Sellection's Founder , Mrs. Nor Rafidah Khairuddin & her husband, CEO of Sellection Mr. Abdul Hadi Wisman 

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Last Saturday night, I was invited by a company named Sellection or as well-known in Facebook as Branded Handbags & Kitchenware by Rafidah to join and celebrate their 1st official Dinner & Appreciation Night for Member's and Business partners which was held at Black Pearl Event, Shah Alam .
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I was introduced to Sellection. A company that was build & created by an inspiring dedicated woman from initially being a Banana Muffin Baker to a Personal Shopper in Montreal to becoming an influential entrepreneur with ownership of the 1st physical store located at Wangsa Melawati in 2018.  And guess what, They have upgraded and now has been known as the '1st Premium Online Outlet' in Malaysia. 

Outstanding achievement !!!πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

The Sellection Store located at Wangsa Melawati

Mrs. Rafidah engaging her customer needs.

A satisfied Sellection customer

There's varieties of genuine, new authentic handbags, wallets and leather goods for women and men from North America, Canada and Europe. Famous brands that are mainly from COACH, MICHEAL KORS, KATE SPADE, FURLA , GUCCI and many more. 

Not forgetting the premium and affordable kitchenware such as PYREX, CORELLE, CORNINGWARE and others are available for purchases too. 

As the event started, after welcoming the Founder Mrs. Rafidah and her husband who's the CEO of Sellection , They individually gave welcoming speeches to all guests. 

Giving us a glimpse of her awe-inspiring life story of how it all begun.  πŸ’“

Mrs. Rafidah started off as a Banana Muffin Home-baker in Montreal, Canada initially to pitch in financially with her husband, She went through real incredible hardship from being alienated and cast off just for wearing a hijab and had been rejected by several restaurants and cafe. But Allah is Great, all the hard-work paid off, she landed 9 cafes deals to put her Banana Muffins at their cafes. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜™

After all that, she had the epitome of being a personal shopper for Malaysians who acquire branded items but with inexpensive price range. 😊 She is a honest trusted PS and customers begin to spread good words out.

And that's how SELLECTION started. πŸ’ͺπŸ’“

Mrs.Rafidah after purchasing customers ordered items. 

Media Press Conference

Being successful in her online Personal Shopper business mainly thanks to all her supportive loyal customers, Mrs. Rafidah invites her VIP and loyal members for a night to remember. Gradually thanking them with a lucky draw event with prizes consists of handbags , gift cards and vouchers. πŸ‘πŸ’“


'Where there's a will, there's a way '
A proverb that means if someone is determined to do something, she will find a way to accomplish it regardless of any obstacles. 

Mrs. Rafidah life story definitely was an eye-opening spectacular wonderful story that can inspire , encourage and motivate more young entrepreneur to never give up in your dream of being successful in life. 


Not forgetting that this was 1st of all , it started from being an ONLINE personal shopper ( Mrs. Rafidah) who's residing in Montreal, Canada together with her husband,  to obtaining & purchasing authentic, premium branded leather goods and high-end kitchenware for her customers in Malaysia transitioning to having her own store in Malaysia and having business partner to take over the PS work separately at different locations .  Impressive, isn't it? πŸ‘πŸ˜‰

Thank you for having us and all the best to you !!!

The FAMOUS hashtag for all Sisters and Brothers Sellection

I enjoyed being a part of the media to cover Mrs. Rafidah's story
I was truly mind-blown with Mrs. Rafidah's achievement and I am thankful and grateful for the opportunity that was given that night to witness such heartening and uplifting story. A night to remember, Indeed !!! 😍 Thank you ! 

You guys can check out the full stories or even purchase items from Sellection.


You can contact them via as below : 

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03 -4142 0000

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No 10, Jalan Wangsa Setia 4 Wangsa Melawati,

 Kuala Lumpur, 53300 Malaysia





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