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Have you ever heard or read about the popular style of eating from Louisiana, a state in America. They spread selections of cooked seafoods such as Crabs, Clams, Prawns and many more all over the table with their famous Cajun spices.

Enjoying the wonderful feast with family members and friends, using only hands to tuck away and having a good time at making a huge mess together outdoors?

Sounds exhilarating and an enjoyable way to eat right? Well, don't be despair! I've discovered a remarkable seafood joint near Sunway Giza, Damansara

A place where you can savour and indulge the same joy and experience as in Louisiana, right here in Malaysia, brought to you by JUST SEAFOOD!

Much similar to Malaysian's 'Shell Out', JUST SEAFOOD explored and incorporated the same concept using Cajun Spices together with their own concoction of garlic and other secret spices to elevate the flavor and taste that would be widely accepted by the different diversity in Malaysia.

To kick off your seafood feast, go ahead by choosing your required indulgence. 

For 2 pax – RM105, 4 pax – RM208 or 6 pax – RM311
Depending on your appetite and head counts.

They have 4 types of sauces that you can choose from. The Original Cajun Sauce, Butter Cream Milk, Signature Curry and their current hit, Golden Salted Egg.

You can choose the spice level (Normal, Medium, Hot or Super Hot!)according to your preference and taste!πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹

For this time around, we chose the Signature Curry and Golden Salted Egg sauce as these are most hits among patrons.

Thick, savoury and right amount of spiciness of the Signature Curry is absolutely sublime ! Served with a handful of Okras, Potatoes, Carrots and Corn to satisfy your vegetables' necessity.

The Creamy, buttery, aromatic Golden Salted (Duck) Egg sauce guaranteed to get you dipping and slurping up the juicy bit with Man Tao or rice. Unquestionably you'll be licking every crook and cranny of your finger with this savoury, tasty morsel.

Basically, You will each be getting a generous portion of crab, prawns, mussels, clams and vegetables such as potatoes, carrots and corn. Everything will be poured onto the middle of your table, of course covered with a plastic cover.

The crabs were easy to peel and the flesh comes right off. The juicy and succulent prawns. All the mussels and clams was incredibly fresh and sweet tasting.

If you're a big eater or someone who just loves their carbs, you definitely need to add on plain rice or fried Man Tao(sweet buns). I would highly recommend the Man Tao !~

If you come with your entourage of more than 4 people, why not add on and try other dishes such as their Signature ' Nelayan Platter'. 

The Platter was inspired by the Balinese fisherman’s seafood cooking technique. The signature Nelayan Platter comes with prawns, crab, squids, baby octopus, clams, mussels and cockles.

The platter is perfect to share with your loved ones and you surely will love the fresh flavours of the steam seafoods meat. 

Topped with the sweet, tangy and peppery sauce that makes the platter simply irresistible! You can't stop chomping and dipping at the same time.

I've ordered their signature drink, the Butterfly Pea Tea to quench my thirst. A delightful sweet drink which I think balanced out the spiciness of the meal I had a bit. Therefore, I can continue to devour the rest of the grubs.

They served fritters platters too ! Must try the Seafood Basket with Mixed Seafood. Coated with the perfect amount of batter and deep fried to perfection dipped with awesome Tartar sauce. The fried oyster is to-die for! Absolutely scrumptious !

Their Steamed Cockles are HUGE !! Paired with their the signature green sambal sauce is absolutely a  great combination to top off .

I had the chance to try out their LIVE US Oyster that has been imported from the USA. These oysters are the freshest, generous sized oysters you can have in KL ! 

The meat is tender and lucious. Squeeze some lemon and a dash of tabasco sauce if you must but I love to eat it out plain. Just to taste the sea. 😜

We did an Oyster challenge just to see who can swallow an oyster whole in seconds. I won 2nd place next to the winner, Sally Saiman. It was real fun and honour to taste such exquisite delicacy together with fellow bloggers.  

You can read on Sally Saiman's review for Just Seafood here :

Oh don't forget to check out their Signature Just Seafood Porridge/Noodles!!
Overloaded with Different kinds of Seafood, the SPECIAL ingredients in the soup will surely satisfy you and your family's taste buds! You can add on more shellfish of your choice to fulfill your seafood cravings.   

To appease your spicy appetite, I strongly suggest you to dip it with the spicy homemade sambal belacan & lime chili dip for Seafood. Extremely decadent !!

The restaurant follows the government’s SOP by spreading out the tables and sittings arrangement. The restaurant ambience is very laid back and spacious which enables you to sit back and have a relaxing enjoyable time with your friends and family. 

Don't worry about the mess you'll make ! They do give out plastic hand gloves and bips to protect your beautiful attire while indulging your nourishments !

If you're a big fan of seafood or any form of shellfish lover for any reason. What are you waiting for?! Head on down to Just Seafood, located at Sunway Giza, Kota Damansara, Petaling Jaya or just order by phone or thru online !

"Delicious Food That Swims"

No.2 Jalan PJU5/14 PJU5,
Dataran Sunway, 47810
Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Operation hour:
Monday ~ Sunday: 12.00pm-10.00pm
Instagram :  justseafood_kd
Facebook : JustSeafoodMY

You can check my review video on Youtube 

Well that's all for now ! Thanks for reading my blog !! I hope you've enjoyed it !

Have a wonderful day and always be happy!! 


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PHOTO CREDIT : ZazaAzman, Just Seafood & Marcus Osmand Official


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