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As you all know, I have been loving to buy and eat VITS noodles since I know that they are actively been supporting and helping our frontliners and people who are in need of help since the 1st MCO. You can read more on my previous post ! 
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Recently, VITS is a manufacturer of instant noodle based products which has been established in Malaysia since 1975 has launched a Lucky Draw program collaborate with one of the largest supermarkets in Malaysia AEON which has received support which is very encouraging.

VITS AEON LUCKY DRAW program that has taken place previously from 13 August to 16 September 2020 has been successfully won by a total of 54 Winner. But don’t be disappointed if you missed that great offer because VITS once again launched this lucky draw program the second season.



VIT’S EXCLUSIVE LUCKY DRAW will be broadcast live at the same time i.e. on the clock

12 noon every Thursday on VITS Facebook Page. Various attractive gifts for you to

wins every week.

All you have to do is just buy any VITS products from AEON Supermarket

all over Malaysia and scan the code that is  found on the package. The lucky numbers will be drawn directly on VITS Facebook  LIVE every Thursday at 12 noon.

Here’s what you have to do in detail : 

1) Get 2 packs of VITS Italian Fried Fried Bolognese and Aglio Olio products at the nearest supermarket near you or by shopping online

2) Scan QR code to participate in this lucky draw.

3) Fill in the information in the form

4) State your 5 lucky numbers

5) Enter the receipt for the purchase of 2 VITS ITALIAN MI GORENG’ products

6) Make sure to participate every Thursday on VITS Facebook LIVE lucky draw voting. 


Prizes for VIT’S EXCLUSIVE LUCKY DRAW are as follows:

Grand Prize: Vespa Sprint 150

1 st Prize: Iphone 11 Pro Max / Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

2 nd Prize: Nintendo Switch / Realme 6 Pro

3 rd Prize: Buffalo Pro Chef Plus Air Fryer / Toros 6L Pressure Cooker

Consolation Prize: MiGor Facemask + VITS “Italian Mi Goreng” Series

This lucky draw contest will be held until November 26 where everyone can

stand a chance to win an attractive prize of a lucky draw worth up to RM 20,000.00.

So go on and head to your nearest store or purchase online to participate in VITS EXCLUSIVE LUCKY DRAW NOW!!! Don't forget the steps I have shared with you okay !! GOOD LUCK !!




Baru-baru ini, VITS sebuah pengeluar produk berasaskan mi segera yang telah bertapak di Malaysia sejak

1975 lagi telah melancarkan sebuah program Cabutan Bertuah berkolaborasi bersama sebuah

pasaraya terbesar di Malaysia AEON yang telah mendapat sokongan yang sangat menggalak kan.

Program VITS AEON CABUTAN BERTUAH yang telah berlangsung sebelum ini dari tarikh 13 Ogos hingga 16 September 2020 telah berjaya di menangi oleh seramai 54 pemenang!!

Tetapi jangan berasa kecewa jika anda terlepas tawaran hebat itu kerana Vit’s sekali lagi telah

melancarkan program cabutan bertuah ini musim kedua.

VIT’S CABUTAN BERTUAH EKSKLUSIF bakal bersiaran langsung pada waktu yang sama iaitu

pada jam 12 tengahari setiap hari Khamis di Facebook Page VITS. Pelbagai hadiah menarik untuk anda menangi setiap minggu.

Apa yang anda perlu lakukan adalah dengan hanya membeli produk VITS dari Pasaraya AEON seluruh Malaysia dan imbas kod yang terdapat di paket. Nombor yang

bertuah akan dicabut secara langsung di Facebook VITS pada setiap hari Khamis jam 12 tengahari.


Baca disini untuk keterangan lebih lanjut :

1)Dapatkan produk 2 pek VITS Italian Mi Goreng Bolognese dan Aglio Olio di pasaraya terdekat anda atau beli secara online

2) Scan QR code untuk sertai cabutan bertuah ini.

3) Isi informasi di dalam borang tersebut

4) Nyatakan 5 angka bertuah anda

5) Masukkan resit pembelian 2 produk VITS “ITALIAN MI GORENG”

6) Nantikan setiap Khamis di facebook LIVE untuk undian secara langsung.

Hadiah untuk VIT’S CABUTAN BERTUAH EKSKLUSIF adalah seperti berikut:

Grand Prize: Vespa Sprint 150

1 st Prize: Iphone 11 Pro Max / Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

2 nd Prize: Nintendo Switch / Realme 6 Pro

3 rd Prize: Buffalo Pro Chef Plus Air Fryer / Toros 6L Pressure Cooker

Consolation Prize: MiGor Facemask + VITS Italian Mi Goreng Series

Peraduan cabutan bertuah ini akan dilangsungkan sehingga 26 November ini di

mana semua orang berpeluang untuk memenangi hadiah yang menarik cabutan bertuah

bernilai sehingga RM 20,000.00.

Jadi, jangan berlengah lagi !! Cepat-cepat dapatkan VITS “Italian Mi Goreng series” SEKARANG untuk memenangi hadiah menarik !!


Well thats all for now ! Thanks a bunch for reading my blog !! I hope you enjoy as much as I do 😍😘

Have a wonderful day and always be happy!! 


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Photo credit : VITS and google

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