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For the past few days, I've reviewed movies I've watched during this RMO day. I've done DAULAT , a Malaysian Political movie and What Happened to Monday ( Seven Sisters) , a dystopian sci-fi thriller Movie. 

So today I will review another movie for you all. Well,I just had the time to watch one of Rani Mukerji's movie. Mardaani. A Indian-Hindi language movie. And I assure you that this is a MUST WATCH movie if you like Crime Thriller Genre or a based on True-story Movie. 

Inspired by true rape and murder incidents, the story follows Shivani played by Rani Mukerji , a dedicated Crime Branch Inspector who goes up against an organised crime cartel involving child trafficking and drugs.

Whoever grew up watching Rani Mukerji will absolutely remember her sweet innocent character in mostly all the love romantic movies. But on this movie, needless to say, she's certainly is BAD-ass and yet sooooo BEAUTIFUL 💘💗

For her role, Mukerji trained in Krav Maga, a street-fighting, self-defence system developed for the Israeli military. 

From the starting of the story itself, you will undeniably start to love her character and follow her to pursue the criminal. 

The villain - Walt a.k.a Karan Rastogi played by Tahir Raj Bhasin will surely make you go 'WTF' and cringed everytime he appears. Despite his good looks, he is unquestionably a great actor to play such psychotic role. Clap clap !!👏👏

This movie will definitely play with you emotions. A heart-thumping, hand clinching ,sitting over the edge of your sit kinda movie. 👍

Mardaani  translate asMasculinewas released theatrically on 22 August 2014, the film received positive reviews, with praise for Mukerji's performance, and emerged a commercial success. It was followed by a sequel titled Mardaani 2 in 2019.

There's a sequel movie guys !! I'll watch it later and give you my review ok ? I love 💓💓💓💓💓 this movie so much ! The plot twist. The Heroin. The Villain. The storyline. Everything plainly AMAZING !!!

Watch this on NETFLIX 

Directed by : Pradeep Sarkar
Produced by : Aditya Chopra
Written by:  Gopi Puthran

Starring : Rani Mukerji , Tahir Raj Bhasin , Jisshu Sengupta, Saanand Verma

Recommended 👍👏 i rate it at 9 out of 10

Not suitable for kids under 18 .

For more details on the movie - Click here ➽ Mardaani -WIKI

Well thats all for now ! Thanks a bunch for reading my blog !! I hope you enjoy as much as I do 😍😘

Stay safe , Stay at home and watch MOVIE !!! 💓
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  1. Ooo baru tau 2014 rupanya cite ni, Sis dah tengok, terfikir apsal lainnya muka Rani ni, nampak tak berapa cantik berbanding sekarang, kesahnya cite lamaa...tengok cite ni kena fokus, makan pun tak boleh, sebab kalau tak baca sarikata ko tak faham hahahaha...

  2. nice. lama juga tak tengok citer bollywood. asyik layan drama korea je. oh citer baru erk? dah lama juga tak tengok lakonan rani. macam mana agaknya dia punya lakonan BAD ass tu ;)

  3. Wah dah enam tahun movoe ni ya tapi aaya miss lak nak tonton sbb suka lakonan Rani Mukerji..nampak menarik citer ni.

  4. suka sangat dengan lakonan rani mukerji, nak pulak cerita aksi macam ni. kalau dulu dia banyak berlakon genre cinta dan airmata je kan. nice review sis, bolehla tonton movie ni, i like

  5. Oh Qeela mmg peminat movie or series yg bergenre thriller lagi2 psycho thriller dan crime thriller. Tbh tak berapa layan hindustan, tapi disebabkan cerita ni crime thriller yea, ni yg berminat jugak la nk tgk ni nnt hehe.

  6. Segak lagi ai si ranee mukerjee ni. Suka tgk dia menari, lembut je.tak tgk lagi.. Makin bolat pipinya dalam Cite ni. Cam best je.

  7. Best citer nie..k mid dah tengok...mmg tidak mengecewakan..
    Lakonan rani mukerji sejak dulu lagi mmg best

  8. ha ha ha nasib baik aida tak buat lagi review mardaani ni tau.
    aida da tgk dua-dua. best giler! recommended utk semua tgk movie ni.
    rani mukerjee is so good. ganas tapi tetap cantik!

  9. Macam best jer movie Mardaani Heroin dia Rani Mukerji jadi Polis wanita, Dah lama tak tengok Movie Hindustan nanti nak tengoklah sebab suka lakonan Rani Mukerji tq info movie Mardaani

  10. Suka dengan Rani dan sangat lah suka movie based on true story. nanti nak cari movie ni. review macam best je

  11. Ada orang rekemen cerita ni dekat twitter..dah save gmbr..hehee..tapi tak cari2 lagi..menarik ni..Lain sangat muka rani ye..hehehe..

  12. suka rani berlakon, dan amsih cantik seperti dulu. baru tahu juga citer ni based on true story

  13. Tak pernah lagi tengik cerita ni. Review macam best. Suka layan citer hindi

  14. Hahahaha weiii cerita Tamil plak best kan? Ruby awal PKP layan Tamil, seterusnya action movie Hollywood, pastu Korean Drama. Hahaha. Sekarang layan filem A World Of Married Couple. Semua apps Ruby subscribe. Netflix, Iflix dan VIU. hahahahahhaa. Pengsan.

  15. Memang terbaik la Zaza selalu menghiburkan kita dengan movie review and also ahhh best nyer dia share link pulat. Malam ni boleh lah sis layan citer ni.

  16. I wish I have extra time to watch all these. Thanks for the recommendation.

  17. I want to watch it too. Alang² dah dlm netflix, i jusy watch via netflix jelah. Your review really make this movie looks best

  18. Aww Rani yang sgt cute. Betul tu tengok Rani ni teringat zaman membesar dengan cerita2 dia. Masa tu hindustan mmg hot betul dkt malaysiakan. Hehe
    Dekat sana kes rape dan child trafficking agak teruk jugakkan. No wonder keluar cerita macam ni.


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