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Hey there my dearest readers 💛,

Today I'm going to share a great information that I just came  across with you about a local  online e-commerce platform in Malaysia - PG MALL.

Here's a little bit of 
information about PG MALL for your better understanding 😉

PG Mall is ranked as Malaysia No1. online shopping platform. PG Mall aimed to present a reliable business platform for the merchants to diversify their business portfolios from a global perspective and also want to give a multi choices selections with great satisfactory experience to their shoppers. 

Public Gold Group Founder and Executive Chairman, Dato’ Wira Louis Ng Chun Hau
PG Mall showcases over hundreds of thousands products from wide-cross categories including fashion & accessories, electronics, mobiles & tablets, home appliances, home & living, health & beauty, kids & baby and groceries among others. 

PG Mall is also a One-Stop destination to the World to shop for Malaysia’s quality local made products and handicraft.

In addition, PG Mall is the only platform in Malaysia to accept all e-wallets (Touch ‘n Go, GrabPay, Boost) and also QRPay as payment method. 

Besides an extensive selection of international and local brands, you’ll also find exciting products that are available exclusively on PG MallAll-Under-One-Roof Shopping Destination. That’s why I'm excited to introduce PG Mall to you all. 

More info : Click here⏩ About PG MALL 

Everyday there's plenty of promotions and a lot of savings can be made while shopping in PG Mall.Who does not like the Best Quality products at the most Affordable Price that you can ask for? In PG Mall, every day you can expect promotions that help you in saving huge of your expenses in long run.

Shop anytime, anywhere from your computer and mobile phone. They do the rest for you. With their quick and reliable delivery services, just sit back, relax and your package will come to you. Wow! That's definitely will be a great Shopping Experience !! 

Read on to find out more PROMOTIONS I have discovered in PG Mall Official Website.🖰

Recently, the homegrown online shopping company has been rolling out a ton promos for us to enjoy while staying at home during this Restricted Movement Order time. Check it out !~

1. HotDay Sale

➤ Discounts up to 80% . There's 3 slots per day to enjoy this promotions. Everyday at 10am, 4pm, 9pm. Everyday will be different items on sale. So DO NOT miss out this great deals! 👌

Click here➜ HOT DAY SALE

2. MyRamadhan Campaign

PG Mall will be launching a new campaign for their shoppers for this festive season called MyRamadhan Campaign which starts on 17/4/2020 until 3/5/2020. 

➤ For New shopper
• RM15 off total bill (min spend RM50)
• Limit first 1000 redemption (2x per shopper within MyRamadahan Campaign)

➤ For Existing shopper
i. RM5 off total bill (Min spend RM30)
Limit first 1000 redemption (no limit per shopper within MyRamadhan Campaign)

ii.RM25 off total bill (Min spend RM150)
Limit first 200 redemption (1x per shopper within MyRamadhan Campaign)
Terms and conditions apply


3. Maybank QRPay

➤ Enjoy up to 10% cashback (capped at RM10) with a minimum expenditure of RM30 via Maybank QRPay or MAE. (2x usage per month). So since it's already APRIL. You only have 2 more usage before promotion ends.

➤ Please take note that the *Promotion valid until 20th April 2020

4. Boost Rakyat Cashback Campaign!

➤ Enjoy 15% cashback with NO min. spend, capped at RM10 when make purchase and pay with BOOST!
➤ Promotion valid until 19th of April 2020  and for 2 transaction per users ONLY.

5. AirAsia Big loyalty Points

➤ Come and shop at PGMall and gain 50% extra BIG points bonus from Air Asia Big now! And the best thing is that any AirAsia Big loyalty points holders can also spend their big points and shop with ease at PGMall. Yeay !! 💪😆

➤ Promotion valid until 30th of April 2020 .

6. Love you 3000 Campaign (Lucky Draw bi-weekly

➤ For any minimum purchase of RM30 and above, stand a chance to walk away with PG Mall cash wallet worth RM3000. Wow !! 😱😮

Thlucky winners who enters PG Mall’s lucky draw contests will then be announced on their website and Facebook page.

Read more ➜ HERE 

7. *Forever CashBack up to 3.5% *

PG Mall rewards shoppers for shopping and referring new shoppers to buy from PG Mall. Simply start shopping and referring people to enjoy this unique Shop-Share-Earn concept by gaining their tagline Forever Cashback up to 3.5%.

➤The cashback will then be credited by the 25th of every month
It’s surely is a win-win situation : the more you buy, the more you’ll get to save!

So there it is guys, the latest promotions that PG Mall's currently offering to their loyal shoppers. While we are in the Restricted Movement Order time, let us stay safe at home and shop our essentials online at PG Mall

In PG Mall, the reliability and security of shopping experience by their shoppers is PG Mall's utmost importance.

In safe and secure environment, they provide loyal shoppers with a broad range of secure payment options including instant online banking transfers from all major banks in Malaysia.

Well thats all for now ! Thanks a bunc
h for reading my blog !! I hope you enjoy as much as I do ðŸ˜ðŸ˜˜

Stay safe , Stay at home and shop online with PG MALL  !!! ðŸ’“


Be nice, Be respectful and Be responsible. 


Love and rise up , 
Zazasters a.k.a MamaMonsta👻

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Picture courtesy of googles and credit pictures to owners and PG Mall itself


  1. Nampak Iklan Ramadhan Campaign Bolehlah shopping keperluan rumah/dapur untuk standby masa Ramadhan nanti memang tak larat nak keluar shopping bersesak dengan public.

  2. Wah ada lagi tempat nyopping best. Nanti nak tengok apa yang boleh dibeli. Stok barang dapur semakin menyusut. Hahaha

  3. Ohh this PG Mall looks interesting and I bet it must be convenient and easy to browse too! Will check it out later 😁

  4. Baru tau ada online shop nama PG Mall. Macam best je. Boleh lah nak singgah sini pulak lain kali.

  5. Bestnye shopping kat PG mall. Dapat cash back. Lucky draw lagi.

  6. wow. everyday komen tentang pgmall, mahu nyer terjebak shopping ni karang :) ha ha ha ha...
    aida tak pernah shopping di pgmall, but tahu pgmall ni dah lama.
    bcoz aida memang beli emas pg every month - savings.

  7. Sekarang dah ada PG Mall ye... Baru dengar pasal benda ni.. Senanglah skrg rakyat nak shopping lagi2 tengah PKP ni kan kak..

  8. PG Mall ni kira new platform untuk online shopping yang memang viral sekarang. banyak % sale memang semua suka hehe

  9. PGMall best! saya dah shopping a few times. tengah menunggu casback je ni.

  10. This looks good especially in situation like this. Very helpful. Enjoy shopping online

  11. Kalau tak silap awal tahun lepas ada dengar pasal PG MALL ini. Tapi masa tu tak ambil kisah sangat. Sebab sibuk dengan hal yang lain. Kali ini bolehlah tengok satu persatu.

  12. Thanks for sharing! I'm gonna share this with my mom and get ready our list for shopping.

  13. Nak tahu, selama ni tak pernah nak shopping online, tapi masa pkp ni dah belajar shopping online..aduhhh dok beli je..hhehe. Nanti nak cuba kat sini pulak lah

  14. Hehehe jangan tak tau, Sis dah 2 kali tu bukak dan soping, beli kurma dan juga beli barangan peribadi, murah beno.. puashati gak, sebab layanan dan servisnya pantas, apps dia pun tak mudah heng...

  15. That day sis dah masuk online shop PGMALL memang berkenan barang kat situ and banyak raya sales juga.

  16. Wow macam-macam ada jual kat sini la.. Menarik betul PG Mall ni. Semenjak dua menjak PKP ni memang rajin shopping online je

  17. Wow!!! This is indeed a superb bargain... from CashBack, to Loyalty Points to Lucky Draw... what else could we aske for right?... with lots of items to be choosen and deliveries that will be taken care of, I will surely shop online at the PG Mall website...

  18. kenapa tak pernah dengar pun pasal PGmall? woowww

  19. stay at home done follow sini ya

  20. Mudah guna pg mall ni sbb boleh byr guna pelbagai apps. Cashback pon ada. Berbaloi2

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