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A'isy Zafran's progression in school - 2nd month

Hey All... 

How are you all this month? How was your Chinese New Year Holiday? Hopefully was well-spent with your love ones .πŸ’“

I'm updating my son A'isy 2nd month at Pre-school progression. For this 2nd month, I did noticed that he is more open up with his feelings. More talkative at home ( he is already talkative 😏)Love to dance and sing with his sister.  πŸ’ƒπŸ•ΊπŸ’ƒπŸ•Ί

with his classmate doing the paperdoll for CNY

He follows the house rules without a big fuss. A little bit well behaved rather than showing tantrums. He rarely show any tantrums except for gadgets time out 😬 I told him that on school days, NO HAND-PHONE at all and TV can only watch after homework for only 1 hour. After meal at 7-8pm , there's an hour gap for him to do whatever he likes but no electronics. At 9-9.30pm , its time to sleep.

And Yes, he behave well enough because he know on Friday - Sunday , he can have gadget time longer than usual as a reward. On Sunday, since we always go out for family time. He has less gadget time. I do not let him play the hand-phone while we are outside if there's no necessity and he COMPLY 😁

Shocking ! but its the truth. 😚😚 I do believe in discipline your child since small so that he can learn responsibility and tolerance. 

So thats his personal attitude at home. He is more tentative and alert. 

playing lion dance with his friends

At school, teacher told me that he is the clown at class. When he is attracted to a subject, he will listen closely and learn and when he already finishes learning or a task. He will come and make funny faces to his friends and ask to play around. 😝😣

I dont know to laugh or get mad at him but it is always his nature to be playful at home. He likes have fun with everyone. He likes to bring smile and happiness to people life and I would like to keep that trait in him always. πŸ˜‰

He is more responsible towards his belongings. He kept all his learning materials in the designated box or drawer. Even at home, after he is done playing with toys. He will keep them neatly at one side in the room or in the toys box. πŸ™ŒπŸ˜ƒ

waiting for the event to start 

The teachers 

And a week after CNY, A'isy school conducted a Chinese New Year Day for the kids to celebrate together with parents. πŸ’“πŸ’‘ He was so excited to wear the Chinese attire to celebrate CNY with friends . His papa even went shopping for A'isy and they end up buying a kungfu master like attire called 'Chang-San' πŸ˜† 

My handsome kungfu master .
Kids having fun with the naughty lion 

lion playing with Dai To Fut or Big Buddha Head

we all donning red for the occasions

coloring contest

scoop the numbers

He had fun with the Lion and 'Dai To Fut' or the 'Big Buddha Head' dance. Played musical chair, search for hidden treasures and coloring contest with his friends. πŸ’“

After 4 days of fun at school for the Chinese New Year celebration, small tragic happened on the 11st of February 2020. 😭

swelled forehead 

A'isy and my father in-law was injured due to a small motorcycle accident just in front of A'isy's school. It happened so fast that everyone was shocked and dumbfounded. I just arrived at my father in-law's house from the petrol station when I heard the news. My mind went blank and exploded of disbelieve at the same time . πŸ˜• 

my poor boy

When I arrived at the school, the sight was just too heartbreaking to see 😭😭😭😭
My FIL was bleeding profusely at the face and was sitting on the ground, agonizing in pain. I was too caught up with my FIL that I forgot about A'isy would be hurting too but in my head , this image of A'isy was fine. He was not in the accident. I think my brain just created some kind of barrier for me to NOT PANIC !

That's when I heard A'isy shouting and crying calling out for me ! Then I snapped back and quickly run to him and took him from his teacher. I didn't notice him because he was surrounded by the teachers.  A'isy started to cry and apologizing. I saw him bleeding on the hand , the leg and even head πŸ˜₯ I called my husband and he ask to bring to the nearest clinic. 

Doctor checked and diagnosed that nothing was broken. No internal bleeding. Just to monitor A'isy condition. So after check up, the vomiting scene and wound dressing drama.  We went back home. A'isy had a swelled forehead, cuts on his right cheeks, scratches on his right hand and fingers and also on his right knee.  

my FIL . 

And yeah, my FIL just had bruises on his right ribs, the bleeding on the face was due to a cut on his face when he landed on his face to protect my son from falling head 1st.😣 He injured his right ribs, right face and legs as same as A'isy too because the motorcycle fell on the right side. 

I was thankful and grateful that none of them was injured badly and I am forever grateful to the teachers and people around the area to helped out. 

The reason for the accident = my son twist the motorcycle throttle while my FIL was trying to pull in 1st gear . The motorcycle went off and was out of balance resulting almost crashing to a car. That is when my FIL shifted his body to cover A'isy fall so that A'isy wouldn't get more serious injuries. πŸ™πŸ™

My poor boy in pain and tired after the accident 


I just hope he learned his lesson, NOT to do things that you're not supposed to do. 😫 And please no more of this stunt action. Mama gonna die of heart attack !!! 😣😟

After that within 1 week, A'isy was fully recovered and excitely wanted to go back to school . 

Thomas and Friends Theme cake 
As happy as the sun shines 

Giving out milo drinks to friends

And on the 24th on Feb, My son ' Putera A'isy  Zafran ' has turned 4 this year. Celebrating his birthday with his friends and teachers at school with his favorite rainbow cake and favorite character ' THOMAS AND FRIENDS' . He was happy! May Allah protect and bless my son always. Mama hope you grow up to always be a good , responsible , smart happy boy who loves making people happy. πŸ’—

A'isy classmates

His Bff 'Rizki' on the right side 

So yeah guys... this month was a whirl wind month for mama's emotions as well. Hahaha. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜

Hope next month would be a little more calmer and productive than this month. * finger crossed*

My mischievous smart boy

Thanks for reading my blog πŸ’‹πŸ’“

Be nice, Be respectful and Be responsible. 



Love and regards, 

Zazasters a.k.a MamaMonsterπŸ‘» 


  1. mesti riuh rumah sepanjang pkp nie kan. Budak2 sukalah xpergi sekolah. Mmg heaven sakanlah dorg. Tp parents kena pantau aktiviti anak2 n pastikan dorg belajar dlm tempoh pkp nie. Kalau x, banyak benda tertinggal

  2. Alhamdullilah nothing serious happened... so need to be careful when riding motorbike with kids. Shld tell them not to touch anything. Ala kesian tengok abang (FIL) ... cedera teruk tu... hope he is good. Mesti MIL terkejut kan. #nokome

  3. Alaaa comelnyaaa dia...rindu juga bila baca post Zaza ni teringat kat anak Sis kecik-kecik. Dulu kalau dah ada blog, memang berterabur Sis cite pasal anak anak dah besar, nak cerita pasal anak pun boleh tapi ada batasnya jer..maklum laaa dah besar kan, memasing ada rasa malu kalau Emaknya nak cite hahahaha

  4. I understand the feeling of being a mom.
    My daughter is 2 years old 7 months, and she started her school on early March, during to Covid-19, they have to close the school. She is excited to go back to school! Seeing her happy makes me happy too!

  5. Ala kesiannya dia eksiden. Mesti menangis kan sbb nampak mcm teruk je. Moga baik3 semuanya

  6. alaaa sian kat aish and fil. hope everything goes well. get well soon to both

  7. Alahai kesian nya Kalau budak dan orang tua exciden.. tak sanggup nak tgk. Tapi anak zaza kuat semangat. Tengok nak nangis pun

  8. Ya Allah, luluhnya tengok. Kita yang tak de anak lagi pun memang boleh panik tengok luka macam tu. Alhamdulillah, aisy and FIL dah sihat walafiat (just now) ya. Semoga baik-baik sahaja untuk mama sekeluarga :)

  9. Alhamdulillah xda yg serius...mesti terkejut sangatkan..hati mak mana yg tak risaukan. Apa2 pun comel sangat si aisy

  10. Syukur tiada yang serius berlaku. Semoga baik baik saja. Kita ni mak mak biasalah kan. Walaupun tak serius tapi hati kita risau jangan cakap. Benda kecil pun kita dah risau dan sedih.

  11. Sejak A'sy mula bersekolah dia dah semakin cerfik dan rajin sbb dah dpt ramai kwn dan berkenalan dgn kwn2 baru byk perubahan yg mama npk

  12. Good for you for teaching your kid about gadget time out. I am also forcing my sisters to teach their kids about this and have physical activities instead and alhamdulilah, their behaviour are much better than before

  13. Eh kesiannya dia luka macam tu.. Hopefully dia cepat baik dan tak trauma sebab accident tu. Take care

  14. Pandainya dia..aktiviti sekolah pun menarik..ada macam-macam..bagusla..comel sangt dia ni tau..semoga membesar dengan sihat


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