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Let me introduce to you all my Blogger Community #BITERS members feedback 1st video, with yours truly !! ME of coz !! I pulled all the nerves in my body to make a feedback video as per requested by our founder in BITE MEDIA CONSULTANT , Sister Siti Awadah and I was the early ones to submit ! Talking about being excited huh ?! So tadaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !!~ Please watch with open mind. Haha 😂😁

Alhamdulillah after being in this phenomenal blogger team, I have learned so so soooo much about everything needed to know the how ,when , what , who , why blogging methods and terms. Everyone is such a sport!! I am truly blessed indeed to meet such great inspirational people in this team. 

#BITERS is one of the blogging community in Malaysia founded by Sister Siti Awadah as one of her starting point to share knowledge and tips to other bloggers and create friendship and family ties among bloggers. The main focus for the community is to elevate and improve blog achievements with numerous blogging knowledge ,, expertise and information along side generating incomes with the concept of Sharing and Study among-st team members. 

For more information , you can visit BITE MEDIA CONSULTANT official website at www.bitemediaconsultants.com 

Read my previous post for BITERS team here 👉 https://www.zazaazman8.com/2020/05/the-biters-team.html

Thanks and I hope you enjoy the video !! And hope you'll join us later in #BITERS !! 

Well thats all for now ! Thanks a bunch for reading my blog !! I hope you enjoy as much as I do writing it  😍😘

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