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Consequently , I think all of us do have a skin routine involving cleansing the face. Even-though some may not implement the whole basic skincare routine but I am sure at least you'll wash your face every time you take a bath right? Hence, here are some basic information about cleansing your face the right way. 
Face wash is one of the most important routine on the face and beauty skincare. All day long, our face has used and applied with various cosmetics products or even from outdoor harsh pollution. Therefore, when it is time to wash your face it should be given proper attention.

This is the key to your basic skin care. Before making any choices about your cleansing products, you need to know your skin type so that the product you choose is appropriate and suitable for your skin. There are generally five types of skin: 
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➤ Normal - balanced in terms of skin moisture, oil and durability.
➤ Oily - the skin looks oily and shiny after a few hours of washing. Choose a low pH (acidic) cleanser to facilitate the process of oil removal.
➤ Dry - skin patches or rash on the skin, difficult to see after a few hours of face wash. Avoid face washes containing alcohol and certain oils.
➤ Sensitive - often feels itchy or tense and is prone to allergic reactions when exposed to certain chemicals. Avoid fragrances, oils or chemicals that can irritate the skin.
➤ Combination - some of the face will be oily, usually in the T-zone. While other parts are dry or sensitive. Choose a gentle face wash and rinse with warm water.

  • Facial cleansing - The first step in ensuring that your face wash is effective in your skin care plan is to see how effective it is in cleansing your face. Of course, face wash works to clean your face. But does it wash your face effectively? Test the effectiveness of your face wash by taking a piece of cotton and putting on a toner. Apply to the skin. If there is residual dirt on the cotton, this means that your face is not completely cleaned by your cleanser.
  • Does not dry the skin - when the skin is dry, the oil glands under the skin will detect declining levels of skin moisture and will release more oil to compensate for the loss of skin moisture. Then the skin becomes greasy and the chances for acne appear very high.
  • Clean the pores in your pores - choose a deep cleanser. It will wash your face down into the pores. Of course, we cannot avoid having pores especially for those who have oily face and love to wear cosmetics every day.
  • Moisturizing - Face wash should also work on moisturizing the skin other than cleansing. If you sit in a 24-hour air conditioning, the skin will become dry. So you really need a face wash that can regulate oil levels and maintain skin's natural moisture.
  • Be gentle - chemical cleansers that have too strong a chemical effect on the skin. Avoid using face cleansers that can erode pigments and skin. This will cause the skin to become thinner and exposed to sunlight.
  • Contains fragrances and preservatives - these ingredients can irritate the skin and cause allergic effects such as Paraben or Phenoxythanol Methylchloroisothiazolinone.
  • Ideal pH - in optimum skin care, you need to have a pH cleaner. Alkaline facial cleanser can irritate the skin. Choose a slightly acidic face wash that is approximately the same pH as our skin's pH.

💦💦Cleansing foam cleanses the face - foam cleansers do nothing but even dry skin. Many foam cleansers also contain many chemicals. So choose a creamy cleanser or liquid cleanser to improve your skin
💦💦Organic and natural face wash is ineffective - in fact organic and natural ingredients are more effective in treating, cleansing and replacing the skin. This is because they are more easily absorbed by the skin and do not cause any side effects that can damage the skin.
Part of my cleansers in the bathroom.
So is the face wash that you are using now suits your skin? If not, change it. Try and error to get the one that really suitable for your skin. 
Choose a face cleanser that suits your skin type so that the moisture and beauty of the skin is well maintained. 
Eventually when you are on the basic cleansing routine and when you have identify what skin type you have. You can add on others cleanser too ~  Such as exfoliating cleanser or facial scrubs. And you can also use cleansing tools too for more deep clean routine. 
I'll discuss with you all later on others routine on my next post ok?! Take care 💓
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Stay safe , Stay healthy and make cleansing your face a basic routine   !!! 💓

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  1. Follow your skin concern before buy anything. For me double cleansing more better.

    1. True. I do double cleansing 4 times a week depends on what are my activities on the day... If just stay at home, just 2 time a week will do.

  2. Saya pakai satu pencuci muka ni. bila pakai kulit akan jadi kering. maksudnya tak sesuai ke? sbb biasa lepas cuci muka saya akan terus pakai pelembab untuk elak daripada kering

    1. sis kulit jenis apa? kalau tak terlalu kering masa basuh tu oklah tapi kalau rasa ketat2 tu baik tukar sbb nnt muka akan bertukar jadi kering flaky dan ada juga gatal2... seeloknya pakai yg lepas pakai, kita rasa lembab je muka...

  3. I was one of those who thought that face-washing is a burden - until my face starts to break out and all those scary moments. Then I started to search for the right ones to use. It is crucial to properly clean the face.

    1. I was too.. a bit late but at least better late than never right?

  4. kulit kita jenis combination...sekarang pakai hada labo yang oily skin deep pore cleansing green tea tu...sebelum ni guna yang AHA + BHA oil control macam zaza punya tu gak..

    1. za baru je pakai yg tu.. tu pun seminggu 2 -3 kali je pakai sbb dia jenis exfoliate.. boleh jadi kulit kering atau lebih teruk breakout kalau kulit barrier nipis...

  5. Sis kulit normal kalau check di mesin kulit tu, tapi diris endiri rasa macam oily...dan dulu hingga kini, Sis pakai semua produk hada labo jer..serasi bersama..

    1. kalau nak tahu kulit kita jenis apa , selalunya za dengar org cakap kita cuci muka dulu.. tunggu 1 jam .. then tgk muka kita mcm mana... kering ke normal ke berminyak ke ... pakai tisu tekap pada muka...za pernah buat.. mmg za kulit kombinasi... haha

  6. kita kadang termiss cuci muka hmm risau jugak sbb tak konsisten cuci muka dah la muka ni kulit sensitif

  7. Dulu kulit kita kombinasi, sejak umur 40 an kulit kita dry so kita pakai cleanser for dry skin dan ada anti-aging.

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