How to Juggle Childcare and Domestic Duties 
as a Stay-at-Home Mom

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How have you all been this year? It's February month of 2021. Time flies real fast, don't you think?😥 Since Covid19 hits last year, its seem incapable for everyone to live a normal life as we used too, right?

And the Pandemic is still ongoing and increasing. Please do take care of yourself and your family too, Okay ?! I know it's hard but we can do this together to fight and stop more spreading by staying at home.

Being a stay-at-home mom is a full on, 24 hours a day job, when you have two wonderful young children to look after, a husband and a home to take care of.

Yes it can be extremely tiring but it is certainly very rewarding to know you are there for every moment of your children's development and are able to warmly welcome your husband from a long tiring day at work, to a comforting family meal each night where you catch up on each other's day.  


The Benefits of Being a Stay-at-Home Mom

Watching Your Children Develop -  A significant benefit is being able to spend as much time as possible with your children, from the moment they are newborns, watching them develop and reach various milestones throughout their childhood. You cherish those precious moments as you feel lucky to be able to witness them first hand, which is something you might not be able to witness if you were at work. 

Doing Activities Together- You will have the opportunity to do various daily activities which could include reading and writing with your children, physical games such as running around the house chasing them or playing hide and seek. You have more time to spend with your children and pet, if you have one. If you do not there are always options available such as this quality page in order to find out more. You can do creative activities such as a handmade calligraphy wall art, which is a great way to spend time together, but is also fun and beneficial for their artistic development. 

Reorganize the Decor - When you are not homeschooling, you could freshen up the decor such as replacing old candle holders, hanging up some new wall art, purchasing some twinkly Masjid lights or rearranging the furniture. 


Lots of Shared Meal Times - You can teach your little ones the important skill of cooking and baking from a young age. It is an enjoyable activity to do with the children and you can give them specific tasks to do, such as make it competitively friendly between the siblings. 

They will appreciate the good skills of cooking from a young age and the importance of eating healthy, home cooked meals. It will also enable you to sit around the dinner table together and habitually get into the routine of talking about each other’s day which can boost emotive and social skills from a young age. 


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Make Time for Yourself

Go for walks- Even if it is for a brisk ten minute walk around the block, or to your nearby park, it is important for your mental wellbeing to get some fresh air and exercise. Especially if you have been staying at home a lot during the pandemic.

If your children are young it will certainly be beneficial if you go out with them so that they spend time outdoors, which breaks up the monotonous routine of the day and enables them to get some exercise running around. If they are a little older however and you can leave them at home, this will be the ideal opportunity for you to have a break from being indoors, clear your head and have some quiet time.  


Write a List of Things to do Daily - It could be helpful to write out a to do list of all the domestic duties, childcare and homeschool learning tasks to achieve daily. This will ensure you do not forget to do anything important and you will feel a sense of achievement once you tick off another completed task on the list. Try not to over do it though, as you can only stretch yourself out so much.


Nap Time for the Children - When they are young, it is good to allow the children to have a nap in the afternoon after lunch. This will keep their energy levels up, essential for concentrating on school work.

It is beneficial for their health as it prevents them developing health problems such as diabetes or becoming overweight, as they are less likely to want to binge eat throughout the day, when they have good sleep. Whilst they are napping, it will also enable you to get on with other domestic duties in the home or just have a quiet moment to yourself and relax. 


Keep in Contact with Other Mums - Whether it is a good friend, another mum, or through a local community group on social media, it is essential to have social contact with other adults outside your home. It is therapeutic to talk through things and share concerns as this can help prevent a lot of stress building up when you find that things get too much. 


Ways to Relax - This may sound more difficult at times, but it is important to try and get a quiet moment to yourself at some point during the week. Whether it is sitting down to read a book, watching a film you enjoy, cooking a new Halal meal, having a bubble bath, meditating, praying or using some lovely spa products to treat yourself.

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It is very important to look after your mental well being, especially if your partner and children depend on you. You do not want to end up being unwell because you did not look after yourself. If your partner is able to look after the children for a short time, take advantage of this opportunity! 

Ultimately the rewards of being a stay-at-home mom, watching your children grow from babies, to little darlings, and then in future, to independent caring adults, is probably the most rewarding achievement you could achieve in life.

It is vital that you also remember that you matter as well, so do make time for yourself, especially for your own sanity when things can be a bit overwhelming at times. You are only human after all, despite being super mommy! 


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