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I bet every parents have concerns on what are the best and safest products to be used by our little bundle of joy. Without worrying that the products we choose are not irritating or cause any skin reactions to our new born babies delicate sensitive skin. Basically something that is not harsh or strong  , suitable for our babies in a little amount of chemical usage.  

And with wide range of baby products out there in the market, it really is exasperating thing to think and choose for parents. In many brands of baby care products,personally  I love CARRIE JUNIOR products. Because I was attracted to the colorful and cute packaging. Not only that, the smell of the products are really sweet smelling but still mild for my babies. 


Admirably, I would highly recommend to all parents to try out CARRIE JUNIOR's latest edition for New born babies - BABY CARRIE product range. BABY CARRIE is specially formulated for parents who want quality 100 % organic, natural & safe products to care for their newborn's delicate skin. And as all of us know that CARRIE JUNIOR surely is a trusted market leader brand for more than 20 years. Doesn't that count for something, am I right? 

The new BABY CARRIE Baby Bath & Baby Lotion is formulated with certified organic oat milk & milk of almonds. Its made with the best ingredients to ensure the best of our precious little babies which nourishes babies' skin to be softer and healthier and protects them against cell damage from harsh chemicals normally used by other baby brands. 


I got my hands on 4 of their products to try out for my baby girl who has quite the sensitive skin. As you can see, she's really enjoying her bath time with the bath gel by  BABY CARRIE. 

BABY CARRIE products range are Baby Bath, Baby Head to Toe, Baby lotion and Baby Nourishing Oil.

  • • Suitable for Newborn Babies
  • • Tear Free
  • • Hypoallergenic
  • • Dematologically Tested
  • • Retains more moisture
  • • Calming & softening

Baby Bath can gently clean sensitive baby skin without stripping it natural moisture. Organic oatmeal and almond milk ingredients can improve baby's skin moisture, limit moisture loss and strengthen skin. Baby skin elasticity is enhanced with Vitamin A & E which is also an antioxidant to protect the skin.

Baby Head to Toe is the most popular because it saves money, can be used from head to toe. When I wash my daughter's  hair, the hair becomes soft and it does not hurt the eyes. Baby Head To Toe are enriched with Wheat germ oil, rich in Vitamin E, which acts as an antioxidant to protect the skin. It moisturizes baby skin with organic almond oil so that the skin becomes soft and smooth.

Baby Nourishing Oil will be applied after bathing. The smell is quite mild. Nourishing oil is a baby massage oil. Its ideal for a baby bonding massage. It soothes & relieves dry skin and locks baby skin moisture. A mixture of wheat germ oil, almond oil and olive oil helps baby's skin absorb and retain moisture while protecting the skin. It can also promotes better sleep after massage. I usually used this at night time. 

Baby Lotion provides baby skin with moisturizing for 48 hours, non-greasy and light feeling. It is enriched with glycerin to hydrate and soothe baby's skin and infused with organic oat milk and almond milk to moisturize and protect the skin.

Looking at how my baby girl enjoys her bath time and after bath time without any irritation or skin discomfort really makes me feel happy as a mother and I knew that by her smile, I had chose the right baby products for my beautiful princess A'isya Inara. She can play and smell good all day without any discomfort. 

A mother's trusted brand indeed ~ 💓💓👍

BABY CARRIE is a premium range of children's toiletries that helps you bond with your little ones by making their bath time a safe and fun time.

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