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RELX Pod Kit and nanoSTIX Pod Kit Review.
Read This Before You Buy.

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Relx Pod and nanoSTIX Pod are the two pod brands that really stand out among the vape community nowadays.

Getting started into vaping can be overwhelming as there is a crazy amount of options to choose from, and many might not be familiar with their differences and similarities.

If you’re new to vaping and wondering which one will suit you best - Relx Pod or nanoSTIX Pod, continue reading this article as we will help you weigh them up against each other.

What is a RELX Pod Kit?

With a compact and lightweight pen-style design, the RELX Pod Vape Kit is known to be the hottest new pre-filled pod vape to hit the market.

Suitable for both beginner and veteran vapers, this kit usually offers several attractive colour options with a wide range of flavours to choose from.

The RELX Pod kit is also a good pick for those considering buying an easy-to-use and beginner-friendly portable vape.

This is because, once the pod is empty, you can easily dispose of it before inserting a new one without creating a mess from refilling e-liquid or changing a coil.

In addition, the RELX pod features an impressive double-sealed leak-resistant design with no button, which helps minimise leaks and is automatically activated when you inhale.

The small size and shape of the pod also provide excellent accessibility.

Furthermore, by utilising honeycomb ceramic coil technology, RELX Pod provides a pleasant balance between pure flavour and vapour production.

The RELX flavour pods utilize a 1.0 - 1.2ohm~ coil with a non-refillable 2.0ml capacity, and you may find them sold separately. 

To charge the RELX pod, you may use a micro USB charging cable.

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What is NanoSTIX?

Similar to RELX Pod, you can also obtain a healthier and more economical alternative to smoking with NanoSTIX

NanoSTIX was first introduced in January 2017 by Fantasy Lab Venture, a company that manufactures Fantasi e-liquid.

Their liquid is available all across Malaysia, with more than 100,000 users.

NanoSTIX features a lightweight stainless-steel casing with a sleek and compact design that delivers a cleaner and smoother smoking experience. 

Conveniently designed, there will be no mess in refilling the tanks as you can simply insert the NanoPOD cartridge into the device and straight away inhale the flavour.

NanoSTIX comes in packs of 4 with 1.5ml capacity in each cartridge which is equivalent to 30 cigarettes.

With NanoNIC technology, naturally occurring nicotine salts are used instead of traditional freebase nicotine. From this, vapers may find that the delivery is much more efficient and smooth.

And good news! The harmful chemicals typically found in cigarettes have been removed in the NanoSTIX pods, along with the leakage and complex assembly of standard vape kits.

In addition, NanoSTIX pods are rechargeable with a micro USB, and the 350mAH battery life allows them to last about a day and a half. 

Moving on to the flavours, there are various flavours vapers can choose from, and they come in regular and light. 

If you’re looking for a harsh throat hit, go for regular, but if you prefer a smooth throat hit, you might want to opt for light. 

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So, Which One Should You Buy?

There are many similarities between RELX Pod and NanoSTIX as both are known to be excellent pod systems. 

However, there are also few differences that beginner vapers should take note of before purchasing. 

  1. Prices

NanoSTIX beats RELX Pod in this category. You can get 1 device, 4 nanoPODs and 1 USB charging cable with the NanoSTIX kit at a much lower price.

Meanwhile, a RELX Classic starter kit offers 1 device, 1 USB charging cable,e and only 3 RELX pods at a slightly higher price.

  1. Features

When it comes to the features of RELX pod and NanoSTIX, it is pretty much a tie as both pods are slim, sleek and easy to carry. 

Both RELX pod and NanoSTIX offer great portability with compact industrial designs that can easily fit into your pockets.

Not to forget, these two devices emphasize style as much as quality with glossy designed vape pens. You can also get both of them in a wide selection of colours. 

Another similarity is, both devices come with 350mAh batteries, are chargeable via a USB charging cable, buttonless and are automatically activated when you inhale. 

Additionally, both RELX Pod and NanoSTIX are built using sturdy and lightweight stainless steel materials that offer a pleasing matte finish.

Indicator lights feature, which indicates the battery status and usage, are also available on each of them.

  1. Pods and flavours

Moving on to pods and flavours, RELX pods hold up to 2ml capacity, easily beating NanoSTIX, which only holds 1.5ml.

RELX provides an impressive line-up of 11 flavours which are:

🠊Classic Flavor series: Mint, Classic Tobacco
🠊Creative series: Ludou Ice
🠊Fresh series: Blue Burst, Fresh Red, Tangy Purple, Dark Sparkle, Turbo Red
🠊Beverage Series: Fruit Tea, White Freeze, Fragrant Fruit

Although there are more flavour choices with the RELX pod, vapers can find a more extensive collection of flavours with NanoSTIX. Some of them include:

🠊Strawberry Apple
🠊Grape Ice
🠊Coffee Hazelnut
🠊Strawberry Vanilla
🠊Banana Vanilla
🠊Mango Ice 
🠊Orange Ice 
🠊Lemonade Ice
🠊Apple Ice
🠊Tabac Classic
🠊Tabac Menthol

In addition, flavours from third-party manufacturers can also be used with NanoSTIX as it offers an open pod system. 

This proves that NanoSTIX offers a wider variety of flavours for vapers to choose from.

So, the question is, which of these two pods should you choose? The choice is in your hands!

If you want to get a cheaper and high-quality device and try out many different flavours, NanoSTIX pod is the one for you.

However, if you prefer more capacity and don’t mind spending a bit more, go for RELX pods!

In conclusion, more and more people are trying out vaping to help them quit smoking or boost their social image. 

Regardless of your intentions, it is vital to identify the differences and similarities of vape devices to ensure that you’re making a satisfactory purchase.

Want to shop for your first NanoSTIX pods? Check out Nanostix Distribution, a trusted online e-cigarette distributor!

Nanostix Distribution sells not only various NanoSTIX devices but also provides same-day delivery for their customers. So just stay at home and get your pods delivered to you!

Also, don't be shy to ask any questions related to e-cigarette devices, as they are always ready to help you! 

There are 8 NanoSTIX colour options you can get from NanoSTIX Distribution which are;

➤NanoSTIX Starter Pack Rainbow

➤NanoSTIX Starter Pack Red

➤NanoSTIX Starter Pack Purple

➤NanoSTIX Starter Pack Aquamarine

➤NanoSTIX Starter Pack Blue

➤NanoSTIX Starter Pack Pink

➤NanoSTIX Starter Pack Gray

➤NanoSTIX Starter Pack Black

Enjoy a 1-year warranty when you shop with them and get free shipping in Peninsular Malaysia with a minimum order of RM50.

Apart from the NanoSTIX device, you can also get a variety of flavours from their catalogue, which cost only RM40.00. 

Flavours available are as follows:

➤NanoPOD Mix Pod

➤NanoPOD Tabac Classic

➤NanoPOD Tabac Menthol

➤NanoPOD Jackfruit Freezi

➤NanoPOD Lychee Freezi

➤NanoPOD Guava Freezi

➤NanoPOD Coffee

➤NanoPOD Coffee Hazelnut

➤NanoPOD Grapple

➤NanoPOD Honeydew

➤NanoPOD Strawberry Apple

➤ NanoPOD Strawberry Vanilla

➤ NanoPOD Banana Vanilla

➤ NanoPOD Bubblegum

➤ NanoPOD Apple Ice

➤ NanoPOD Grape Ice

➤ NanoPOD Orange Ice

➤ NanoPOD Lemonade Ice

Are you interested in NanoSTIX Distribution products? 

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*** Disclaimer : I am not condoning or even agreeing that any of you should start vaping or any tobacco products, but there are always options for you. 

For my personal opinion, It’s either you stop and quit tobacco or find a better alternative that doesn't involve others' health in your array of recreational pastimes.

Whatever it is that you might choose. Please make good choices. Do take good care of your own health. πŸ’“

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