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Exactly today, on 10th June 2020, as per announced by the Prime Minister on 7th June. We, Malaysian are finally will be capable to walk freely without any restriction but bare in mind, nevertheless Covid19 is still unresolved yet. It is advisable that although we are able to roam anywhere we wish, we must stay abide by the rules and regulations made by the Ministry's Standard Operation Procedure (SOP). Always remember to wash your hands, maintaining social distancing for the time being, No mass gathering and so on. 

As we are currently still in the midst of the Covid-19, hygiene will always be a topic of importance, especially when it comes to keeping our homes sanitized and germ-free. Having said that, I have always trusted this brand for all my cleaning purposes - KLEENSO

I utterly love this brand so much that most of my cleaning solution  from dishwasher to floor cleaner are from KLEENSO itself. Moreover now that they have created a new solution for me to use. Let me present to you their latest disinfectant solution tool.

Kleenso Kills Germs Disinfectant is proven kills 99.9% germs and bacteria. Kleenso Disinfectant is an alcohol free water based with contains no phosphorus on unique formula that help protect your family from harmful germs and bacteria. Its contain surfactant with pH neutral that able to clean and kill bacteria. 

It comes in 2 sizes - 500ml and 4 Liter. The 500ml Kleenso Kills Germs Disinfectant comes with a spray nozzle for your convenience. 

The everyday mess 

clean and safe for them 

The reason being that I take liberties with applying Kleenso Kill Germs Disinfectant in my cleaning routine is because of my 2 beautiful kids. Being such active and lively toddlers, making a mess is a norm for them. Therefore wherever places they walk,eat, play and sleep. It is my obligation to make sure that they are safe from any harmful germs and bacteria. 

In addition to that, I too have to keep clean and disinfect my workstation. For as instance, my laptop , mouse or even my hand-phone. The items that we always have our hands on need to be clean consistently. Its crucial that we take extra precaution to protect our love ones from viruses and bad bacteria that able to make them sick. 

Hence here are some reason why I choose to use Kleenso Kill Germs Disinfectant as my daily cleaning solution. 

What are the active ingredients in Kleenso Kills Germs Disinfectant?
Kleenso Kills Germs Disinfectant uses Benzalkonium Chloride, a chemical compound that is proven to be highly effective against all kinds of bacteria such as E. Coli, Salmonella, and Listeria, as well as most viruses including measles, influenza, and rabies. Benzalkonium Chloride is used as the active ingredient in surface cleaning solutions developed by most commercial brands worldwide.

Kleenso Kill Germs disinfectant does not contain any alcohol, and it is known that a high level of alcohol can kill germs and viruses. How effective is this disinfectant?
Disinfectants with high alcohol content are designed for use in critical areas such as hospitals.  Due to the corrosive characteristics of these chemical compounds, they are recommended to be used only by trained personnel, wearing protective equipment such as gloves. Moreover, these disinfectants are costly and prohibited from being sold online as they are highly flammable.

Kleenso Kills Germs Disinfectant is designed for general and daily use. We have developed this disinfectant to be safe and affordable, making it suitable for use at public and common areas.

External lab tests conducted on Kleenso Kills Germs Disinfectant reveals that when it is applied on surfaces containing 94 different groups of germs, it successfully eliminated all of these germs. This proves the effectiveness of the Kleenso Kills Germs Disinfectant

How do I use Kleenso Kills Germs Disinfectant?
There are several ways you can use Kleenso Kills Germs Disinfectant effectively:

Apply Kleenso Kills Germs Disinfectant with a cloth or sponge directly on the intended surface or spray the disinfectant on the surface. Leave the surface to be exposed for ten minutes, then wipe the surface with a clean damp cloth.

Applying Kleenso Kills Germs Disinfectant on the intended surface with a cloth or sponge, then rinse the disinfectant off the surface with potable water.

Mix 1 cup of Kleenso Kills Germs Disinfectant with 4 liters of water and apply the solution to the floor with a mop.

Squirt ½ cup of Kleenso Kills Germs Disinfectant on the inner sides of the toilet and toilet bowl rim. Then, brush the areas thoroughly before flushing.

Apply 2 caps of Kleenso Kills Germs Disinfectant to 2 liters of water. Soak the cloth in the solution for 3 minutes. Then, rinse it with water and leave it to dry at room temperature.

Kleenso Kills Germs Disinfectant is not recommended for use on soft vinyl, varnished surfaces, or aluminum. For use on paint works, it is recommended that the disinfectant is tested by applying it on a small area of the paintwork first.

And ideal to sanitize Public compound, Schools, Kindergarten, Factory, Offices, Warehouse, Shopping malls, Retail outlets, Lorry, Vehicle, Taxi, Car, Clinic, Restaurant, Food & Beverages outlets and etc 

I am glad that I have found a safe, economical, and effective way to disinfect my home with Kleenso Kills Germs Disinfectant. This way, I will always know that my family is protected from harmful germs and they can happily be themselves at home. 

Where to purchase this magnificent item?? 
Kleenso Kills Germs Disinfectant can be purchased from the Kleenso Online Store, as well as local retailers including Parkson, MR DIY, TF Mart, and Family Store.

The official store:

Online Store:   http://kleenso.my/

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