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How are you all been doing? I hope everyone is taking good care of yourself by following the SOP the government has instructed. Since we all can go out without restriction now, but I do hope everyone is taking extra care while outside.

We are still fighting the pandemic. It's still there, not gone and for sure not to be forgotten. So please do take care of yourself okay !!🙆🙏


Indefinitely, A'isy had to attend school since the government had given leniency to us all to continue with our normal life. He had now attended school for a month, trying to adjust to the new norm and cope with his lesson at school. 

Apparently, he is doing very well. Teacher said that he had been quite tentative and obeyed the teacher's instructions. Though sometimes he still has his cheeky playful manner in class but he is more focused and pays attention when teachers are teaching in front of class than he used to before. 


What I've noticed before that being a 3-4 year old A'isy, he usually will be quite self-centered especially when it comes to his belongings. Seeing that, he had changed a bit when his sister arrived. He somehow knows that he has to start sharing his belongings, particularly his toys. 


And when he had started school, he now figured out that it is not always about him. At this age, I think children are starting to understand other people's feelings. He should be better able to work through conflicts and control their emotions as the days go by.

His emotional and social development milestone has risen quite great these past month since started school.

This is what I can break down his current change and behaviour since attending school early this year. 

  • A'isy enjoys playing with other children and pleasing his friends.

  • Shares and takes turns, at least most of the time, and understands rules of games

  • Understands and obeys rules; however, A'isy will still be demanding and uncooperative at times, whenever he is not in the mood.

  • A'isy Is becoming more independent and observant.

  • He is now more expressively shows anger verbally, rather than physically (most of the time),



I'm very proud of his consistent good behaviour and yes, the bad ones too. It's normal for kids his age. Although sometimes I tend to give up but his demeanour as a loving caring son somehow brought me back to reality. He is my rock solid support system.

He may not know it now but I hope one day these entries I made for him and soon for his sister will mean something to them, to cherish it when I am not around anymore. In God's Will.


So yeah... Let’s see more development for next month okay? Saying that, please take care of yourself and your loved ones.

Take extra precaution especially when you have babies/toddlers and senior citizens in your household as they are more prone to Covid19 viruses.  Keep maintaining social distance , wear your face mask properly and always wash your hand.

Until next time ~!!

Well that's all for now ! Thanks a bunch for reading my blog  on my son's progression !! I hope you enjoy as much as I do 😍😘

You can read the previous post on A'isy progression here too ~~ ⇩⇩⇩⇩


Love and rise up , 
Stay safe & Stay Healthy 

 Be nice, Be respectful and Be responsible. 


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