Hansaegee Nature Products review

Time to ditch thick face creams & change to 


Aqua Whitening Cream - Water Drop Gel Moisturizer ๐Ÿ’ฆ

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Many of us had faced several dilemmas when it comes to choosing the right moisturizer for our skin.  
When it comes to moisturizers, it’s a good idea to evaluate your skin type and choose a product that will be best for your skin. 

Dealing with dryness? A rich, oil-based moisturizer is your best chance to lock in hydration, but for oily skin, which may be prone to breakouts, and normal skin, which is neither too dry nor too oily, those rich moisturizers likely won’t be as effective and may leave an unwanted layer of greasy residue behind.

It may be time to ditch thick face creams if your skin skews oily or if you crave a lighter, more refreshing way to moisturize. People with oily-prone skin still need to moisturize, and that's where a gel formula can come in handy.

A gel moisturizer is water-based and usually free of oils, which can be specifically beneficial for those with oily skin. Gel moisturizer products as quick to absorb like a gel, but with the long-lasting moisturizing benefits of a cream.

Hansaegee Nature Products review

Hence, I would love to share with you a gel moisturizer that would be suitable for your skin needs. It's from 
Hansaegae Nature Aqua Whitening Cream

If you've read my previous blog post before about Hansaegee Nature's Aloe AC Clean Bubble Cleanser review. You should know how I rave about the cleanser so much. Have you read it?  No? Well, get started and read it HERE

Just like I was in love with its cleanser, I am now obsessed with Hansaegae Nature Aqua Whitening Cream. Love it so much that I use it every day, Day and Night. Why? I'll explain to you why! 


Hansaegee Nature Products review

Hansaegae Nature Aqua Whitening Cream
is also known as a "Water Drop Moisturizer".  Why do they call it a  "Water Drop Moisturizer"?  Because the moisturizing ingredients in the Aqua Moisturizer transform into Water Drop form immediately after use, giving a high moisture effect to the skin the whole day

Water drops give moisture to the skin & a non-sticky feeling. Your skin immediately feels hydrated, refreshed, cool, and soft.  It also normalizes and controls excess oil/sebum for your skin. 

Hansaegee Nature Products review

It has  Whitening & Hydrating Function, which means that it has a whitening skin function and at the same time helps with hydrating your skin. It contains Niacinamide as a whitening agent whereby known to improve uneven skin tone and make your skin tone brighter, also calms sensitive inflamed skin and firms up your skin. 

 Hansaegae Nature Aqua Whitening Cream is also formulated with Herbal Extract that improves and penetrates deep within the skin. Benefits by repairing skin redness and also helps release you from Sun Burn Damaged skin caused by sun exposure. 

Take a look at the experiment I did on my hand. My hands were dry. So I did half and a half to show you how hydrated and moist the skin on my hand looked after applying  Hansaegae Nature Aqua Whitening Cream.

Hansaegee Nature Products review
I love how the texture feels and thick it looks but rest assured, it's not heavy cream.

Hansaegee Nature Products review
You can see the water drops immediately after applying the Aqua Moisturiser

Hansaegee Nature Products review
Look at the skin difference after I applied the Aqua Moisturiser

7 MAIN POINTS OF WHY YOU SHOULD TRY Hansaegae Nature Aqua Whitening Cream.

1. Moisturizing & Hydrating Skin
2. Control excess sebum & oil on the skin
3. Repair Redness & Sun Burn Damaged skin
4. Minimise skin Pores
5. Improved & Brighten uneven skin tone, treat hyperpigmentation
6. Suitable for all skin types, From Normal Skin / Oily skin / Dry skin / Combination skin to Sensitive Skin too. 
7. Its Paraben-Free, Sulfate-Free, Alcohol-Free

Hansaegee Nature Products review

Main Ingredients:

๐Ÿ‘‰ Camellia Japonica Seed Oil

๐Ÿ ŠNon-comedogenic doesn't block skin pores or contribute to acne
๐Ÿ ŠRepairs Redness & Sun Burn Damaged skin
๐Ÿ ŠKeep moisturizer deep into the lower layer of the skin.

๐Ÿ‘‰ Niacinamide

๐Ÿ ŠAlso known as vitamin B3, benefits aging skin
๐Ÿ Š Improve the appearance of enlarged pores, uneven skin tone
๐Ÿ Š Improve fine lines, dullness, and a weakened skin surface.
๐Ÿ Š Can control excess sebum & oil on the skin 
๐Ÿ Š Protects against sun damage and aid in rebuilding healthy skin cells

Hansaegee Nature Products review

How To Use

Hansaegee Nature Products review

1. After cleansing and toning, gently massage an adequate amount onto your face and neck, water drops form will appear on your skin within seconds.

Hansaegee Nature Products review

2. Pat your skin until the moisturizer is fully absorbed into the skin. 
3. You can use it for Day & Night use.


Hansaegee Nature Products review

I love that 
Hansaegae Nature Aqua Whitening Cream keeps my skin hydrated. It hangs onto moisture and gives my skin an overall plumping effect.

Hansaegae Nature Aqua Whitening Cream increased water content on the skin’s surface as well as made it look more radiancy, clear, and with improved texture.

It's so lightweight and quickly absorbed into my skin. Plus its non-greasy texture really makes it so enjoyable to use.  You may look at its texture as thick as a regular cream but rest assured, the water gel glides smoothly on your skin making your skin look effortlessly glowing. 

Hansaegee Nature Products review

Because the Aqua Moisturizer doesn’t contain as many of the thicker oils that creams and ointments do, it doesn’t leave that icky greasy residue behind. It goes on really smooth and silky. 

Every time I apply sunscreen after using 
Aqua Whitening Cream, my skin still feels plump and hydrated even after reapplying sunscreen throughout the day. 

Hansaegee Nature Products review

I also detected that since I started using Hansaegae Nature Aqua Whitening Cream, I noticed that my make-up also lasts longer as I don't feel any stickiness or my face becomes oily as usual. Maybe because my skin is really well-hydrated. 

Love the texture and the water drop effect. It does live up to its name. That is why I highly recommend you all, especially those having acne-prone or oily skin to try up Hansaegae Nature Aqua Whitening Cream

Hansaegee Nature Products review

5 ⭐⭐⭐- Recommended for All Skin Types.

This is definitely the crรจme de la crรจme of any water gel-based moisturizers I've ever tried. 
Hansaegee is definitely a brand that you need to look out for! 

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Hansaegee Nature Products review

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