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Good day my lovely readers ! Today I’m gonna share with you the TOP best mommy bloggers in Malaysia that you HAVE to follow of which I admired them for their consistent writings, valuable information and basically, just have  fun and enjoy reading their family stories in their own interpretation. 

You know, it's not easy for moms to have the time for themselves. Let alone to have the time to write, to edit and publish something for us such as useful tips, life experience, honest reviews and such. 

Let me tell you, I myself struggle with catching up deadlines and such. Juggling my time for my 2 wonderful children, houseworks and blogging. It is not a simple thing to do !! Hats off to all mommy bloggers for achieving such great effort and success in completing your writings. 

Maybe some of you do not know, I used to blog back in the years maybe about 12 years ago while I was in my college years. I think the blog name was greenteamochababy I can’t access the blog anymore as I can’t remember my email. I think I’ve used Hotmail before. Lol.

It was mostly about my feelings and what I have had to go through as a teenager and I share about my college life like friends and assignments.  Looking back at my writing before, SMH.

So that’s that ! 

Let’s start this beautiful journey together and learn some snippets about these amazing top mom bloggers in malaysia, individually, You can check more information on their blog later on okay !


Year of Blogging :  4 years

Siti Awadah. known as Sis Awa .Started blogging in 2017. She is the founder of BITERS MEDIA CONSULTANT ( BITERS Team ). Residing in Kelantan. A dedicated stay-at-home mom of 6. She is an expert in generating income with Google Adsense. She’s a great motivator and keen on helping others to succeed like her in the blogging world.


Year of Blogging :  13  years

Ardini Humaira. Started to blog in 2008. She has loved to write since young. At first, she only blogs for fun but became serious in the blogging society in 2010. Sharing stories about her miscarriages.

She had suffered from 5 miscarriages before successfully conceived her current children. Since her condition is not as stable as others, she had to resign from her work to focus on her family planning. And now,  she’s a proud mother of 2 children.


Year of Blogging :  14  years

Nabiha Mohd Mashut also known as CikBie atau Bie Mohd. Initially she started blogging in 2006 to share her experience as a BRIDE-TO-BE and continues to write as a MAMA-TO-BE and now to a mom of 3 children who still enjoys her D.I.Y activities with her family. She’s expert in utilizing her resources and thrifty in spending. She inspires and shares her D.I.Y ideas with her followers who mostly are parents on how to save up money for any activities for their children like birthday parties and such !!


Year of Blogging :  6 years

Mrs. Pip. A full time housewife  with 3 kids. She quit her previous work to focus on her family in 2013 and started blogging in 2015. Mrs.Pip loves and enjoy her ‘me-time’ watching K-Drama.


Year of Blogging :  7 years

Lea Razali. A housewife with 2 kids, who started blogging in 2013 wanted to generate side income from blogging. Passion in sharing about recipes, travelogs, health informations and blog guides.


Year of Blogging : 8 years

Azlinda, known as Bicara Mummy in her Blog. She works as an AIA’s financial consultant and has her own online business. This family-oriented mommy of 3 started blogging in 2012 . Writing is one of her hobbies and she also loves and cherishes her spare time doing activities with her family.


Year of Blogging : 15  years

Fuzy Rahamah Hamid, she’s called as Umi to her 6 wonderful children. A fulltime housewife originally blogs about her life stories such as her pregnancy journey, her work as a travelling agent, shares her cooking recipes and such. And now she has a career as a freelance copywriter, ghost writer and a social media influencer.

8 )

Year of Blogging : 15  years

Annur Syuhadah is known as Mamy Syu. A mommy for Naufal, Nufael and Hawraa. She started to blog in 2012 and shared her personal experience in caring for her children alone while maintaining her long distance relationship with her husband for  9 years. She shares mostly about her lifestyle as a long distance relationship husband and wife, informational parenting tips, recipes and also reviews.


Year of Blogging : 13  years

Alia Farhan Said. Just like most bloggers, Alia started to blog in 2008 to vent out her feelings and her stress while she was studying as her daily diary. But now she enjoys her time blogging on something she is passionate about like her cooking recipes and travelling logs. A proud mom of 2 beautiful princesses.


Year of Blogging : 9 months.

Wan Rokiah, also known as Wawa, just started to blog in May, last year. Although she’s a full time housewife and a mother of 1. She’s a Youtuber using username as @wanrokiahwanismail & @vitaminwawa who generates incomes from her Shaklee business and also Google Adsense through blog and youtube. Impressive isn’t she ?


Year of Blogging : 10 years

Chaza Xiaojie, known to some as CX. She has been blogging since June 2011. Mother of three, A fulltime housewife and blogger. CX has been passionate about writing since she was at a young age . She is currently living her dream of being able to work at home, while nurturing and teaching her children.


Year of Blogging : 10 months

Nurul Aleya with her blog name as (apakatamommy) . To start with, Aleya had been a blogger since 10 years ago using her blog named but as she had completed her studies and started pursuing her career, she had to abandon her passion in writing.  Although she had to quit blogging, she has always loved to write but time constraint due to her workload. 

Since she became a mother of 1 and moved to Johor Bahru, she had joined the ‘ JDT Bloggers’ and hence, to kick start her new blog, she chose a niche that is more to food recipes and mommy lifestyle blog. You GO girl !


Year of Blogging : 13 years

Nora is also known as Izarra . Mommy of 3 wonderful children started blogging in 2008. She works under the government sector for education. Basically blogs for fun as most of us did, updating her personal lifes, quotes and such. But now, her blogs entries are mainly about tips and sharing relevant personal experience / reviews for her followers.

She used to be active , joining bloggers events but since she had moved to another state, she has become unmotivated to update her blog but since she joined BITERS and loves her own blog website, she tries her hardest to keep track and update as much as she can.


Year of Blogging : 11 years

Ciktom, Mother of two. A full time mommy blogger since 2010, initially blogs about blogging tutorials, sharing useful tips like generating income online but as time grows, she is more keen on writing about parenting, homeschooling and her hobby especially in GOLD.


Year of Blogging : 11 years

Yaya Azura. Mother of 2 active sons. At first in 2010 , Yaya started to blog as a diary for herself to record and write about her children's growth for her keeping. And now she has taken the step to make her blog as a medium to generate side income.


Year of Blogging : 13 years

Rozita. Proud mother of 5 children. 4 boys and 1 girl. She works as a veterinary officer under the government sector. She loves reading and always has a soft spot for writing since her elementary years. Started blogging in 2008 as her part time hobby.

Mostly about her lifestyle, her passion for cooking and trying new recipes, her experience in raising children mainly about breastfeeding tips and journeys and such. She also loves to share about her travelogs, places to visit and foods to try.


Year of Blogging : 11 years

Bonde Zaidalifah. Part time blogger and a mother of one beautiful princess. She blogs about lifestyle, travel, sharing recipes and fashions. Bonde is also compassionate in reviewing novels, dramas, beauty and health products since 2010.


Year of Blogging : 9 months

Meksah. Mommy of 1 boy. She works in the essential services under the private sector and starting blogging in June 2020 to share about her life experience and useful tips and information to others.

19 )

Year of Blogging : 7 years

Fadzi Razak has been blogging since 2014. Mom of 2 sons named Anas and Aneeq. She recently migrated to Australia last year on dec 2020 following her husband for his work. Fadzi shares her lifestyle, her children's growth and sharing useful tips. She now shares her experience living in Australia as a family.


Year of Blogging : 13 years

Maesarah. Mother of 3. In the beginning writes as a pastime and updates on breastfeeding journeys, then turns the blog as her business blog for a while. And now she shares her children's daily activities and school and shares information and tips for parenting.


Year of Blogging : 5 years

Atul Hamid . Mother of 2 . Blogs since September 2016 and share mostly about beauty, health, lifestyle , business and her personal life.


Year of Blogging : 2 years

Marina Bashah. A career mother of 3 beautiful girls. Blogs since February 2019 and shares her life as a mother, her children's school activities, learning at home and online classes that her girls attend.


Year of Blogging : 12 years

Aida Hanafiah. Mother of 3 children. A career mother who blogs part time to share her lifestyle as a family. Sharing family activities, traveling, home decor and interior design and also writes about the current events. Her keenness in blogging sort of a way to express her feelings and ideas from the eye of a woman, a mother and a wife.


Year of Blogging : 11 years

Siti Rohaida also known as Aida is a mother of 2 girls who loves to share about her family, beauty or whatever she feels to share at the moment of writing. Blogging is a way for her to generate income while having fun doing it on her own sweet time .


Year of Blogging : 4 years

Norhana Rosmida . A HR practitioner , a mother of 2 and part time blogger. She has been passionate about writing since her university years and blogs mostly about recipes, travels and parenting. A Young Living Distributor too which leads to her sharing of her own personal reviews on natural remedies for her children's wellness.


Year of Blogging : 11 years

Sharina, who is also known as opzzpinky in her blog is a mother of 2 children named Edan and Eshal. At first , she wrote to express her personal feelings but now she has made her blog as her source of income. A lifestyle blogger who shares useful tips , knowledge and experience to her readers. 

So that's about it. There is others mommy bloggers out there that I haven't had the chance to read their blog yet. Maybe if you have someone I can look up. Do hit me up on the comments below!!

Stay safe and stay healthy y'all ! Let's support each other okay !

Well that's all for now ! Thanks for reading my blog !! I hope you've enjoyed it !

Have a wonderful day and always be happy!! 


Love and rise up , 


 Be nice, Be respectful and Be responsible.

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  8. Wow! This is indeed an inspiration... Congratulations to all mommies for being listed, thumbs up... I will surely visit all of these lovely blogs as I always have my salute for all mommies for their wonderful strength in everything that they do be it family, career or even while doing what they love to do...

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