Kaijoo platform for online sellers - review

Have a safer, secured online shopping experience with Kaijoo

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Ever since online purchasing existed, I bet at least 4 out of 10 people have been scammed online before. Besides online transactions, false representation and misleading consumers relating to the product, selling counterfeit goods and pyramid scheme-type business has been one of many cases reported by consumers all over Malaysia.

According to the Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Ministry statistics, these cases had spiked since the 1st Movement Control Order last year and it is still ongoing rampantly!

Kaijoo platform for online sellers - review
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I guess people get so carried away with discounts and promotions that they don’t stop to think and check if the products are genuine or the sellers are real, authentic sellers.

And even though Malaysia has laws against this scamming issue under Consumer Protection Act 1999, the Trade Descriptions Act 2011 and the Price Control and Anti-Profiteering Act 2011 when you get scammed, you can and need to protect yourself too. Better be prepared rather than wait to be scammed and regretting your decisions in the future. Am I right?

Kaijoo platform for online sellers - review

Hence here I am, sharing with you one of the ways you can have a safer, secured online shopping experience with Kaijoo™.

So who is Kaijoo? What is Kaijoo all about? Have you ever heard about them before?

Let's me elaborate more about Kaijoo for you 😊

Who is Kaijoo™?

Kaijoo platform for online sellers - review

Kaijoo™ is built from a blend of young, hungry and experienced talent who come from diverse backgrounds in E-commerce, Fraud Detection, Finance and Technology.

As E-commerce is expected to grow as high as USD150b in 2025 for SEA, Their vision is to ensure everyone will be able to do online shopping from trusted sellers only. Kaijoo™ Mission is to strive to be the next unicorn born out of Malaysia to take the lead in building an E-Commerce Trust in SEA.

What type of services does Kaijoo™ provide?

Kaijoo platform for online sellers - review

Kaijoo™ is an Independent Audit & Authentic Review Platform that offers a full up-to-date list of trusted stores from the most popular e-commerce marketplaces. 

Shoppers can browse through all store details and check their calculated Kaijoo™ score based on their internal algorithms and user reviews.

Kaijoo platform for online sellers - review

Kaijoo™ will investigate and verify each Seller’s genuinity by running thorough background checks on company registration and the owners as well as doing product and corresponding SKU verifications. 

The main advantage of the Kaijoo™ ranking system is that they do not limit themselves to only a single marketplace data, but instead by collecting data from all available sources and warn consumers such as yourself of any suspicious activities before you commit to buy any products from the seller you’ve chosen.

Kaijoo platform for online sellers - review
Seller Package services 

There are 3 types of audit services & this sharing particularly about the Seller Trust Certified Sellers (Level 1-Basic) by Kaijoo™ 

Kaijoo™ provides digital certification for each store in the form of a URL on the Kaijoo™ site.

Kaijoo platform for online sellers - review
* Verified Kaijoo™ icon for Seller Trust Certified Sellers (Level 1)

Each store verified by Kaijoo™ has an official Verified by Kaijoo™ icon next to their business name. All the store URLs are uniquely generated and act as digital certificates for the sellers.

If you are a store owner and would like to verify your store with Kaijoo™, please go to Kaijoo™  Seller Sign Up page and they will reach out to you with the next steps.

Kaijoo™ Collaborates with Youbeli

Kaijoo platform for online sellers - review

Kaijoo™ is currently collaborating with Youbeli to certify all their online sellers as Level 1 (Seller Trust) Kaijoo certified. List of all the certified sellers here: https://kaijoo.co/sellers/list

Here are the 10 Sellers that I’ve chosen personally for you!


Kaijoo platform for online sellers - review

Fresh Bulk is an online store that delivers customers the finest quality food product. Product quality is often the main and crucial part we look into when they choose all their materials. Buyers can be certainly assured of the products they are going to buy.

2) Taste U Foodstuff Station

Kaijoo platform for online sellers - review

Taste U Foodstuff Station was established in order to give the best products

at the best price on the market. Customers from around the world thank them for providing high-quality products, excellent customer service and care

under the same roof.

3) BIGBox.Asia

Kaijoo platform for online sellers - review

BIGbox Asia aims to be your go-to online groceries centre that has everything you require. Specially created to offer consumers a greater variety and convenience of quality food products at the lowest prices.

BIGboxASIA.com aims to be your go-to online groceries centre that has everything you require plus a luscious amount of imported treats & snacks to satisfy all your inner cravings. 

BIGboxASIA.com currently covers categories such as confectionaries, juices, dairies & grocery products and is ever-expanding its line of offerings to meet the demand of out their hungry-go-lucky consumers

4) Ingat Murah Online

Kaijoo platform for online sellers - review

Ingat Murah Online is a new generation of professional consumer services websites. 

They use the powerful advantage of globalization,  intensive procurement, e-commerce management experience and the most advanced Internet technology to provide you with the latest and greatest products. 

All goods landed by the mall in a thousand kinds of products carefully selected boutique, each commodity has its own characteristics, each product before landing site edit the layers of screening, this will be throughout a firm principle of service.

5) Twilcelove

Kaijoo platform for online sellers - review

QUALITY, AFFORDABLE & EXPRESS SHOPPING with TWICELOVE. Search in all kinds of goods needed products; the other hand, greatly reducing store operating costs, and affordable for sale to customers. 

**All stock ready! Ship out in 2 days!

6) Carkit

Kaijoo platform for online sellers - review

Carkit Specialize in modifying cars and body kits. Experience since 1996. Participated in more than 60times Autoshow. More than 300 unit cars were modified. All kinds of industrial & car body kit fibreglass products. 

**Body kits for all kinds of cars including lorry!


Kaijoo platform for online sellers - review

IGOTTOOLS is an online shop, aimed at professional tradespeople as well as home users who need quality products delivered on time and at a competitive price. They emphasised product knowledge, strong customer service and support to provide solutions.

**Shop now to get more discounts with free shipping.

8) Jvpoint Online

Kaijoo platform for online sellers - review
Jvpoint Online was launched in 2020, it is a platform tailored for the region, providing customers with an easy, secure and fast online shopping experience through strong payment and fulfilment support.

They believe online shopping should be accessible, easy and enjoyable. This is the vision JVPoint aspires to deliver on the platform, every single day.

9) Greentec Safe Venture

Kaijoo platform for online sellers - review
Greentec Safe Venture supplies a huge range of Cleanroom Disposable, Static Control ESD consumables products and equipment with high quality and competitive price.

10) Linkq

Kaijoo platform for online sellers - review

LINKQ Tech is a whole new omnichannel ideal that connects the online platform to their partner physical store. Our aim is to provide effortless and convenient steps for their customer shopping and help their partner to grow.

For more information about the rest of Kaijoo Certified Sellers (Level 1 Seller Trust — Basic) listed above via website: https://kaijoo.co/sellers/list 

Kaijoo platform for online sellers - review

That's about everything I can explain to you about Kaijoo™ for now. Maybe I’ll do more for the next 2 levels in the future if I get the chance and time. 

Thank you and may you have a more enjoyable, worry-free experience with Kaijoo™!!

    Well, that's all for now! Thanks for reading my blog !! I hope you've enjoyed it!

Have a wonderful day and always be happy!! 


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