Samsung A33 5G review

Samsung A33 5G 
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I needed to change to a new phone since my current phone is having some glitches after updating the software. I've always wanted a Samsung phone and finally, I got myself the Samsung Galaxy A33 5G which was one of Samsung’s latest mid-range phones. A great value with a complete package of the latest Galaxy innovations.

Samsung A33 5G review


As there were 4 colours to choose from Awesome Blue, Awesome Black, Awesome White and Awesome Peach. But of course, I had to choose the Awesome Black! Why? Because Black is AWESOME. Lol 😁 Nah, it's because Black looks timeless, sleek, elegant and surely because it's easier to maintain the colour from scratches or dirt as you know that I'm with toddlers. It's a safe colour to be exact!

The new Galaxy A series features 5G connectivity, is said to have defence-grade security, and an eco-conscious, stylish and slim design. Let me explain more later on.

Sustainability Efforts

Samsung A33 5G review

Do you know that the Galaxy A series has removed the charger plug and reduced the size of the packaging? The slim box is refined and is made from sustainably sourced paper, and the device itself uses recycled post-consumer materials (PCM) for the side buttons and SIM card trays too?

My First Impression 

Samsung A33 5G review

Upon receiving my new phone, I noticed how slim the box was compared to other phone boxes I've used before. I opened up the phone box and took out the first layer which was a slim box with the pin, warranty card, instruction manual and also a Type C cable (type C on both ends). 

Yup, there's no charger nor earphones. Staying true to its A-series as previously. The Samsung Galaxy A33 5G also does not have or support, wireless charging.

What it does have, however, is a massive 5000 mAh battery which boasts up to two days of usage and 25W fast charging capabilities. That's what I really need as I am constantly on my phone to make my content creations or gaming.

When I held the phone it was absolutely lighter than the current phone I'm using. This is good in this way as constant holding my phone, wouldn't strain my hands.

Samsung A33 5G review

The Samsung Galaxy A33 5G is lighter, slimmer and comfortable to hold, weighing just about 186g, it's more refined with a matte finish. The slim bezels create a more trendy and chic look. Whereas the seamless camera housing with the Ambient Edge design seamlessly blends the camera with the body of the phone.

What I love is that it features the tough Corning® Gorilla® Glass 5 and IP67 water and dust resistance, providing enhanced durability and less prone to scratches.

Now let's talk about the inside of the phone itself.


Samsung A33 5G is powered by a 5nm Octa-core processor. 28% faster performance core, 52% faster graphic performance, and 4.3x faster neural processor. It's built to handle heavy-duty multitasking. 

Therefore, you won't be facing any 'hangs' while using multiple apps at one time. What's greater is that the feature of RAM Plus reads your usage patterns and provides extra virtual RAM for an additional boost.


Samsung A33 5G review

The 6.4-inch Infinity-U Display on Galaxy A33 5G is absolutely a superb screen, with spectacularly vivid high-definition and true-to-life colour with FHD+ Super AMOLED display technology. Less blur, more details, and vivid contrast flow through for super smooth videos and pictures. 

Even if I'm outside with bright sunlight, I don't have to squint my eyes or change the brightness on my phone or in the nighttime,  I don't need to increase the brightness too. It just adapts to the current setting that I'm in. 

Spacious Memory

With 128GB of internal storage for photos and videos, plus support for a microSD card up to 1TB, this definitely helps me a lot as a content creator to take and store my photos and videos for my reviews. 

What is even better is that the Samsung A33 5G 8GB RAM will support up to 8GB of internal storage that can be used as virtual memory to improve app performance. Now I can download my games as well without worrying about taking up too much space even with plenty of photos and videos taken!


Samsung A33 5G review

Battery life expansion. A 5,000mAh battery for more time streaming, sharing, gaming and more. Quickly revive your Galaxy with up to 25W Super Fast Charging and enable adaptive power saving to enhance the overall Samsung Galaxy A33 5G battery performance

As it uses a 5,000mAh battery, to some extent it can last about 2 days even with continuous usage. Yes, I tried it (fully charged) and did not turn off any active apps and used it for 2 days and a half. Amazingly, the battery still remained at about 10%. Impressive right?

incredible camera shots

Samsung A33 5G review

As a content creator and a blogger. I need to have an immaculate camera shot to take photos and with Samsung A33 5G, I can undoubtedly say I have made the best choice ever! The multi-lens camera on the Samsung Galaxy A33 5G takes photos to the next level for sure. Crisper, clearer shots with the 48MP OIS Camera, expanding viewing angle with the Ultra Wide Camera, customize focus with the Depth Camera and get closer to details with the Macro Camera.

With dual lenses for depth, Samsung Galaxy A33 5G camera is also powered by AI which automatically enhances your photos so you can upgrade your images right away. It also has a high-resolution 32MP front camera that delivers great selfies and clear video calls. 

Samsung A33 5G review
Samsung A33 5G review

Just look at the image I've taken using the Portrait mode, it gently blurs out the background with bokeh effects and highlights the details that bring the life out from inside the frame.


Do you know that the Samsung A33 5G has a Game Booster that tracks your gaming patterns to optimize your device's battery life, temperature and memory while blocking background activities and notifications so you won't lose focus? This excites me as a gamer myself. I hate it whenever I am concentrating on my game, all these notifications keep on popping up and I have to slide them off my screen every time!

My Review 

Samsung A33 5G review

Well, to be frank, I have used the Samsung A33 5G phone for about a week now and needless to say that I am impressed with it. The battery life expansion surely shocked me. I also love the camera and its AI features too! You unquestionably need to get this one yourself too. With its value at just RM1,499, it's worth it!

I will definitely be posting another post on how I feel about my Samsung A33 5G in a couple of weeks’ time! I'll keep you posted on this soon!

Check more information about Samsung A33 5G HERE

Samsung A33 5G review

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