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How have you've all been doing? I've just read that the recent infected patients for Covid19 are arising at Sabah and Kedah. Kedah state is now in ERCO ( emergency restricted control orders) in malay we called it ' PKPD' ( Perintah Kawalan Peringkat Darurat) . Gosh people, please take care and do follow the S.O.P given by our government for your health and safety. Always wash your hand with soap, use sanitizers and always wear a face MASK whenever you are in PUBLIC places.  

Anyways, beside that Public Announcement, I would like to share with you all something I've stumbled across while I was window-shopping at one of Shah Alam's famous mall, Central I-City. Kid you not, I haven't been to I-City for years and I mean years because the time I went to I-City, the surrounding was isolated with trees. And now, the whole place is surrounded with Stone Jungles (buildings) hence, the mall.

Since I was at the area visiting some friends, we stop by ' Central I-City' Mall just to see what's the hype about. The entrance was quite fascinating for my kids though. There were like tiers of water fountain and on the ground one has a pool of gold fishes. My kids love it so much.

So as we were strolling around and looking at shops. I've noticed that one of my favorite kiosk was on the ground floor. 'Olive House' logo was at Aafiyat Store kiosk. I remembered that my mom loved to buy their pomegranate syrup and olive oil capsules here. And I love to buy their Mediterranean snacks here especially the nut bars. 

Whilst entering the kiosk after following the S.O.P intended, something caught my eye on the middle of the kiosk. There were these adorable design for diapers and also a bunch flare colored sanitary pads. I went straight to the shop assistant for some assistance as it somewhat intrigued me to check out the diapers and pads.

Flowra Sanitary Pads ​​and Bae Bae Diapers are the 1st in The WORLD who got JAKIM Halal Certification. Yes, there are other products that claim their products are Halal from other countries too but obviously getting a Halal recognition from JAKIM Halal Certification are far more better since JAKIM it is well-known by worldwide. 

Products are hygienic, fresh and most importantly safe to be use daily. 
There's 5 choices of Flowra sanitary pads πŸ‘‰

🠞Flowra Flexi Fit - Day ( 240mm)
🠞Flowra Flexi Fit  - Night ( 290mm )
🠞Flowra Soft Touch - Panty Liner  ( 163mm )
🠞Flowra Soft Touch - Day ( 240mm )
🠞Flowra Soft Touch - Night  (320mm ) 

Flowra Flexi Fit 

Flexi Fit are made with flexible suspension core design to provide a better, safer, and more comfortable side protection for consumers. Such design has been recognized by the National Intellectual Property Administration. Not only that, the suspension core is designed with flexible materials both sides that help the core to fit the body with any active movement.

The unique 3D and perforated process makes the surface drier, softer and thin thus makes you feel comfortable and dry all day long. 

  • Flexi Fit is simply pure - made without latex, fragrances, toxic dye or lotions. It's
  • Fragrance Free, Dye Free.

🠞Flowra Flexi Fit - Day ( 240mm)
🠞Flowra Flexi Fit  - Night ( 290mm )

The material is made with Air through NW, Composite NW, Fluff Pulp, SAP  (Sumitomo, Japan), Leg Cuff Non-woven, Tissue, PE Film, Release Paper, Elastic Ribbon, Hot Melted Glue (Henkel, German & Bostik, UK). and it has 10 layers of absorbent paper and others material to prevent any leakage occur. 

Flowra Soft Touch 

As for Soft Touch, it has silky pure cotton surface, that is soft and breathable, clean and graceful for it consumer to use. Created with selected high-quality pure cotton to make it skin-friendly. You can enjoy the gentle care endowed from the great nature by feeling the soft touch. It uses Natural fiber and best yet is its Biodegradable. 

🠞Flowra Soft Touch - Panty Liner  ( 163mm )
🠞Flowra Soft Touch - Day ( 240mm )
🠞Flowra Soft Touch - Night  (320mm ) 

Material is made with  Pure Cotton, Fluff Pulp, SAP  (Sumitomo, Japan), Leg Cuff Non-woven, Tissue, PE Film, Release Paper, Elastic Ribbon, Hot Melted Glue (Henkel, German & Bostik, UK) , made without latex, fragrances, toxic dye or lotions. It's Fragrance Free, Dye Free.

Bae Bae Diapers

Just look at the cute design on both diapers packs. Here's some information on the diapers I've looked up for you. 

Bae Bae Diaper uses NASA astronaut technology where the same technology is used by space astronauts. That's why it is free from any harmful chemicals and has super absorption that are helpful and convenient for astronauts. And because of that, it is suitable and safe for baby to use. 

Bae Bae diapers are so durable and bearable that it can last up to 8-10 hours, so that your baby can sleep well at night. 

Inara wants mama to buy this for her !

Your baby will feel more comfortable all day with Ultra Dry because of its fast absorption to keep diaper surface dry. Ultra-dry uses Super Absorbent Polymer that will quickly absorb and spread baby urine evenly. Say goodbye to traditional thick, heavy and bulging diaper. This diaper is tape use. 

Using super-flexible elastic spandex material, wider waist, greater flexibility and adjustable waist circumference. More comfortable fit to the babys body without leaving marks.

Ultra-soft surface layer selection of super soft hot air non-woven fabric to allow baby feel more comfortable all day.

Actively drain away the stuffy hot moisture inside the diaper, speed up the flow of air, breathable, impervious and prevent rashes at babys butt.

Convenient visual wetness indicator. Allow perfect timing for diaper change.

Dual core absorbs at the same time. Absorb more, faster and maintain the surface dryer simultaneously.

Gently fitting the babys legs and effectively prevent side leakage.

After a thorough explanation from the experienced shop assistant, ergo I had to try them out myself. I bought 2 sanitary pads and 1 diapers for me and my baby girl to sample. 

I bought both night use sanitary pads for Flexi Fit and Soft Touch as my monthly period are kinda of heavy flow. So I took them to try out. Unfortunately, I didn't get the chance to get the panty liner as it was out of stock at the shop. 

Bae Bae and Flowra ​​products are available at selected Aafiyat Stores throughout Malaysia, the first store is the store I found in Central I-City Mall. 

Let's support our premium quality local products. 

Well thats all for now ! Thanks a bunch for reading my blog !! I hope you enjoy as much as I do πŸ˜πŸ˜˜

THANKS   πŸ’•πŸ₯°
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  1. I haven’t been to I-City for years too now and wow, good to know about this shop! The sanitary pads and the diapers definitely sounds great, I’d love to try them too. Perhaps when I get the chance to go there I’ll check em out 😁

  2. okay sebenarnya khai duduk dekat shah alam and selalu juga pergi central icity. tak tau pula ada kedai ni! bagusnya ada jual macam-macam produk untuk wanita dan bayi. boleh recommend dkat family nanti

  3. Tuala wanita dan lampin yang ada certified halalkan. Bolehlah guna tanpa ragu-ragu. Harga pun amat berpatutan.

  4. Wahhhh macam-macam ada di sini. Nanti nak check it out la. Nak try tuala wanita tu. Macam best je.

  5. It is crucial for ladies to know what's good for their health when choosing the best and healthy sanitary pad for themselves. Good job there!

  6. Nama nya unik sbb tak segan nak sebut kt tempat awam. Hehe. Bau mesti wangi. Selesalah nak pakai

  7. Nak beli kena p kedai tu ke? Online ada?

  8. Rupanya pad dan lampin ada macam-macam jenis lagi, ingatkan semuanya sama jer until I baca artikel ini.. Thanks for sharing this good information. Early knowledge juga ni..

  9. Nak carilah tuala wanita tu, nampak menarik sangat, pakaging je dah tertarik...
    Cuma kat Johor tak tau laa ada ke tak ya...

  10. bagusnya lampin bayi pakai buang dia boleh tahan lama sampai 8 hingga 10 jam. Membantu sangat untuk para ibu bapa berjimat

  11. Lama juga tak singgah i city central.. Baru tau pasl pad ni. Baca entry sis menarik juga pad local prpduk.. Dia takde ig ke ape ke.. Boleh usha2

  12. Teringin gak nak try pampers tu. Kalau tak kita yang sokong local produk ..siapa lagi kan. Nanti nak ke S.Alam sambil kita makan angin walaupun dekat je..hehhehe


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