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A'isy Zafran's progression in school - 7th Month STARTING SCHOOL AGAIN AFTER MCO ~

Hello my dearest readers πŸ’™

Welcome back to my son's 7th month of progression for the year 2020 ~! Thanks to those who has been following my post and commenting praising my son developments . I am glad that by sharing my son's development at school or while learning online classes has helped many parents cope with their kids development too ~! 

As you all may know, this month of July ( heart-wrenching) A'isy has started his class back to school. Though as you all have read on my previous post. I was still contemplating about letting A'isy to start school. Mothers have that protective strong instinct for their child. πŸ˜“And me being so attached to my kids especially my son, doesn't want him to start class so early after the MCO. 

Although the school has assured us parents that they will follow the S.O.P given by our government and will always sanitize the school for every session and class. I am still skeptical and cautious when it comes to my baby boy. Manja kannnn ~! πŸ˜†

But yeah, I am overrun and overpowered by my husband decisions ~ 😭😀 He said that we cannot let him coup up at home forever. He has to go to school and learn like normal kids do. Hmmm easier said  than done right?~ I just hope he is right !  I cant bear to see my kids get sick, even for the slightest cough or fever.. what more for a pandemic virus attacking my kids. Oh No ~! * finger cross* 


Consequently, A'isy wasn't that excited to start attending school either πŸ˜” He even cried throwing tantrums not wanting to go to school early in the morning. He wanted to attend online class at home. And when I said that he has to go to school to learn. 

He said this ,  ' I can learn at home with you and teacher's online classes like always. I don't want to leave you and adik at home. I will miss you both too much !!" 😭😭😭 yes people ~ Mama cried like waterfall too ~ hahahaha My son's excuses are so sweet , mama's heart melting ~! 

But NO, Papa said he has to go to school and after awhile, he obeyed and was ready to go ~! 

And yes! Therefore, my son attended school and I was a nervous wreck on the 1st day. I got my anxieties all reeled up and couldn't relax at all until the time I picked him up. I asked how his day was like and all. As always my son will tell me all that he had done that day. How it was weird to where the face shield and sitting distant from his friends. And there was some of his friends are not attending school and still continuing online classes. 

My son was happy seeing his friends and teachers that he had forgotten the morning drama " I'm not leaving you for school" happened before πŸ˜’ Anyways, teachers told me that he was very obedient and was very good at listening to teachers instructions. Well, he better be 😬

Everything was fine for 2 weeks attending school and all but on the 3rd week, A'isy was coming down with a fever but no coughing or any symptoms of the COVID-19 descriptions. No worries. πŸ˜… And it escalated to his sister too and they are both down with fever and slight flu. Went to the doctors for checkup and medications. I had A'isy rest at home for the whole week as he was still having colds and I didnt want him to spread it around. 


And as the following week, the preschool was in school holiday for a week for middle year school holidays. So A'isy had 2 weeks of quarantine at home until he was all healthy again. It gives me the jitters thinking that my son got sick because of the virus but alhamdulillah , with God's willing my son only had the normal fever and was back in good shape after 2 week rest. With a lots of H2O and vitamins to boost up his immune system. 

I hope you all are doing fine too ! And please take good care of yourself !! I shall share more of his development next month okay !! 

THANKS  πŸ’•πŸ₯°

Love and rise up , 
Stay safe & Stay Healthy 


 Be nice, Be respectful and Be responsible. 


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  1. bagus la sop yang mereka tetapkan. harap student dan parents boleh bagi kerjasama utk keselamatan anak anak

  2. cerdiknya anak-anak sis! rajin pula tu nak pergi school. kite dlu jenuh menangis kalau nak pergi hahahahah hopefully semangat dorg tu berkekalan sampai bila2

  3. Comelnya dia..dah lama sangat duduk rumah mesti dah rindu nak kensekolah...rindu kawan2, rindu teacher..Kita kena terima hakikat hidup bersama virus tue cuma kita selalu berhati2 dan ikut SOP

  4. wah seronoknya belajar. alhamdulillah keselamatan dan sop semuanya dijaga dengan rapi. barulah ibu bapa tak risau. :)

  5. Wow, SOP sekolah nie sangat terbaik ! Baguslah setiap student pakai face shield mcm tu. yelah, budak2 nie bab penjarakkan sosial agak fail sikit. Kena sentiasa ingatkan.

  6. Norma baharu.. anak-anak ada yg tak suka guna face mask.. seronok bila melihat anak-anak minat belajar

  7. Good job bright boy. Jangan tantrum lagi ye - pergi sekolah jumpa kengkawan best kan. Yang penting sekarang nie penjagaan SOP tu kan

  8. Ibu mana yg tak risaukan anak2 kan?macam marina ni bekerja, nak taknak kena hantar jugak anak ke tadika

  9. Great that schools are following SOP and kids also having a good range of physically distancing.. And the face shield mask good enough to cover from the droplet etc. Tak merimaskan macam pakai masks

  10. Wah pandainya dia lukis2.. cantik pulak tu, kemas jer... Good job..

  11. Good boy study at school. It's good to let them wear face shield and learn in school

  12. Walaupun MCO tengok anak-anak tetap gembira belajar hehehe moga kita terus terhindar daripada penyakit yang ada sekarang ni...

  13. Seronok gi sekolah sbb ramai kwn and dpt belajar perkara baru dan plh utama ikut SOP


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