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What's up! How have you all been lately? I hope everyone is doing fine. Maintaining great health, both physically and mentally while staying at home with your loved ones. πŸ’• As for me, these 2-3 days have been a slow lazy day. I did not have the mood to do anything at all. I think Bruno Mars's song " The Lazy Song " suits me well for that few days. πŸ˜†

But today I am up and running. I'm on my 'A' game. Pump up to do this next review with all of you today !~ I'm gonna give you all my honest non-paid reviews on the currently famous flavored milk drink in Malaysia - Nilofa's ' Dates and Banana' flavored milk.  My own personal review and also from my son A'isy and my niece, Airiz Ariana's personal review too ~!!

Now let's begin ~!

I am a person who is always skeptical of new drinks especially if it is from a local brand/company ( Yes, I am sorry but I've had too many bad experiences to be so πŸ˜’) So that's that, and despite all the Hu-Ha over the controversial 'NUTRIENT DRINK' between Neelofa and Dr. Amalina. I really lost interest in trying it at all. Lol ~! πŸ˜‹

And the debate of which Banana milk tasted better between Nilofa's and the famous Korean banana milk. For me, all these are too cliche and the advertising strategy is just too appalling.  πŸ˜” I hate overrated awful marketing schemes ~! 

Honestly, I was not impressed at all and I didn't have the urge to purchase any to taste buuuuut this soon changed! Haha 😁 Basically I was looking for a drink that has dates or infused with dates in a drink. Regardless of whatever brand it may be, just because I need the extra boost on my breast milk since it's going to be Ramadan ( fasting season ) soon. 

And yeah, I stumble across Nilofa's Dates and Banana' flavored milk. But mind you, I have varieties of instant date drinks choices like Farm Fresh, Eu Yan Sang, SUPER, Nestum, Dutch Lady, Marigold, and so on.  You name it, I've tried it πŸ˜™

Why am I getting the instant drinks rather than making them fresh from scratch on my own, you said? Well well, let me tell you. I have always rather made my own healthy shakes. You can check out my milkshake recipes below. 

                                  BANANA WITH AVOCADO,YOGURT & CHIA SEEDS MILKSHAKE

But let me tell you this! Dates drinks cannot last long in the fridge and YES, I always do them in big batches and it uses up a lot of fresh dates and milk to make. And do you know how much Dates cost lately ? πŸ˜“ And I've read lately that if you buy in bulk, there's surely a lot of rotten/bad Dates.😐 I am for one NOT to waste any precious money at these difficult times especially in the Restriction Movement Order now. So see, I got my firm reasons. Lol !~ πŸ˜‚ And yeah, I'm lazy to blend myself. 😁

Anyway, I bought the drinks in 6 packs per box but in 2 flavors. 3 packs each flavor as I haven't tasted the Banana Milk by itself yet. The price per box is RM 27 plus RM 6 for postage. The price per item is RM4.90, so I did get some discounted price  πŸ˜‰

Once I received the parcel, we tried the drink. By we, I mean my son and I. He was the excited one always whenever Mama receive anything, especially food, and drinks 😝

Straight to the point, I am in love with the Dates and Banana' flavored milk.  WHY?! I'm going to list it down for you ~! πŸ’—

  1.  The smell itself is sweet and at 1st I predicted that the drink will also taste too sweet ~! Little that I know, it's NOT THAT SWEET AT ALL! Usually whenever a drink has dates in it. It'll have that over-whelming sweetness on the end taste after you drink, unbearable. This has none of that. It just tasted JUST NICE, with well-balanced sweetness which is a thumbs up for me !~ πŸ‘πŸ‘
  2. The texture of the drink is smooth and velvety. Amazingly rich and thick but not too overpowering as the other banana milk we discussed previously. 
  3. The drink works on boosting my breast milk on a fasting day. Even though my daughter was feeding all day long. I noticed that my breast still lactate more milk than usual. My daughter is well-nourish. Alhamdulillah. 😍😘
  4. I have energy the whole day and felt quite full despite having my daughter suckling milk all day long!~ This surely is a PLUS point for me !πŸ’ͺ

Even my son and niece liked the Dates and Banana' flavored milk. Even they want to do their own reviews ~! You can watch their reviews on my Youtube channel link okay.

To sum everything up !~ I would definitively recommend this drink to anyone who wants to boost up their breast milk but hey, it's only my opinion and it works for me ~! Everyone has different milk boosters. Try and error okay! 


Well, thats all for now! Thanks a bunch for reading my blog !! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do writing it  πŸ˜πŸ˜˜

Stay safe, Stay at home, and drink NILOFA's MILK-FLAVORED DRINK!!! πŸ’“

Be nice, Be respectful and Be responsible. 

THANKS  πŸ’•πŸ₯°

Love and rise up , 

Zazasters a.k.a MamaMonstaπŸ‘»

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