practice addition, subtraction, and multiplication while also learning about money.

Money Games - Counting Money & Making Change
  • Cashier Simulator
  • Cash Back
  • Grocery Cashier
  • Treze Coins
  • Idle Money Tree
  • Supermarket Numbers

Cryptocurrency Games: An easy-to-understand introduction to financial speculation and bubbles. Our games feature Bitcoin and the modern-day tulips - NFTs.

Cryptocurrency Games - Cryptocurrency & Financial Speculation Games
  • Bitcoin Bubble Shooter
  • Bitcoin Tap Tap Mine
  • Lit Ape NFT Generator
  • Stocks

Farming Simulation Games: grow a virtual farm, or build a farming-based business.
Grocery Store Games: run a supermarket and keep items stocked.

Farming Simulation Games
  • Farm Town
  • Idle Farming Business
  • Farm Factory
  • Tractor Mania
Grocery Store Games: In the above money games section they have some cash register practice games where players make changes. They also offer a number of other grocery store games in their collection.

Grocery Store Games
  • Idle Hypermarket Empire
  • Tap Supermarket
  • The Casagrandes Mercado Mayhem

Restaurant Simulation Games: run a coffee shop, a burger stand, or a pizzeria.
  • Coffee Shop
  • Pizza Baker
  • Pizza Cafe
  • Burger Shop
  • Chocolate Shop
  • Cooking Fever
  • Cooking Street
  • Hotdog Cart
  • Ice Cream Bar
  • Open Restaurant
  • Penguin Cafe
  • Pizza Chief
  • Pizza Shop
  • Pizzeria
  • Ultra Pixel Burgeria

Business Simulation Games: build a mining business, run a jewelry shop, become a florist, or become a corporate overlord.

Business Simulation Games - Non-Food Businesses Simulation Games
  • Idle Mining Empire
  • Idle Pet Business
  • Corporate Overlord
  • Flower Shop
  • Flower Shop 2
  • Jewel Shop
  • Chicken Clicker

Software Development Games: STEM games teaching children about coding logic along with how software is made and tested, along with an idle clicker game focused on building successful startup businesses

Software Development Games - Software Development & Online Businesses
  • Code Panda
  • Idle Startup Tycoon
  • Ben 10 Omnicode
  • Rubi's Coding Class
  • We Bare Bears Develobears
  • Web Tycoon Simulator

Office Politics Games: whimsical ragdoll clicker game can be used to explain internal competition, conflict resolution & team building, and an endless runner

Office Politics Games - Office Fights, Save The Boss & Endless Runner
  • Office Wrestling Royale
  • Angry Boss
  • Office Fight
  • Office Hurdles
  • Rescue Boss Cut Rope

Environmental Games: recycling, green energy, and resource management
  • Wind And Solar
  • Lumberjack Master
  • Idle Forest
  • Sort The Trash
  • Twin The Bin

Other Fun Games: games we like but which did not neatly fit in any of the above categories including a couple food-related games

  • Banana Running
  • BBQ Roast
  • Cooking Mahjong
  • Hidden Food
  • Merge Salad

Here are some of the games that my son and I personally love to play. 

Hero Elementary Treehouse Trouble is a simple physics puzzle video game that also encourages recycling. It uses all the building pieces to build a stable treehouse and you can progress through the game as you can open multiple paths up inside each zone. A total of 3 zones consist of 22 levels to complete. 

It really uses the critical thinking element in this game which is very good for children like my son's age to think about the stability of his actions and build before proceeding to another level with progress to a harder level. 

In LEGO City Adventures Build and Protect players help Mayor Solomon Fleck build a LEGO city using various buildings which earn tax revenues that can be spent to help build out the rest of your city. 

From building, protecting the town, finding hidden mini pieces, and collecting taxes to build a better town. My son really adores this. It's more like any other building empire games he played before but the fact is it's LEGO.  

Cashier Simulator is a game where players operate the cash register at a grocery store. This game teaches my son how to count the correct amount of items, total bills, collect payment, and return balances which really helps my son understand and comprehend a lot more better than me teaching him 1st hand about money. Though it's not exactly the currency of my country at least it helps with counting money and making kids understand the value of money, 

The downside of this particular game is that the money is all over the place when the customer made a payment which sometimes makes my son frustrated as he can find the missing pieces within the background and you have to use your mouse to key in the amount. It's a bit advanced for a beginner level like my son who is age 7. 

Grocery Cashier is a game where younger children can practice addition and subtraction along with monetary familiarity by operating a virtual cash register. 

This one is a lot easier and simpler to understand compared to the Cash Stimulator and I like that it allows you to use the Numeric Number Keyboard instead of taking the time to click individually. This has a time limit, so it's easier to use the Numeric Number Keyboard. 

Banana Running is an endless running game where you help a banana collect coins and more bananas which is fun and cute. The typical running and collect coins game but collects bananas instead of coins. It helps with your hand and eye coordination. 

Collect coins to upgrade and purchase a skateboard, a segway, fireworks, and a hoverboard for a smoother game flow. You move faster the longer you play and you get 3 chances before the game is over. All the unlock purchases remain unlocked throughout the games. 

Ice Cream Bar is an ice cream store simulation game where you must swiftly serve customers the ice cream they want in the correct order. 

Pay attention to the orders that customers made and serve them correctly. In this game, you don't need to collect customer payments, unlike other similar sim games. Reach the goal before the timer runs out of time. 

We Bare Bears Develobears is a fun STEM game for kids that teaches them about the components which go into making a video game.  You can play as your character inside the video game. Select tasks from the taskboard to keep working on game development. Tasks include painting pictures, making a chiptune, creating custom pixel art which appears in the game, and adding other unlockable in-game elements.

As you make game development progress your office background will upgrade to reflect your progress. Repeatedly play the game and unlock new variations until you completed building the game. 

It is so adorable to see the We Bare Bear character in this game. My son totally loves this game and he always asks to play this game more than others. 

Well, that's all for now! Thanks for reading my blog !! I hope you've enjoyed it!

Have a wonderful day and always be happy!! 

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