Carrisa beauty makeup kit


 Local Beauty Products Comparable To International Products 

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Last week, I had the chance to experience and visit the physical store of a  local beauty brand products named
Carrisa at SOGO, Central I-City Shah Alam. 

I am amazed at how this brand has grown and developed such remarkable products, especially in its makeup line-up! 

Let me share a little bit of information on the background of Carrisa for more understanding of the origin of beauty & skincare products. 

About Carrisa Beauty 

Carrisa beauty makeup kit

Carrisa Beauty Sdn. Bhd. was established in Kuala Lumpur in 2015.  It operates at the address No. 32, Jalan SS22/21 Damansara Jaya 474000 Petaling Jaya Selangor. Starting off with a clothing boutique in SACC mall in Shah Alam.  Carrisa Beauty is the newest cosmetic brand in Malaysia. It includes products from the cosmetics and facial care line that are equivalent to international products. With their fence sign "KERANA ANDA SEMEMANGNYA CANTIK" (BECAUSE YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL)

Due to high demand from customers, Carrisa Beauty Sdn. Bhd took the initiative to plan out research, and strengthen and expand the manufacture of basic cosmetic products under the Carrisa brand  In 2018. 

Carrisa beauty makeup kit

Carrisa Beauty Sdn. Bhd. featuring products produced by a Group of Manufacturing Companies with ISO status, having Halal and Good Manufacturing Practice - GMP (Good Quality Product Production) certification. This is in line with Carrisa's goal to be a viable, competitive, and innovative high-quality product manufacturing company in the marketing of beauty and personal care products in Malaysia.

"The Carrisa brand has received a high response from our customers. Therefore, I feel that this is the best opportunity to explore new areas by diversifying products" said Mrs. Zurin Zakaria, Managing Director of the company.
Carrisa beauty makeup kit

What Are The Products Available At Carrisa Beauty?

Carrisa Brand products consist of cosmetics, skincare, and personal care including shower creams, body scrubs, and even women's feminine washes.

Carrisa products are suitable for use by all ages. All the products are formulated suitable for all skin types and climates in the country and abroad.  Carrisa Beauty products are reasonably priced and pocket-friendly for everyone. 


Carrisa beauty makeup kit

Beauty Kit - Comes in a Fushia Pink theme.  Available in 2 colored palettes themed Lovely Rosette - pinkish blush bright color palettes or Golden Summeearthy brown tone color palettes. It is suitable to be used for formal occasions, the office, or casual occasions. The eye shadows, highlighter, and blusher are so pigmented, glittery, vibrant, and glamorous to begin with. A must-have item in every woman's makeup collections

Carrisa beauty BB cushion

BB Cushion - Comes in 4 shades, Cover Girl, English Rose, Belle,Enchanting with full coverage so that the skin looks more natural and the make-up will last longer. Formulated with Saccharide Isomerate, Palmitoyl Tripeptide-7, 100% natural plant derived & Halal certified! I really love that it really covers the imperfection naturally catering to Asian skin tones. You can even buy and use darker shades or lighter shades to blend in as a contour or concealer for your makeup! 

Carrisa beauty lip matte

Lip Matte - 4 choices of Lip Matte colors with names such as Fatimah Mei Ling, Priya & Salmah exudes the diversity of traditional names of Malaysian women. This Lip Matte will highlight the appearance and smile of a real woman. I love the color hues they have, totally wearable by any skin color! It's long-lasting, highly pigmented, semi-matte, and doesn't dry out your lips. My favorite? FATIMAH & MEI LING. A more subtle, natural-looking pinkish shade. If you're fierce in colors, I'd suggest SALMAH & PRIYA. Red fiery Salmah & Glittering Goddess Priya. 

Carrisa beauty mascara

Mascara - No style is complete without wearing mascara for curlier eyelashes, mesmerizing the beholder. Available in 3 types - Lengthening, Curling & Thickening. It caters to all types of lashes.  You can even combine the 3 mascaras to get a bold and more lengthy lash, natural-looking and fuss-free from fake lashes. 

Carrisa beauty eyebrow pencil

Eyebrow Pencil - Available in 3 color codes - Dark Brown, Medium Brown & Chocolate. The slick, thin eyebrow pencil comes with an eyebrow brush to help define your brow to be more immaculate. 

Carrisa beauty eyeliner

Liquid Eyeliner - Available in 3 color codes - Blue, Burgundy & Black. It's easy to draw, long-lasting yet easily removed with makeup wipes. The tip of the eyeliner is sharp which makes it easier to draw the perfect cat eyes liner too! I love that it comes in the non-conventional color, Blue & Burgundy. Something for the courageous makeup wearer to try! 

Carrisa absolutely provides stylish cosmetic accessories for all occasions for women who care about style and beauty. You can also buy the cosmetic gift box as a present to a makeup lover as a birthday gift or for any occasion! 

Carrisa beauty makeup kit

**Before buying cosmetic products, women are advised to know the color tone and texture of their skin so that the cosmetics used will remain beautiful and last longer on the facial skin in addition to preventing the make-up from becoming uneven and patchy.

If you want to get advice and make a new appearance by dressing up, you can go to the Carrisa counter to get beauty advice. Their resourceful and friendly staff will give you tips and products that are suitable to use and cater to your skin type. 


Argan Oil Serum - This Pore-refining, Scar Removal, & Wrinkle Prevention serum is suitable for all skin types and is made with 100% natural ingredients. Non-sticky and absorbs well into your skin. This multipurpose serum can also be used on your entire body! You can use it on your hair or scalp to promote hair growth and hair strength. You can also use it on your hand or foot, to moisturize, soften and rejuvenate skin elasticity. Even helps to boost your skin elasticity and repair skin due to stretch marks! Amazing isn't it! 

Carrisa beauty makeup kit

Facial Cleanser - Suitable for all skin types even for sensitive and combination skin as well. This brightening & hydrating cleanser reduces puffiness, moisturizes, and cleanses your skin sufficiently. It uses Cucumber extract for a more soothing and cooling effect. 

Facial Treatment Essence - Using 7 natural plant-based extracts, Allantoin, Beta-Glucan & Lepidium Sativum Sprout Extract.  Helps to tone up, hydrate, and soothe your skin. This facial essence allows your skin to get better absorption of additional products such as your serum or moisturizer too!  Lightweight & absorbs well. 

Carrisa beauty makeup kit

Brightening Moisturizer Cream - This lightweight, non-greasy formula cream is suitable for all skin types. It helps brightens your skin tone to give it a more natural glowing skin. It is also formulated to give you 24-hour hydration to keep your skin smooth, moisturized, and glowing the entire day. 

Body Care Range

Carrisa beauty bodycare

Body Wash  (Cherry Blossom, Goat Milk & Lavender) & Body Scrub (Goat Milk, Lavender & Rice Milk)- Using 3 main ingredients - Sakura Flower extract, Lavender, and Goat Milk. It is formulated with three main ingredients along with other best ingredients. The effect is that it can remove dead skin gently and effectively. At the same time ensures that the skin is always soft, bright, and fresh.

Feminine WashCarrisa Feminine Wash is formulated from natural plant extracts that have traditionally been used since ancient times to help clean and care for women's intimate parts. The benefits of betel leaves are believed to kill bacteria and microorganisms that cause white discharges. Manjakani is used to heal wounds. It is used as a herbal medicine for women's internal health and intimate organs, especially after childbirth. It's just that the formulation has been modernized to make it easier for users to get nutrients from this traditional plant. 

Where To Purchase Carrisa Products?

Carrisa beauty makeup kit

For now, for direct purchase (retail) it is available at SOGO Central I-city Shah Alam. The company also intends to market retail sales in several other large supermarkets and selected pharmacies in addition to having its own mobile kiosk to facilitate customers to get the latest products directly.

Carrisa products can also be found at Lazada, Shopee, Facebook, Instagram ( Carissa Beauty), and

Carrisa products are all affordable and range from just RM15.90 to RM129.90.

Carrisa Vision 

Carrisa beauty makeup kit

Carrisa is not just a name, but the company's commitment to producing women's beauty and health products, in addition to educating consumers to take care of their health and appearance in line with the meaning of Carrisa itself - Because you are indeed beautiful

Carrisa is also in an effort to expand the business mission by attending many events and exhibitions in the country and abroad to promote the brand's products more widely. Many programs have been planned and will be conducted to promote the brand.

Carrisa beauty makeup kit

I had a wonderful time getting to know the founder, Puan Zurin, and Carrisa products up close and personal. Knowing the journey they have taken to continue to grow and flourish in due time. 

Carrisa beauty makeup kit

This is definitely a local brand to look out for and hopefully with more amazing ranges to come out with! Let's support our local businesses that adhere to their brand vision and products that are on par with international brands. 

Carrisa beauty makeup kit

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