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Since the MCO 2.0. I have been missing so much of cafe barista-made exquisite dark rich coffee, smelling freshly brewed coffee and enjoying my time sipping delightful coffee on my own while brainstorming for my blog content.

Having said that, to roister up my cafe coffee fix, I've discovered an outstanding masterly coffee enthusiastic called 'Krave Koffee

Committed to its name, Krave Koffee will undoubtedly diminish one's coffee craving demands. 

The co-founders of Krave Koffee (from left to right): Foo Ken Vin, Kenny Yap and Sean Lee.
Photo Credit : Malaymail 

Krave Koffee was founded by Malaysian based Coffee lovers Trio of friends. (Kenny Yap, Foo Ken Vin and Sean Lee)

Triggered by the MCO 1.0 last year, disappointed to find a place which provides flavourful Coffee with reasonable delivery prices. The Trio came out with an exceptional idea and set their heart on creating a profound coffee delivery service, letting its customers enjoy fresh brewed coffee that tasted divine yet affordable. 

FYI, Krave Koffee doesn't have their own place yet but had rented a space as a coworking kitchen and turned it into a delivery checkpoint with no dine-in service near Taman Desa, Old Klang Road. 


If you are like me, If your mornings are not productive at all before having your first or second cup of coffee then I’m so sure you are going to love these coffee.

Krave Koffee provides the best alternative for premium gourmet coffee without the outrages price tags.They are a the ONLY delivery or self-pickup’ Coffee Brand in Kuala Lumpur and passing back ALL the savings (from excruciating high rentals) back to you by giving the best beans (arabica beans), best brews and best baristas. 


I've tried one of each of their special crafted coffee. 

1. 1 x Cold Brew White

2. 1 x Cold Brew Black

3. 1 x Superblack

4. 1 x Superlatte

5. 1 x Cafe Mocha (Hot)

6. 1 x Cafe Latte (Hot)

7. 1 pair ELIXIR (2 bottles)


Ready-to-drink espresso-based beverages like the Cold Brew White is one of Krave Koffee’s bestsellers, with their Cold Brew Black a close second. A Pure heaven for a No-Sugar Cafephile

While others such as the SuperBlack (extra strong black coffee) and SuperLatte, a more robust taste paired with sweetened condensed milk with double espresso coffee (MY FAVOURITE!)


Krave Koffee has also produced a concentrated full-bodied bottled espresso called Elixir (it's 2 shots of pure espresso). The HOLY GRAIL of Premium Roasted Coffee in a Bottle  ! 

Elixir can drink neat on its own, or with ice or mix with your favorite milk to make your own latte or create your own delicious Affogato with 2 scoop of Vanilla Ice cream. Yummy ! 

For its hot cuppa, they had created an ingenious way to guarantee that their large cups are 12oz and thrifty for its HEAVY coffee drinkers . The best thing is that it contains double espresso shots which are covered with double lids to minimize spillage once reached to their customers ! 


My review of the products ?! WORTH EVERY PENNY !

What I love the most is that they are expert in managing how to ensure the value, quality, quantity and care of making their signature coffee a great deal for its customers. 

As the bottles are made of glass, you can re-use or recycle the bottles. What a way to save the environment while sipping a delightful coffee anywhere you are with Krave Koffee special brewed coffees! 


1. Cold Brew White - NO sugar - Full Bodied Roasted Coffee - The perfect latte, my kind of jam !! 


2. Cold Brew Black - Zero Sugar roasted coffee. Well balanced. I sense a bit of a fruity note. Definitely a MUST for black coffee drinkers. Not too strong.


3. Superblack - A high-quality coffee that has balanced acidity, sweetness, and bitterness in one sip, with a smooth flavor, and no off-notes. Double strong espresso that will definitely make your day super hyped with passion.


4. Superlatte - A version of superblack but EXTRA KICK with condensed milk ! A bit sweet for me but perfect to drink with additional ice or make a shake with this.


5. Cafe Mocha (Hot) - Not a fan of Mocha but this one is certainly getting it ways in my book. Not too sweet and the chocolate is just nice, well balanced and not overpowering the coffee taste. 

6. Cafe Latte (Hot) - No sugar. Just as perfect as the Kofreeze series. This is the hot version of beautifulness and delicious taste of premium coffee beans. 


7. ELIXIR - A double shot of espresso (neat). If you are a daredevil, you can just drink it as it is or you can mix it up with ice or milk. You can even make it as your tiramisu liquid base. Why not? 

"We believe that great coffee should not come at an exorbitant cost and the inconvenience of going to a cafe. Featuring a premium selection of roasts for anyone to enjoy"

Whether you go for a milk-based drink or black, it’s all fine. But if you’re normally a fan of milk but you’re feeling bold, give a cup of black filter coffee a try for a true experience of how incredible good coffee can be.


Thus if you're a coffee addict like me, give Krave Koffee try today and axe away your preposterous coffee urge! At home, at the office or anywhere you prefer to enjoy your aromatic cup of coffee. 

Krave Koffee now delivers to Klang Valley ONLY but I bet they think of a way to cater to all coffee enthusiasts all over Malaysia soon!! 

Here's how you can order : Open 8am to 5pm daily

👉 Grab Food: http://bit.ly/grab_kravekoffee 

👉 Food Panda: https://bit.ly/foodpanda_kravekoffee 

👉 Krave Koffee Online Store: https://bit.ly/kravekoffee

Check out there official social media

➤FACEBOOK : @kravekoffee

➤ INSTAGRAM : @kravekoffeeco

Please take note that due to its hand-crafted cold brew has a limited shelf life and to maintain its quality, everything has to be freshly made, upon customer's order.

For large orders, it is advisable to pre-order 1-2 days earlier, so that they can accommodate your order as they freshly brewed the beverages everyday.

* Noted : Krave Koffee do provide simple malaysian food as well like Nasi Lemak etc, I have yet to try and I will surely give a review again once I've tasted their delectable nourishments soon.

Even my Childhood Idol , Angeline Tan drinks Krave Koffee 

The Coffee Delivery Specialist

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