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It’s been awhile. I have been quite busy with my kids lately. My 1 year 6 month baby girl, A’isya has been throwing up new tantrums (goodness!😓) and A’isy has been starting school normally now but with a shorter time period than he used to. From 8am until 11am which was until 1130am before.

I think it's because the teachers need to delegate classes between 4 to 6 years old and the school isn't that spacious enough to cope with all students especially when you need gaps in between tables to practice social distancing right?


Learning on Farm Animal 

To start it off, A’isy has been really good with his pronunciation and able to put full words in a whole sentence now. And he is really questionative about everything he sees nowadays. Example : ‘ Mama, why does the sky have so many white clouds?’ ‘ Why are the clouds white? Why not other colors, Mama?’ - Mama want to faint or run away everytime he ask questions like this. Haha 😜

And yes, as other parents dilemma, I was down right trying my best to honestly give a straight answer or I just said I don’t know. And I will check all his questions later on Google. Lol Typical right?! Because being A’isy, he will remember all the things you’ve promised him with whatever you said you will do later. He will keep bugging until he gets a satisfying answer for else, you will consequently get another question with the previous question. You get me?! What should Mama Monsta do to get some break? Jeeezzz 😖😓



Continuing to his school activities, teachers said he is improving admirably well in classes. He listens to teachers instructions and does his homework correctly without any supervision as before. He is more vigilant and extremely focused when the teacher is teaching in front of class than before.💓💓😍   Awww I am so proud and happy that he is blooming into a great person. 

I noticed his behaviour has become calmer. I think since he had his baby sister, he somewhat had become quite grown up. 

As I did some research, even at age 3 or 4, your child is very much his/her own person. They have distinct likes and dislikes, and their personality is developing more every day. She/He is getting better at using words to express how they are feeling, which means fewer tantrums. Their mood may still change drastically from one moment to the next, but she/he is more likely to talk about being angry or sad rather than having a meltdown. And yes, above are so completely true when it comes to A’isy behaviour.


A’isy is beginning to understand the emotions he's feeling, he still has very little control over them. If he finds something funny, he'll laugh hysterically. If something makes him feel sad or angry, he'll burst into tears. He still hasn't developed much impulse control. If he feels something, he's likely to act on it. This may mean snatching a toy away from another child( his sister) if he wants to play with it, or getting upset when he wants a snack after being told he has to wait until dinnertime. 

Delayed gratification means nothing to him -- he wants it, and he wants it now. And here, we as a parent have to stand our ground. To discipline and teach our kids to listen well to instruction, we must not succumb to their tantrums and give whatever that they want just to make them quiet.

Consoling his sister with his coolness 😆😎

Though they may use hitting, biting, or pushing as a way to solve conflicts. They simply don't understand the difference between appropriate and inappropriate interactions yet. It's your job to teach your child that there are right and wrong ways to express emotions and resolve problems with others.

You can do this !! You got it !! 💪💪💪

Yes we have to be the best friend to our kids but they still have to know boundaries between parent and children. It's to teach them about being respectful to elders and others too.



Parents, take your time and just listen to your kids when they talk to you about something. Heck, you will find how unquestionably great your kids' development is without you knowing it. Days go by real quick and these are the crucial times to spend precious time with your children. Trust me. 😙

I am glad that A’isy is thriving in school and he is always happy whenever I’ve picked him up from school. He will constantly tell me what he did, what he played and learned that day. And of course Mama will entertain his attention meticulously. I just love seeing his excited face enthusiastically telling me his stories.



Let’s see what more development he’ll show next month okay? Saying that, please take care of yourself and your loved ones. Take extra precaution especially when you have babies/toddlers and senior citizens in your household as they are more prone to Covid19 viruses.  Keep maintaining social distance , wear your face mask properly and always wash your hand.

Until next time ~!!

Well that's all for now ! Thanks a bunch for reading my blog  on my son's progression !! I hope you enjoy as much as I do 😍😘

Love and rise up , 

Stay safe & Stay Healthy 


 Be nice, Be respectful and Be responsible. 


Zazasters a.k.a MamaMonsta👻

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