Guide to Consider Before Buying Bed Sheets

How To Choose The Comfiest Bedsheet For Your Home? 

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Have you ever wonder how can a bedsheet affect your quality of sleep? Do thread count really matters? What's the suitable kind of material that suits your climate?

Let me share with you a tip to have the best sleep at night! Personally, for me, getting the best sleep at night comes down to a comfy bedsheet together with a clean and cool room. Here are some tips on how to choose the most comfortable bedsheet.

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Guide to Consider Before Buying Bed Sheets

1. Thread Count

You may have heard about thread count and how the higher the thread count, the more comfortable the sheets are. However, some argue that a higher thread count does not necessarily imply soft sheets because manufacturers can alter them by enhancing them with silicone softeners that disappear after the first wash. 

Sheets that are 100% cotton and do not have a thread count of 1000 are the most comfortable. Egyptian kinds of cotton, Pima cotton, and combed cotton are all good choices, but a polyester/percale blend is the best value.

2. Percale or Sateen weave?

When it comes to percale, some people may wonder whether it is better to use percale or satin. Actually, it's just a matter of preference. Percale is a plain, matte weave with a crisp, cool feel that is ideal for those who get hot while sleeping.

Sateen is a very soft fabric with a lustrous, smooth finish that resembles satin. You can feel the fabrics and decide which one you'd prefer to lay your back on.

Tips On How To Choose The Comfiest Bedsheet For Your Home

3. Decide on the materials.

The materials you use for your bed lines are entirely up to you. If you want something light, consider cotton-poplin sheets. You can also choose cotton, which is soft and breathable and can keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. 

You can try cotton-polyester, which is a reasonably priced and wrinkle-free blend, but it is not as cool as cotton. Linen is a popular summer fabric because it has a natural cooling effect and absorbs body heat. Choose high-quality linen, which softens with washing but wrinkles easily.

4. Be cautious with Egyptian cotton.

Egyptian cotton is the most opulent fabric for sheets. However, you must exercise caution because not all Egyptian cotton is genuine. Genuine Egyptian cotton is grown in Egypt under very specific climate conditions and washed and combed with care. That is why they are extra soft and long-lasting. 

However, some manufacturers have discovered ways to cut costs when growing Egyptian cotton. They are grown outside of their natural habitat, resulting in a lower quality product. Despite the fact that Egyptian cotton is of poor quality, the price remains high. That is why you must exercise caution.

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Guide to Consider Before Buying Bed Sheets

5. Make sure you got the right fit.

It is critical that you get the correct size and fit for your bedsheets. If you don't, you might end up with something that is too small or too large. Twin Sheets are required if your mattress measures 38 x 75′′. Twin XL sheets are 38 x 80′′; Full (Double) sheets are 53 x 75′′; Queen sheets are 60 x 80′′; King sheets are 78 x 80′′, and California King sheets are 72 x 84′′.

6. Choose prints or plains.

Now that you've covered the fundamentals, it's time to consider the aesthetics of your bedsheets. You must choose between plains and prints. If you have printed pillows, blankets, and throws, or if your theme is more colour blocking, plain coloured ones would work well. Printed ones would also look great. Purchase bed sheets with eye-catching prints that reflect your personal style.

7. Coordinate your bedding.

Coordination is essential. Examine your bedroom to determine your decorating style and the colours you use. Check that the bed sheet you purchase matches the headboard and other fabrics on your bed. Some people don't really care about having a perfectly coordinated look. That is fine, but being coordinated will bring everything together in your bedroom.

8. Seasonal sheets.

What exactly do we mean by this? So, if you're the type of person who likes to change the sheets depending on the occasion, go ahead and do it! However, the number of sheets you require is entirely up to you and how frequently you like to change them. But it's a good idea to get sheets that will look nice all year.

Guide to Consider Before Buying Bed Sheets

9. Add trendy bedding accessories.

Yes, you should spend money on your bedsheets. However, getting a simple bed sheet can sometimes be a good idea because you can accessorize it with throws, decorative pillows, comforters, duvet covers, and other items. You can even try getting trendy but low-cost pillow covers to liven up your bed and sheets.

Bottom Line 

Bedsheets are a key component to a night of great sleep. The quality of your sheets makes all the difference for better, comfortable slumber. At night, our body expends heat and it is essential to choose linens that don't trap the heat. If you're using a single set of beddings or haven't spruced up your linens in a while, it might be time for an upgrade. 

Guide to Consider Before Buying Bed Sheets

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