It's my birthday  !!

Hello my dear readers, 💛

Today is my birthday. Yes I'm an Aries baby. Alhamdulillah. Happy birthday to me. Thanks to Allah for giving me another year of life! The most wonderful truth is, I’m not getting old, I’m just becoming experienced in so many ways😉

This year has brought me new friendships, new experiences and there are lots more in store for me to learn everyday. Especially I am new in blogging world and I got the chance to meet and be friends with a lot of supportive , fun loving and beautiful seniors in blogging world.😘

On special days like this, I look around and see all the beautiful blessings that surround me. I’m grateful to have my loved ones around me on this day.

Even though I can't celebrate much with my family because of RMO but I am so thankful to be celebrating with my own small family at home. I'm content and on cloud nine 💓

But hey guy, Don't you be sad or disappointed that we can't make some extravagant, fun- interesting or precious memories outside like we used to while celebrating birthdays, anniversaries or any important occasion in your life. Don't be square, here's a solution for you !! Why not make a surprise plan for any occasion you would like to celebrate with our local event planner ~! 

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Look at my two cute little Monsta', It's Mama's birthday and yet they stole the show. Who can ever be mad at those faces 😁 Mama loves you both with all my heart. It's because of you two, that my life felt so content and fulfilled with happiness. Thanks to Allah for his grace to bestow such beautiful angels to be with me in this lifetime. 💕

Thanks to all of you. My family and friends for the heartfelt, warm, and kind wish for me. May Allah grant all your blessings to me. Insyaallah ❤️💕😍

Love you all from Zaza a.k.a Mama AA Monsta 💋

Stay safe, Stay healthy, and Stay home 🏡🙏💋💖
Be nice, Be respectful and Be responsible. 


Love and rise up, 

Zazasters a.k.a MamaMonsta👻

Thanks for all the kind wishes.