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KONTIKI @ The Federal Hotel Bukit Bintang - Tiki Weekend Hi-Tea & Tiki BBQ Seafood Dinner - Zaza's Review

KONTIKI @ The Federal Hotel Bukit Bintang Greets Patrons to their Tiki Weekend  Hi-Tea and Tiki BBQ Seafood Dinner.

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As the days goes by since the MCO, I bet everyone has just been eager and craving to have an eat-out after days being stuck at home especially for buffets luncheons. Therefore my favourite peeps, let me introduce to you KONTIKI @ The Federal Hotel Bukit Bintang who has opened its door on 15 July 2020 to all welcoming guests.

I went there last week with my mama for Hi-Tea just to have some quality time with her. I haven't had the chance to spend time with my mama with only us two since I was married and with kids. Therefore this is the best time to hang out with my mom to chill, talk and dine at KONTIKI.

It’s a spacious setting and relaxing atmosphere with welcoming staff. What is best about it is that if you opt for a staycation or even for business travel at either Hotel Capitol Kuala Lumpur or Tribeca Serviced Suites Bukit Bintang or just a family outing or for friends to get together. KONTIKI is the best place for you to experience the differences with the new norm setting.

Why is it different? As you all know, following the S.O.P by our Government. We are required to wear face masks at all times in public except when we are eating, of course ! KONTIKI takes these matters seriously and what they do best to maintain social distancing and hygienic measures are placing staff with protective gears at every station for the buffet to serve its customers. Hence, you need not worry about other people touching the food.

Ample of scrumptious buffet spread begins with Salad & Appetizers Corner, Seafood on ice that consist of half shell NZ Mussel & Fresh Tiger Prawn, Cylinder Station stationed outside serving you Roasted Lamb Leg, Satay, Tauhu Bakar, Yong Tau Foo & Dim Sum Selection, Noodles and Rice station, Assorted Sushi and Sandwiches, Desserts Corner with assorted Cakes, Pastries,Ice-Cream, Fruits and more.
FreshWater Prawn
Malay Salad / Kerabu Corner
Yong Tau Foo
Roasted Chicken with Vegetables
Poolside View
Cold Cuts Corner
Sushi Station
Chicken Herbal Soup

My mom loves the Chicken with Chinese Herbal soup so much that she took it twice. It’s so savoury and flavourful. The broth was clear and fresh. 

The hot dishes were appetizing and delicious too! Various selection of Malaysian culinaries.  I like the ‘Sotong Sambal Siam’ or you can call it ‘ Siamese Squid Sambal’ I guess. Tender juicy squid with the right amount of spiciness! All these are served in a push cart and by their friendly staff.

The desserts are the best I’ve had so far. The pastries are all luscious and divine. The best was they had my favourite Ice Cream flavour - PEPPERMINT CHOCOLATE. Rarely I find a buffet that serves various ice-cream to its patrons. 

And fret’ not my dear vegetarians friends, they do serve abundant options for vegans such as Vegetarian Dumpling with Capsicum, Chick Peas with Potato, just to name a few. 

MUST TRY - Satay, Roast Lamb, Chicken Herbal Soup, the assorted Salad & Cold Cuts and obviously , THE DESSERTS especially Mango Mousse Cake and Carrot Cake !


The only downside I got was the Rock Salt Chicken . Maybe they can wrap the chicken with double layer instead of one layer as the salts really seep into the chicken so much that it's too salty to even have a nibble of it. 

Tiki Weekend Hi-Tea 

Saturdays & Sundays - 12.30pm to 4pm 

Adult - RM86 nett

Senior Citizen - RM43 nett

Child - RM33 nett 

I met up with one of well-known KL's foodie blogger - Maha from MahaMahu. You can check out his blog here πŸ‘‰ MahaMahuMakan . It was a pleasure meeting him . A great personality indeed. πŸ˜†

Coincidentally, I was staying near the area that weekend so I decided to have double dinner dates with my parents and my husband and dine at Kontiki for it’s BBQ Seafood Dinner Buffet.

A culinary celebration of BBQ feasts and the unique blend of Asian and Continental favourites that they offer to the patrons to experience the difference taste sensationally made and cooked by their professionals chefs surely will entice your taste bud.
BBQ Cylinder Station

Serving the best BBQ at the cylinder BBQ station outside the poolside is one its kind in Malaysia. Luxuriant supplies of perfectly barbequed choices of Beef Steak, Lamb Cutlets, Juicy Sausages and Chicken Wing and many more.  BBQ Seafoods includes Slipper Lobsters, Large Squids, Freshwater Prawns, Flower Crabs etc. 

Buffet carving stations include Roasted Whole Lamb Rack, Beef Wellington, Baked Whole Salmon Fish served with delectable sauces like Mint, Mushroom, Black Pepper, Rosemary, Cream White and BBQ !
Roast Whole Leg Lamb
Beef Wellington
Whole baked Salmon Fish 

MUST TRY -Beef Wellington, Roast Lamb, Oysters, Pumpkin Soup and DESSERTS especially Chocolate Mousse and Bread Pudding ! 

I had a splendid time dining at Kontiki with my loved ones and I am sure to come again with my other family members or friends. 

There are 6 menus to rotate every weekend especially created to satisfy diverse palates. So you don’t get bored eating the same menu every time you visit.
More Fresh Seafood
Fresh Juicy Oyster
Bread Pudding
Chocoloate Rice Pudding
Assorted Cakes
Various Hot Dishes
Chocolate Mousse Cake

Tiki BBQ Seafood Dinner 

Fridays & Saturdays - 6.30pm to 9.30pm 

Adult - RM138 nett

Senior Citizen - RM69 nett

Child - RM49 nett

To all food enthusiasts out there, Tiki Yam Lay Sek A La Carte Buffet is back with a diverse choices of 38 dishes from appetizers, main course to desserts ! 

Available on Mondays to Fridays ( except Public Holidays)

12pm to 2.30pm and 6.30pm to 9.30pm.

Price : RM60 nett per person. 

Book your table NOW at +603-2148 9166 ext 2239 or whatsapp at +6012 316 9279 or +6012 377 5051 

**Takeaway, Drive-Thru and Delivery are still available.

EXTRA INFORMATION for Staycation at Hotel Capitol Kuala Lumpur and Tribeca Serviced Suites Bukit Bintang. 

Both hotels are currently managed by Federal Hotels International (FHI), FHI has over six decades of experience in hospitality, which also manages Bukit Bintang Event Spaces (BBES) at The Federal Bukit Bintang and The Grace Sydney. Each Hotels & Suites are located in the heart of each City’s most sensational locations and will suite your every need from business to leisure weekend getaways, within the pulse of the best shopping , entertainment and gourmet offerings. Check out their Location Sensation offers from

If you plan for a weekend getaway, try their Weekend Indulgence at Hotel Capitol will fulfill your comfort stay and palate pleasing at just ONE GO!

Hotel Capitol Kuala Lumpur 


( Valid for stay on Friday / Saturday) From NOW to 31 OCTOBER 2020 ONLY !!

Single ( 1 Person ) 

RM235 nett per Deluxe Room per night

Twin ( 2 Persons )

RM350 nett per Deluxe Room per night 

For more detailed information, please contact 

May Lee | Senior Manager , Marketing Communications & Business Development

Phone - +603 2148 0468 

Fax - +603 2148 0463

Email - 

Website - and

Facebook - kontiki.thefederalkl

Instagram - kontiki.thefederalkl

Twitter - KontikiTFKL 

Check out my FULL Video on Youtube 


Well thats all for now ! Thanks a bunch for reading my blog !! I hope you enjoy as much as I do πŸ˜πŸ˜˜

Have a wonderful day and always be happy!! 


Love and rise up , 


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  3. The place looks beautiful and calm. The food also looks fresh. A nice place to have food

  4. Kontiki never disappoints - the food and the ambience is always right for anything. Did you try their teh tarik? It is yummy!

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  10. Great buffet selection. And considering that I live in Bukit Bintang, I might just walk there one of these days.

  11. Uish. Makan byk2 tu cuma rm60? Not bad. Sebab tgk koleksi makanan dia ada mcm high end igt harga ratus2 da. Nanti confirm nk cuba yang ni insyaAllah

  12. Oh my! Looks at the dishes that they served for hi-tea, so luxurious just like having lunch buffet! Looking at the rock salt chicken also make my mouth salty, so much salt and some more covering the entire chicken :). So long didn't been to a buffet meals. Will definitely visit one after the 2nd round MCO.

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