Tuesday, 7 April 2020


Hey all, i just watched DAULAT yesterday at Iflix. It's about Malaysia's political plot thriller movie. 

Honestly, politics are not my forte(obviously đŸ˜) genre and I usually hate to watch anything related to politics but this one intrigued me to watch.

Main reason - Vanidah Imran & Rashidi Ishak😜 I've always love to see them both acting together.

2nd reason - rumours that's this movie actually relates to you know who.😅

But they say the film is completely fictional and was made in 2019 before the event of 2020 Malaysian Political Crisis.

The film is released online for free and uncensored, on 6 April 2020 exclusively for Iflix only to distribute in streaming service to avoid cuts Censorship Board of Malaysia.

Typical us Malaysian won't expect foul language in a Malaysian movie right but yes, I was that typical malaysian too đŸ˜‚ I was shocked a bit.. A bit lahhhh đŸ˜

Category : 18PA / 18

This film will makes you realised how you miss a malay movie with such great of plot and amazing story. đŸ‘đŸŽŚ

Salute and respect to my lady Vanidah Imran  for her amazing POWERFUL role in DAULAT ❤️👏💕

GO AND WATCH THIS đŸ‘ Watch it at Iflix .

I hope they can make this as in a season drama too. đŸŽ­đŸ¤”

Director by : Imran Sheik
Written by : Haziq Jamaludin, Imran Sheik
Cast : Tony Eusof, Vanidah Imran, Rashidi Ishak.

Recommended đŸ‘đŸ‘ i rate it at 8.5 out of 10

For more details on the movie - Click here ➽ Wikipedia DAULAT

Well thats all for now ! Thanks a bunch for reading my blog !! I hope you enjoy as much as I do đŸ˜đŸ˜˜

Stay safe , Stay at home and watch MOVIE !!! 💓
Be nice, Be respectful and Be responsible. 


Love and regards, 

Zazasters a.k.a MamaMonster👻

Picture courtesy of wikipedia and credit picture owners. 


  1. everyday iflix day now hehe. DAULAT sounds like a good movie for me to catch nex time yay!

  2. ada jumpa review pasal drama ni juga kemarin. tertanya-tanya juga apa ending the story. saya tak tengok lagi. haha.

  3. ada tgk iklan citer ni. but takde minat nak look into details.
    because tau dah plot nyer. kurang minat dgn citer genre politik ni.
    hmmmm what to say kan. politik ni kalau tak kotor, takkan dipanggil politik la.
    memang thrill!
    u know who? wow! menarik perkataan yg digunakan, zaza :)

  4. dah tengok movie ni, besttt sangat. bila kita ada kuasa ada duit, ujian sangat hebat. bukan mudah nak pegang amanah

  5. Wah dah tengok jugak! Saya pun ada tulis review yg panjang lebar tentang filem ni di blog.

  6. Serius masa tengok kat iflix tu i takleh tengok lama. Ngantuk asyik cakap cakap. hahahhaa. i lagi suka tengok filem aksi dan warna warni. nanti akak cuba tengok lg sekali. mungkin dengan husband. bleh paham. haha

  7. Ada tengok trailer hari tu. Nampak memang best betul jalan cerita dia. Tapi tak menyempat lagi nak tengok.

  8. Ada terbaca hari tu pasal filem Daulat ini. Rasanya dari blog yang sama atau orang lain. Tak pasti. Yang pasti filem Daulat ini dan insyaallah nanti bolehlah tengok dengan anak-anak.

  9. Hebat juga barisan pelakon dalam movie nih, semua tu lagenda... suka lakonan Vanida Imran harap ada peluang nak tgk movie nih nanti

  10. Nak tengok gak lah, sure cerita ni hebat sebab pelakon dia pun hebat-hebat sokmo. Tapi kita x dak iflix le pulak..huhuhu

  11. Ramai cakap best ye..Takde iflix ke netflix la pulak..huhu..ceritanya sebenarnya pasal apa ya..sebab tajuk Daulat kan..

  12. Thanks for sharing! Even though , I don't want local movies, but thanks again for sharing! Will watch when I have the chance.

  13. Tak pernah tau pasal movie Daulat ni tapi lately ade n nmok juga member fb share pasal movie ni. Nanti weekend klu ade masa blh lh iena tgk😁

  14. wahhhh maybe boleh try tgok nanti. Huda pun suka vanida imran berlakon gak. Plus I dont like politician, but sometimes if ada mood nak tengok or baca something what about politic can lah. At least ada knowledge kan hehe. InsyaAllah nanti ada masa lapang huda try tgok this movie. thank you suggest kat kiteorang =D

  15. Im looking forward to watch this movie.. since many review this is one of good malay movie.

  16. Wow ramai yang bagi high rating untuk filem ni. Maybe sebab satu kelainan dalam filem-filem tempatan lebih-lebih lagi yang bergenre politik macam ni tapi approach yang berbeza

  17. Barisan pelakon yang sangat menarik. Dia punya trailer pun dah cipta suasana suspen. Lama tak nampak Vanida Imran berlakon.


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