Wednesday, 1 July 2020


Hey all 💓

Thanks for being back here !! Well anyways, as some of you may know, my previous blog name using blogspot was blocked by Facebook for the SECOND time 😒. I do not know for what reason at all !! When I asked around to other bloggers, they said maybe someone reported it as SPAM. I mean, who would do such thing ?! To a small unknown newbie blogger like me 😑 Whyyyyy?! 

But lately there's so many bloggers facing the same issue like I did. It just said that it goes against the community service bla bla blaaaa... Every single day I had to make a report to Facebook to unblock my blog link. They don't even show you which post that was against their rules and regulations. 

The 1st time I got blocked was on the middle month of March, I was so devastated that time because I was really on fire passionately writing post on blog and other social medias. It somehow bring me down and I was miserable until I was thinking about quitting blogging again. My blog name was then. 💜

I was about to give up until I met with Sis Awa from Bite Media Consultant in Facebook. You can check her blog out at . I have always think that Allah have heard my cries and lead me to her to assist me on this issue. After joining the BITERS, about 1 week my blog was release by Facebook. This was on on end of March . Alhamdulillah. 😉

Read more to get to know BITERS team here 👉

FYI, I started blogging again this year on January after being persuaded by my MIL who's a blogger too. I used to blog years ago since Red Mummy time but I've stop to some personal reasons and that I totally forgot about blogging world and how much I used to love expressing myself in writing and sharing with my followers. 
But yes the way I write back then was total childish and I am ashamed too if it was published back again. LoL😂 

Hence, after my blog link was unblocked by Facebook.I change my blog name to to stimulate my writing again with new fresh name. I became active again with numerous contents and reviews. I was relieved that I can share my blog contents with my family, friends and followers. We were all in MCO from March and I got my juice up to write more and share often with everyone. I was like Bruce Lee giving out strong punches but in Social Media. 

But that didnt last long, on early month of May. My blog got blocked again for the second time. 😡😞 I guess I strike some wrong strings to get reported again for my enthusiasm. And that feeling again. That anger and sadness at the same time overwhelmed me. I was totally devastated and down to do anything but I did picked up myself on continue doing what I love despite what people hate to see me do. I am and are happy in writing things I love and passionate about. I love giving out personal honest reviews to share with other people for their benefits too. 

After considering Sis Awa advise on changing to my own domain since I am really serious on blogging. Might as well owning a domain that is proper and appealing to future clients. Plus that the domain I bought was affordable and reliable. I was thrilled to change it. 

Therefore, after being blocked for the 2nd time and for 2 months. I finally bought my own domain but still using Blogspot as hosting. Thus, has ARRIVED people ! Exactly on 1st of JULY 2020 👏👏💪

Now I am ready to conquer the blogging world again ! Lol 😆 People, do be kind to me please ! 
 ' Rezeki masing2 , Jangan lah tabur pasir di periuk nasi orang okay ! "

Anyways, I'm so ecstatic that I have my own domain name now !! Thank you for your support and love guys !! I really appreciate it.. YOU are my coals to my fire. 💥💥😆keep on supporting me ya !!~~ 

Thanks again to Sis Awa and the Biters team for the non-stop support and also for all those useful informations and tips shared. I will definitely put in good use !~ May we all be blessed by Allah always and prosper to be a great writer someday ! 

I still have a lot to learn and experiment with more tips and tools in this ever changing growing virtual world !! So lets do this together !!~~ 👍

Well thats all for now ! Thanks a bunch for reading my blog  !! I hope you enjoy as much as I do ðŸ˜ðŸ˜˜

I need to change the blog link later !! 

Stay safe , Stay at home , Stay Healthy and LOVE YOUR FAMILY  !!! ðŸ’“


 Be nice, Be respectful and Be responsible. 


Love and rise up , 
Zazasters a.k.a MamaMonsta👻


  1. All the best. Lepas ni boleh terus sharing info. In sya Allah tak kena block dah lepas ni.

  2. Ia akan memberi kesan kepada blog kesayangan kita jika ada masalah yang berlaku terutama hendak submit link di facebok kan. Naim harap puan terus berkarya lepas ini.. :)

  3. tahniah sis dan teruskan berblog ya

  4. Tahniah sebab dah ada domain nama blog sendiri. Keep writing.

  5. saya pun pernah mengalami masalah domain kena block dengan facebook. Tapi Alhamdulillah now dah okay.

  6. Tahniah Zaza, then lepas ni boleh laaa menjana adsense plak..wehuuuuu

  7. tahniah sisi! saya pun pernah bebrapa kali tukar domain, kali pretama tukar, lepas tu lupa nak renew, habiss...harap2 lepas ni tak lupa..

  8. Tahniah Zaza... Satu langkah ke hadapan dah ni... Pencapaian yang sungguh memberangsangkan... Semoga terus berjaya dan mantap dalam dunia blogging ya...

  9. Congratulations getting your own domain name which is really a big milestone for any blogger. :)

  10. wah, tahniah dah ada domain name sendiri. keep on blogging sis.

  11. Oh Congratulations to you! I also have own domain for 5 years now. feel so good compared with blogpost hehe

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