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Do you know that I used to look at other parents with their baby in a ring sling as a 'CHAMP ' ! Why ? Because I can never apprehend or master the art of tying a ring sling and I am worried and petrified if I did it wrongly and I would hurt my baby while carrying her. And the worst came to thought , what if the knots I did, unfolded and my baby would fall and hurt her head as I failed to support her ?! NOoooo ~! I am always afraid to try new things out of the norm for me. Yes ! I am 'that' kinda mom. Always thinks the worst especially when it comes to my child. 

But 'fraid not people, I have found the perfect baby ring sling that is so easy, durable, adjustable and safe to use for both parents and child. Mamaway Baby Sling. I've seen my friend recommend this ring sling and I wanted to try myself. Hence I chose the Rainbow Sweetheart Baby Ring Sling. As colorful as it can be, the color and pattern are fairly neutral for both Mum and Dad to use without feeling self-conscious.

Appropriately made for infants to toddlers with the maximum of weight of 50kg. Made by high-quality premium cotton and safe & durable Nylon Rings (N66).

It is made custom for one size fits all parents with any body shape and suitable to carry kids of all sizes as it's designed to fit both newborn and toddler. That is why I adore it so much as you know, me and my hubby are a bit bulky on the size. LoL πŸ˜†

Baby's weight is evenly distributed along my back and shoulders to comfortably carry my baby. It takes loads of stress from my back and shoulder.

The Sling is 100% cotton with nylon rings, a folded style shoulder and slightly padded top and bottom edges (rails). It can be worn on either shoulder, so fairly versatile and comfortable for parents. 

The extra material makes for an ideal ‘cover’ for discrete and easy breastfeeding with my baby. This is really convenient for me as I do not need to bring extra cloth as nursing cover.

Best part is that the sling tucks into its own pocket, meaning it’s compact and easy to store and travel. It will easily fit in your change bag or basket of your stroller without being bulky or heavy, so always on hand when you need it. 

The sling is really easy enough to set up and use whenever needed. My baby girl is in the phase of 'clinginess' . She's now 17 months and its really hard for me to carry her around to do anything. So this really helps me to be close to her and for me to do my house chores or go out with her with ease ,comfortable and effortless carrying. And she loves to be wrapped around her mom, OBVIOUSLY !! 😁


Here's some info I've gathered for you

Easy to Use

Quick setup and can be adjusted in seconds.

Safety Materials:

Made by high-quality premium cotton and safe & durable Nylon Rings (N66). Nylon N66 rings have been weight tested at 50kg with no issues.(SGS Test Report no.: SGS-TW1186350)

One Size Fits the Whole Family

Suitable for parents with any body shape to carry kids from newborn to toddler.

Safety Design Feature

Baby's weight is evenly distributed along your back and shoulders to comfortably carry your baby or toddler, for hours on end, making you easy on your back!

Practical Design

Extra long sling fabric can be used as nursing cover; Patented pocket design so you can take it anywhere.

Material Fabric

100% Combed Cotton Fabric

πŸ‘‰Length: 203cm, Width: 75cm

πŸ‘‰Approx. 30 x 15 X 5 CM (± 2CM)

πŸ‘‰Weight: 380g ± 50g 

Ring: 100% Nylon 6.6

Designed in Australia, made in Taiwan

Other than that, I had my cousin try out the ring sling too ~! She just had her baby boy too who is 5 month old now and was searching for an affordable and relatively versatile way to choose babywear. And she approved of the MAMAWAY ring sling too ~ She loves how breathable and comfortable the ring sling is when she tries to carry her baby around. And of course, the varieties of design available too ~! πŸ‘πŸ’“

The great thing is that if you have no clue on how to use the ring sling, there's instruction on the back on the box or if you want more thorough instruction and guides. You can always check out at MAMAWAY official website or their social media platform.  

Check them out HERE !

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Website ⮞⮞⮞ MAMAWAY official

Facebook ⮞⮞⮞ Mamaway Malaysia

Instagram  ⮞⮞⮞ mamawaymy

Youtube   ⮞⮞⮞ Mamaway Malaysia

Overall I highly recommend parents who want a parenting tool for hands-free snuggles, settling babies in and breastfeeding. Get a MAMAWAY ring sling NOW ~!  For yourself or buy it as a gift to someone who just had their baby. 

 You can purchase directly here too : or use my code MAMABLOG-ZAZA to enjoy RM25 off for purchase over RM180. 

Well that's all for now ! Thanks a bunch for reading my blog !! I hope you enjoy as much as I do πŸ˜πŸ˜˜

THANKS   πŸ’•πŸ₯°
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  1. As a babywearing mom, I would definitely say YES to ring sling! hehe. Kat bahu tu kalau pakai boleh spread sikit kain dia so tak sakit sangat bahu nanti tau.

  2. Gigihnya mak nak kendong anak yang dah pandai berjalan. Patah pinggang uiiitttt. Hahahaha. Nak buat camana kan. Kena la standby mamaway supaya bleh kendong terus bila dia meragam. Hehehe.

  3. dulu masa kerja kedai baby, ramai cust lagi suka pilih kain macam ni untuk carry baby ke mana-mana sebab senang nak simpan

  4. macam best je tengok baby duduk dalam ring sling tu..hehe

  5. senang pakai ni kan, sbb tak perlu nak bukak tutup stroller

  6. Mmg senang mcm ni. Dulu pun i pakai sling ni especially kalau travel. Tapi pi indon pakai mcm nj dah mcm org indon sana hahah sbb dulu design batik bukan mcm design skrg

  7. Wah ada produk baharu ia nampak macam menarik dan ia memberi keselesaan kepada ibu bapa jika dukung anak berjam-jam pun boleh. hehe

  8. bagusnya mamaway sling ring ni. Boleh jadi ring sling and breastfeeding cover jugak. Jimat beli. Nak bawa travel pun senang.

  9. tengok gambar pun nampak selesa je. both mommy and baby comfortable sangat. elemen penting yang kena ada untuk sling ni kan

  10. I know what to give as a present to my friends with baby and kids now.. The design of the sling looks so good and the colors can be easily match with the shirts!

  11. Memang nampak selsa sangat mendukung anak guna Mamaway ni laaa..dulu time Sis ko napelah takde gini ek..duk laa dukung sampai lenguh tangan weyyy.. now belikan hadiah untuk kengkawan aje laa...

  12. Nampak selesa dia duduk kat sling ring. Tak pernah guna sling rring masa anak kecik dulu. Sekarang anak2 dah besar

  13. The Mamaway Baby Sling is so easy to use. Good one for all parents yay

  14. sling bag ni nampak anak tu selesa jer bila kita kendong...warna dia kalerful juga ..suka tengok heheh

  15. Comey baby sling ni dan nampak mudah diguna dan di bawa ke mana-mana saja. Warna dia pun menarik dan ceria

  16. Cantiknya ring sling tu. Macam senang je nk bawak ank dlm tu. Boleh la iza cuba jgk nnti untuk newborn iza.

  17. Well I guess this baby sling is not only very functional but also very comfortable and more importantly (perhaps) it is quite fashionable too. :)

  18. ring sling ni laa benda yang paling sisyat suka masa anak2 kecik.. rasa senang sangat buat kerja..:-)


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