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I think since the MCO and due to stress and poor eating habit , my skin has suffered acne breakouts, literally everywhere on my face. And my daily skincare isn’t doing much justice to my breakout either. I had to do basic skincare back to let my skin rest from any other chemical skincare products. 

Doing so, it at least lessens my big pimples but I am still struggling on the tiny bumps on my face. I had to find another solution for my skin. Hence I search for any dermatologist or aesthetic clinic that is safe, well-known and near my place but still reasonable on the price range. 

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As a result, I found Dr.Chong Clinic near Kepong. It’s about 15 mins from my house, so I was ecstatic to go and get some advice from a skin expert. 

I had my doubts on laser treatments as I heard before that laser treatments are painful and the downtime to recover are really looooooong .. I did my research regarding laser treatments and I found out that for the latest technologies, most equipment for the laser treatments are not as painful as people used to experience.  

Follows the S.O.P required for client safety

Check in Point 

What I like about Dr.Chong Clinic in Kepong is upon my arrival, I am greeted with smile and was instructed to follow the S.O.P before entering. Everything was running smooth. Instantly I feel so welcomed and relaxed once I was seated near the reception. Atmosphere was soothing and calming. Soon after that, a beauty consultant came and brought me to a private area for some consultancy and to check my skin condition so that they can identify my skin problem.

After that, the consultant brought me to see the designated doctor for my skin issue. The doctor will check again and brief to me about the procedure ,effects etc. After much deliberation, I finally agreed to proceed on the treatment chosen. Pico Laser Treatment.


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What is Pico Laser and what kind of skin problem that need to use this treatment and what is the benefits of it?

Laser treatments like the Pico Laser, help by penetrating thermal energy deep into the skin to encourage dermal collagen production. It also generates a laser-induced optical breakdown to target pigmentation in the dermis and epidermis by destroying the targeted skin cells that cause pigmentation as well as acne, age spots, freckles, melasma and birthmarks.

Appropriately, depending on the treatment, most places would apply a numbing/anaesthetic cream to your face before starting the laser treatment. The most you would feel during the procedure is just a slight warmth of the skin. Nothing you won’t be able to handle.

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Here’s some information on skin condition that

Pico Laser can treat. 

  • Acne spotsdark spots caused by acne that are usually flat against the surface of the skin.
  • Freckles small brown spots typically caused by overproduction of melanin and/or exposure to the sun.

  • Melasma brown, greyish blotches that can be triggered by pregnancy, oral contraceptives, and more.

  • Birthmarkscome in different shades, from brown, tan, black to red, purple, pale blue and more and have no particular causes.

  • Age spotsdark areas on the skin that vary in size as a result of sun exposure and overactive pigment cells.


LED mask to penetrate more into skin

After laser treatment

Frankly, the Pico Laser can also help with uneven skin tone, enlarged pores, wrinkles, even acne scars. Definitely sounds like a dream come true for those of us struggling with these skin problems. The best part is, it’s non-invasive and only targets the specific areas that require treatment. Like what I am going through with my skin now ! I really need this ! 

As the doctor consults to me, because everyone’s skin is different, the results may vary and for my skin, I need at least 4-5 treatments for my pigmentation to lighten and disappear. Yikesss !! 😖

Yes, I did it and I could tell you that it doesn't hurt at all. It feels as if someone is tickling your face with something. The best part is, there is NO burning or foul smell on your face after the treatment. 

After Treatment

After the treatment, my face doesn't feel sore or redness or anything. I can instantly see the glow on my skin. I really recommend this treatment to people who have the same skin issue as I am. 

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So what are you all waiting for !  Considering the results you’ll get, that’s a pretty affordable price! Just head to their website to make an appointment or find out more about their Pico Laser treatment and other offers on their social media platform.  

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