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What Can You Do If You Want To Improve Your Health?
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I think ever since we are hit by the Covid-19 pandemic, many of us has opted to live a more healthier lifestyle than before. If this might be the case and you finally decided that you want to improve your health. This is a great choice, especially if there is a reason that is the driving force behind this. Improving yourself is always a good idea, so it’s not something that you’re going to regret. However, improving your health isn’t the easiest of things to do if you don’t know how to go about this.

Taking care of your body, however, really boils down to making simple choices every day that lead up to big benefits over time. You needn’t go on a crazy diet, take a lot of pills, or exercise for hours to become healthy, achieve the right weight for you, or improve your longevity. So what can you do?

Fret' not ! This is why I've written this article, so if you would like to know more about this topic, keep reading down below.
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Eat Healthy

What you eat is closely linked to your health. Balanced nutrition has many benefits. By making healthier food choices, you can prevent or treat some conditions. These include heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. A healthy diet can help you lose weight and lower your cholesterol, as well. Control the size of your portion. Your rule should be the following. There should be one serving of protein, grains and vegetables on a plate (the size of a fist). If it seems to you that it is very small, use smaller plates.
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Drink More Water

Of course, the daily consumption of large amounts of fluid does not make you completely healthy, however, some benefits to the body still exist. Ensuring adequate hydration of your body contributes to the normal functioning of the joints and the flow of nutrients to all organs, and also helps your kidneys and liver remove waste and harmful substances from the body;
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Exercise When You Can

One of the things that you should always be doing is exercising when you can. Of course, we know that many people have super busy schedules, so finding time to exercise can feel like an impossible task. There is always time, though, as long as you are willing to fit it in wherever you can. It might be the case that you just complete home workouts if you can’t make it to the gym or cut your sessions slightly shorter where necessary. Even if you only have time to go for a thirty minute walk every other day or so, this is good enough to start with. You might have to find a way to increase this if possible, but it’s enough to keep you healthy.

Sleep As Much As You Need

 You’re also going to have to make sure that you’re sleeping as much as you can. It is recommended that the average adult needs around seven hours of sleep every night, so if you’re not getting this right now, it’s certainly an area to consider. Sleep is essential for the body, as it allows a rest period where it doesn’t have to worry so much about the outside world. If you’re not getting enough sleep, the essential processes that your body has to complete while you’re sleeping will not get done, and you’re the one who is going to feel the full weight of this. Not only will you be tired, but you’ll also be exhausted, grumpy, and so much more.
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Speak To Your Doctor About Problems

Finally, if you experience any kind of problems, you should speak to your doctor if you are concerned. Don’t make the mistake of not talking with them if you’ve got things like headaches constantly because you very well may need glasses or some other form of treatment. Any concern is a legitimate concern, so don’t be afraid to approach your doctor and ask for advice if you are worried. It is always better to be safe than sorry because you never know when something that seems harmless can turn into something nasty.

Of course, you should also make sure that you are attending a regular check-up every six months or so. This is just in case there is anything that doesn’t present symptoms so that it can be caught early.

I hope that you have found this article helpful and now have a better idea as to some of the things that you can do if you want to improve your health. 

Good luck, and hopefully, following this advice will lead you to the results that you are hoping for. Take care and stay safe. God Bless 😀

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  1. Ya hanya kita yang tahu jaga diri masing2 jika nak stay healthy kena la amalkan spt yg diperkatakan okeh Zaza ni...perkongsian bagus.

  2. Kesemua yang di atas sedang Sis cuba lakukan, tapi yang nak tidur awal tu, adeii payahnyaa lahai, Suami duk ajak nengok Netflix ajee...

  3. Setuju! Cuma kita bab tido yang sikit susah nak kawal sebab kita jenis susah nak lelap mata. Beruntungnya orang yang dapat nikmati tido yang sempurna

  4. I have to admit that I've been neglecting my health since mco started, especially when it comes to exercise and drinking enough water. Thank you for the reminder.

  5. sgt betul tu semua, Za. terutama time tidur. mesti nak jaga.
    now, since awal october, aida nak start amalkan semua yg Za list kan tu.
    meskipun WFH now, still aida maintain num air tak kurang 1.5 liter.
    bersenam 20-30 minit sehari. curik la memana masa yg sempat.
    and eat clean. ni paling penting. buang air manis for sure la.
    moga kita sihat-sihat je kan di musim penyakit sedang berleluasa ni.

  6. Betul lah.. bila start covid19 hari tu mmg lifestyle berubah. Makan dah tak tentu arah, exer ise lg la payah sbb SOP bagai.. aduhhh kena start balik healthy life la mcm ni

  7. Apa yang ditulis semua betul. Terutamanya tentang pemakanan. Kesihatan bermula dari apa yang kita makan. Tidur yang cukup pon penting

  8. Thanks for the tips on how one can improve our general health. Sleeping is indeed important for us right?

  9. This is so true! Health is wealth! We gotta take care of our health before anything else.
    We have only one life to live.

  10. bila dah meningkat usia ni memang kena jaga betul kesihatan badan sebab boleh bagi kesan kepada banyak benda - fokus, penglihatan, daya berfikir kita dll

  11. terima kasih untuk tips2 ni. yang paling saya jarang buat sekarang ni adalah exercise hehe. sebab tu berat makin menambah pastu ayik penat je. :)

  12. Setuju semuanya haha
    makan makanana sihat, minum air yang banyak ni penting haha..iena sampai penat kencing kencing,senaman penting tp kan kelemahan iena ni..malas senaman haha..
    tidur yang cukup ni pun masalah bg programmer..bile iena tak keje programmer baru blh cukup tidur rasanya :D
    Tang bercakap ngan doktor..rindu pulak dr shashi ..haha lama tak pergi hospital pantai.sebab kes covid ni doc tak bg dtg if tak penting..

  13. Ya tepat sekali semua tips ni.. semua sangat bagus untuk kuatkan sistem imun. Tambahan ialah amalkan Vitamin C setiap hari..

  14. setuju bab sleep as much as you need tu. Hahahaha. mohon bertambahlah sihat dengan amalkan tidur tu.

  15. Thanks for the tips ya.. Indeed very true and easy to achieve living a healthy life! The problem is doing or not only.. I need to keep my schedule posted to remind me to do more exercise.. Since PKP, i barely sweat and exercise.. aduii.. and it is very important to do regular check up too, a proper medical check up. I have included this in my annual routine now.. prevention and early detection is the best for us.

  16. Setuju sgt. Lagi2 bab minum air dan rehat secukupnya. Musim pandemic ni lah kita kena double care bab kesihatan.

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