Mat Kilau Kebangkitan Pahlawan Review

Mat Kilau - Kebangkitan Pahlawan's Will Be The Greatest Biopic Film Of This Millennium

Mat Kilau Kebangkitan Pahlawan Presented by Studio Kembara Will Be Released In Cinema On 23 June 2022 Nationwide.

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Yours truly was invited by Studio Kembara to enliven the premiere of the film 'Mat Kilau' at GSC Starling Mall last Thursday on the 16th of June. As a Cinephilia, I took the opportunity to witness this latest work published by Studio Kembara, which was also directed by the prestigious young director, Syamsul Yusof presenting an important history in the epic biographical film, Mat Kilau.

Mat Kilau Kebangkitan Pahlawan Review

Congratulations to Studio Kembara Sdn Bhd for successfully completing the filming of 'Mat Kilau - Kebangkitan Pahlawan' since it was halted for production due to the pandemic hit. This undoubtedly is one of the most awaited action and biography films. 

Mat Kilau Kebangkitan Pahlawan Review

With a total filming cost of RM 8 Million and approximately 100 days of filming across several locations at Perak, Pahang, Melaka and Selangor, Mat Kilau Kebangkitan Pahlawan will be released in all Malaysia cinemas nationwide on 23rd June 2022.

Synopsis of MAT KILAU- Kebangkitan Pahlawan

Mat Kilau Kebangkitan Pahlawan Review

This film was inspired based on a truly epic history of a Malay warrior named MAT KILAU with his father, 'TOK GAJAH' and his friends who rise against the colonisation of the British to defend their land and people. 

The British occupied the lands in Pahang in the year 1892. They have been reaping the fruits of the earth for their own interests in the land of Pahang and interfered with the Malay people's customary and religious affairs. 

Mat Kilau Kebangkitan Pahlawan Review

Outrage with the British barbarism in the land of Pahang and putting a halt to it before spreading further, Mat Kilau, Tok Gajah and his friends had risen against the British savagery.

The wise, ingenious and inventiveness of Mat Kilau and Tok Gajah in planning the resistance had caused the British colonizers to experience massive pressure and resulted in major losses during the intense fighting. 

Mat Kilau Kebangkitan Pahlawan Review

Mat Kilau is a great film of all time, which tells the story of the rise of a young man named Mat Kilau along with other Malays who opposed the greed and persecution of the British colonialists. 

Mat Kilau Kebangkitan Pahlawan Review

We will see how the soul of the heroism of the Malays, both men and women, religious scholars and dignitaries had become the country's superheroes to liberate this country from the invaders. 

The Good value that can be gained from this film is the courageous and gallant attitude of rising up to state the truth and rights despite having to face threats and obstacles along the way. 

Why Must One Watch Mat Kilau - Kebangkitan Pahlawan?

Mat Kilau Kebangkitan Pahlawan Review
“As a producer, we hope the entire Malaysian community watches this film and is entertained. 

“This film directed by Syamsul Yusof will take us back to that era, to feel the hardship, courage, sacrifice and heroic spirit that exists in fighting for our homeland. This is a very inspiring history, "said the publisher, Shahruddin Dali.


This film must be watched by all walks of Malaysian society because it is not an ordinary movie, this film has solid storytelling, storytelling which we have never known of, which seldom to be able to feel his venture, it will take us into the world or into that age for the audience experience it for yourself.

Mat Kilau Casts

Mat Kilau Kebangkitan Pahlawan ReviewMat Kilau Kebangkitan Pahlawan Review
Mat Kilau Kebangkitan Pahlawan Review

Dato' Adi Putra as Mat Kilau
Beto Kusyairy as Wahid
Fattah Amin as Awang
Johan As'ari as Yassin
Ali Karimi as Brahim
Yayan Ruhian as Toga
Geoff Andre Feyaerts as Syers
Wan Hanafi Su as Tok Gajah
Khir Rahman as Usup
Farid Amirul as Goh Hoi
A.Galak as Pak Deris
Zarina Zainoordin as Rokiah
Farah Ahmad as Yang Chik
Dato Jalaluddin Hassan as Hj. Muhammad
Dato Rahim Razali as Imam Bottoqh
Namron as Hj. Sulong
Shaharuddin Thamby as Datuk Bahaman
Ellie Suriaty as Ibu Yassin
Mubarak Majid as Ayah Yassin
Mark Geoffrry as Stewart
Siraj Al Sagof as Shidu

Mat Kilau Kebangkitan Pahlawan ReviewMat Kilau Kebangkitan Pahlawan Review
Mat Kilau Kebangkitan Pahlawan Review

Mat Kilau Kebangkitan Pahlawan 

Production Crews

Syamsul Yusof

Abdul Rahman Dali
Shahruddin Dali

Line Producer: 
Afiq Razali

Assistant Directors: 
Rizal Ashreff
Shake Al Walled
Jafar Adami

Script Writters: 
Syamsul Yusof
Shahruddin Dali

Production Management: 
Isma Reza Muhammad Fuad

Art Director & Set Designer: 
Mukhsalmina Ismail

Art Director On Set: 
Nasir Jamaludin

Cinematography Director: 
Rahimi Maidin
Azami Alias

Akmal Effende

Special Choreographer: 
Yayan Ruhian

Chinta Adrieyana

My Personal Review

Mat Kilau Kebangkitan Pahlawan Review

Truthfully, I have never indulged myself in Malaysian-made Movies especially watching them at the Cinema. I might just watch it when the film is released on Astro or any platform later on. It's not because I don't support local film industries, it's just that I have been disappointed at some most of the time. 

But this film truly changed my perspective on our local film quality. Mat Kilau Kebangkitan Pahlawan deserved a full point of 10 out of 10 and a standing ovation a million times. This action-packed movie has its own class that I cannot describe. It's the best biography film that has ever been made to showcase the story of our national warrior during the British colonization.
Filem Mat Kilau Kebangkitan Pahlawan review

The prejudice me thought it would be just like the other films I've seen and I might end up sleeping in. But I bit my tongue with this one. From the start till the end, the movie really caught my attention, every part of the storyline left me no time to breathe, the excitement and story built up is so immaculate, perfectly arranged and satisfactorily done. 

Filem Mat Kilau Kebangkitan Pahlawan  review
But the part that I do not expect at all while watching this movie that was fully packed with action was the tear-shedding part. I just cannot hold back my tears. Truly emotional. I cried 2 times in this film, which for me is NOT something I'm used to. Lol. 

Kudos to the amazing actors that brought the characters so vividly alive. 👏👏

Conclusion Of The Movie

The film in terms of its storytelling, its dialogue, and its action will inspire many people. Especially to the younger generation to have a better appreciation of the value of independence and the freedom we have achieved nowadays and not to make the same mistakes that could be detrimental to our nation.  

Mat Kilau Kebangkitan Pahlawan Review

For fans of fight-action movies, it's a non-stop action experience that is totally worth it. The film is lined up with the country's famous actors joining forces to make this epic film directed in turn by the country’s great director, Syamsul Yusuf, who makes a great film that this country has never produced.

Since it is classified as P13, it is really recommended for everyone from all walks of life to come and watch this movie once it is officially released on the 23rd June 2022 at all Malaysian cinemas nationwide. 

Mat Kilau Kebangkitan Pahlawan Review

Let's watch this non-stop action film that sees the sacrifice, courage and unity of Malay warriors to liberate Malaya. It's out NOW in the cinema near you! Feel free to share your feedback and review after watching the movie with the #FilemMatKilau. 

For more information about the film Mat Kilau Kebangkitan Pahlawan, visit their official social media platforms by clicking the links below. 

Mat Kilau Kebangkitan Pahlawan Review

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