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HOW TO SAVE MONEY AT THIS STAGNANT ECONOMY | Importance Of Savings Due To Pandemics

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Importance of savings due to pandemics

Hey All πŸ’“

Since the pandemic hit last year, it's fair to say that everyone’s life, especially financial-wise, has been affected by the covid19 pandemic lockdown.

Covid-19 risk factors or setbacks includes sudden changes in routine, social isolation, fear of getting sick or making others sick, and financial insecurity.

Many had lost jobs ,businesses had to shut down due to insufficient funds to afloat their business.

Thankfully, there is some financial assistance from the government to help ease the burden of the cost of living. Though it is not much, at least there is something to get us back on our feet.

Regardless of the setbacks, there can be some positive things you can do with your money. Being said that, here’s some advice on how to save money during this pandemic as it has changed the way we budget.

So what is the importance of savings in an economy?

During this process, you have to :

🠊Start a budget

➤ Identifying  your income, Identifying expenses and Identifying how long would your savings will last.

supermall cashbacks reward and rebates

🠊Contribute your money to emergency funds

After you have identified your monthly expenses, make sure to put aside a sum of emergency funds to either another savings account that you can’t have easy access to. This means, no access to online banking or debit cards as this usually is easy to use the fund for unnecessary spending.

And due to the hassle of withdrawing money this way, you will definitely forget your intention to buy and waste your money on useless things.

Make sure to set up automatic savings contributions for easier funds transferal.

🠊Lower your expenses

➤ Cancel something like your monthly subscriptions of magazines, TV channels, music and others.
➤ Negotiate critical bills such as phone bills, internet bills, insurance , car loans and such and also with relevant authorities or parties regarding installments of bank loans,  house rental and other big commitments that you have. 
➤ As our government has taken the initiative to give us the momentorium for this whole year, please use your extra money wisely or/and  put it in the above-mentioned emergency funds.

supermall cashbacks reward and rebates

🠊 Slow Fun Spending

For the time being, purchase only the necessity. Like groceries and health care.
Try to slow down or stop your shopping spree, Do not buy things recklessly. Buy according to your household needs.

🠊Discover ways to increase your income

Try to find another part-time job that can help ease your financial problem.
Start a small online business as your side income.
➤ Try to save money while you are online shopping. Try using free coupons at for better savings as you shop online.
Earn cash back, rebates and rewards from your current purchases.

In my opinion, the easiest way to save money is to get rebates as an alternative. As there are many platforms that offer rebates and rewards nowadays . I, for one, am intrigued by Supermall’s better value and rewards.


SUPERMALL is the pioneer of a consumption model (new e-commerce) in which merchant platforms and consumers are mutually interoperable and profitable in the future economy.

Committed to integrating the elements of entertainment and social interaction into e-commerce operations, through the "entertainment + e-commerce" model, more users can bring fun, share benefits, and enjoy a brand-new entertainment style consumer rebate and great shopping mall experience.

To give a better picture, SUPERMALL is a reimbursement platform, where you can upload any of your receipts to receive your reimbursement and every reimbursement will be paid every month, max rebate up to RM50 per month.

Every reimbursement will be received in “website coin” . 

supermall cashbacks reward and rebates

🠊 How to make money with your receipts?

When you’re done with your grocery run, Get rebate when you upload receipts using the SUPERMALL apps. Earn instant rebates on the app!

It’s a great way to earn rebates and rewards on things you already bought.


What I love about SUPERMALL is that not only do you get coin rebates from your personal receipts. You will also get additional rebates when you invite friends to participate on this amazing platform. More profit and rewards !!


For the beginner, they can receive rebates up to RM50 (5 Silver Coins) max monthly.

Whenever you have invited 1 friend, your monthly minimum rebate will increase by RM10, that means it will be RM 60 (6 Silver Coins) per month which means maximum RM720 in a year.

And the rebate will be paid in SUPERMALL coin form. For every RM10, you will be entitled for 1 silver coin. (RM10 = 1 silver coin)

The maximum of the friend you can invite is 45 people, so the limit and maximum of the rebate amount is RM6000 and the rebate will be paid within 12 months. RM6000 yearly in SUPERMALL coins.

For clearer explanation, once a user successfully registered, their maximum yearly reimbursement is RM6000 which means every month they will get RM500 because (RM500 x 12 month = RM6000). (600 silver coins), RM 500 monthly (50 silver coins).

supermall cashbacks reward and rebates


More exciting add-on,the moment you snap and upload your receipts. You will earn FREE silver coins and participate in SUPERMALL's Super Box contest.

To earn a gold coin, users must top up to get the equivalent amount of gold to participate in Super Contract.

➤ For the Super Box, users are allowed to use silver coin and gold coin.

➤ For the Super Contract, users are only allowed to use gold coins.

Super Box and Super Contract’s items will change and be different every week.

Just so you know, you can also sign up as a member to enjoy more extraordinary benefits such as exchanging your 10 silver coins to 1 gold coin so that you are eligible to join in the 
Super Contract contest and more.


The special of the Super Contract part is that after you successfully snap-up for an item, the user can put the item back to SUPERMALL’S platform to sell the item to another buyer with a higher price, this is where the user can earn money.


The most unbelievable thing is that the winners from Super Box, or Super Contract  are given 3 choices to choose either the winning prize, exchange with coins or exchange with cash. Whatever you desire !


➤ SUPERMALL receives any receipts to get rebates! NOT specifically for groceries only!
➤ One of a kind platform - Payouts are higher than any other platform . Not to forget that there is no limitation on the receipts.
➤ Best deal to get rewards / rebates - offers considerably impressive rebates and deals.
➤ Works and collaborates with multiple online platforms to give you a better value.

supermall cashbacks reward and rebates

Just SNAP , UPLOAD and get valuable REBATES!

Being said that, make the most out of your time at home by saving money. Whether you decide to cut out spending or set up automatic savings, you can put your money on lockdown the right way or better yet , get money back while you shop for your necessities.

Remember that in these times of uncertainty, taking control of your finances can give you peace of mind.

Let’s save up and get back on track to a better life.

  Well that's all for now ! Thanks for reading my blog !! I hope you've enjoyed it !

Have a wonderful day and always be happy!! 


Love and rise up , 


 Be nice, Be respectful and Be responsible.

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