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What should a small business keep in mind when offering delivery?

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In the ever-evolving world of e-Commerce, the consumer demand to have a speedy and efficient service tailored to their needs can place a huge strain on small businesses as they compete with larger companies who cater to these wants.

There is no denying that the market-dominating companies have the ability to offer a delivery service for purchases within mere hours of checkout being completed.

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Smaller outfits are being affected by the next-day delivery options and free delivery services they can offer. However, that doesn't mean you can't take on the fight and offer a quick and reliable delivery service to your customers.

What should a small business keep in mind when offering delivery?

➤ A poor delivery service leads to negative feedback

You need to remember that the delivery options you offer customers will reflect on your business as a whole. If your customer has bad delivery with products arriving damaged, late or incomplete, this will likely put them off from ordering with you again.

Regardless of the rest of the experience, they had shopping with you. Finding the right auto transport company to deliver to your customers or suppliers in the time frame requested professionally will boost your company's profile and help you deliver an all-around exceptional service.

➤ Parcels should have tracking options

If a customer can track their package, this can help them plan for the delivery and know exactly when it will be arriving. Customers demand a delivery service that is fully transparent and allows them a degree of flexibility.

No one has the time to be waiting around all day or even taking more than one day off or waiting for your goods to arrive. Tracking means they can get with their daily business as they will have a more definite timescale of when their package will arrive.

➤ Free delivery will always boost sales

While it isn't feasible to expect small businesses to absorb delivery costs altogether, the offer of free delivery will go a long way towards whether or not a customer will complete the sale. The popular meme suggests that a higher delivery fee will likely put off even the most ardent shoppers or at least make them think twice.

Special offers, free delivery over a certain spend amount, a nominal added charge for quicker delivery are all well-used options that work well to soften the blow of the extra funds required to have their purchases delivered.

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While it may not be the best financial decision, free delivery options could work in your favour even if they are a promotion that has its own expiry date.

Simply offering a standard 7-10 day delivery is no longer accepted as a viable option in the world of e-commerce. In fact, limiting delivery options to one method and one timescale will do more harm than absorbing the coats.

As the way people shop online changes, so do the options you need to be offering for your delivery to appeal to your customers base.

Hence, make sure you choose the best shipping options that will benefit both, you and your customer to avoid any mishap in the future !

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