Hey All 💓

How are you all been doing? I hope everyone is well and taking good care of themselves. I got to admit, many of us feel like we have wasted the whole year doing absolutely NOTHING as we were faced with this sudden horrendous pandemic wave called - Corona Virus( COVID-19 ) 

I am making this entry to share with you all the achievements I have made and also a reminder for me to do much more better in the future. 

I would like to give a BIG THANKS to all of you, my supportive readers / followers for never ending support and care. You have really pushed me to do better. Other fellow bloggers who have given me excellent advice and encourage me to do better and just move forward to learn and write better content for readers. 

Maybe to some, I am nothing and my writing is bad or poor but it's okay. I am still in the learning process. I am trying to do my best to be a better writer and give more truthful honest reviews to all my followers. Insyallah. 

The reason why I write in English is not that I am not proud of my native language (Malay) but I want people from all around the world to understand my content. Yes, there is google translation but the translations are sometimes a bit off and it doesn't portray or projects the real meaning of my writings. 

Yes, I do not have the high intelligence to write using bombastic words, perfect grammars or extraordinary sentences but as long as my readers understand what I am trying to convey through my writings are good enough. Right? 

Well, I can't please everyone and everyone has their own preference and way of writing. Am I right?The truth is I am proud of myself for trying though 😊 I had many times that I wanted to give up on writing especially when my illness hits unexpectedly and I am struggling so hard, inside and outside.

With that said, I am still proud of myself and I am always pushing myself to learn and do the very best in my life. Hence, here are the achievements I got for my blog for the year 2020. You all can check the website to validate.

credit : google 

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Malaysia's 100 blogger for 2020

Thanks to fellow blogger, the beautiful talented Kak Bella Jamal from www.bellajamal.com for nominating me in her entry blog for  Malaysia's 100 bloggers for 2020. I am on the 42nd ranking amongst the rest based on my alexa domain value. 



Alhamdulillah. After all my hard work paid off. Yeah even though I've only started early this year but I am so happy and ecstatic that I am being recognised for my personal reviews and content writing. Believe me, it's not easy. 

To write, to find ideas, photo and video editing while taking care of my two beautiful monsta kids at the same time and also struggling with my internal issues, sometimes , its very stressful and time consuming but I still managed it. I tried my best. I hope I can still strive for greater achievement for years to come.

I hope that I can inspire other moms to do something they love , like blogging , writing or even editing. We can still do whatever we want with our kids around. Chaiyokk !! If I can do it, you can do it too ~!

Stay safe and always take good care of yourselves ! Let's fight and pray that COVID-19 will be out of our life for next year on !

See you next year !!! Have a great New Year !!

Well that's all for now ! Thanks for reading my blog !! I hope you've enjoyed it !

Have a wonderful day and always be happy!! 


Love and rise up , 


 Be nice, Be respectful and Be responsible.

Zazasters a.k.a MamaMonsta👻

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