sosial media platform to boost homemade business

 5 Effective Digital Marketing Tactics for a Handicrafts Business

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Do your friends keep saying how great your homemade jewellery is? It is time you thought of making good money from your hobby. Many handicraft makers miss out on good opportunities because they lack effective digital marketing strategies.

It is no longer enough to post your pieces on Instagram and expect your DMs to start pinging with order inquiries. You must actively expand your audience using a mix of effective digital marketing tactics.

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What are some of these workable tactics you can use to make your handicrafts business more profitable?

social media platform to boost homemade business

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Start With Beautiful Photography 

Today’s social media spaces are heavy with visual content. Your handicrafts must stand out with high-quality photos and videos. The key to setting yourself apart is showing your quality craftsmanship. High-resolution photos allow your audience to pick out details.  

It is also a good idea to generate content that tells a story. People looking for handicrafts also look for items that are sustainable for the environment. For example, someone looking at granite cemetery vases will want to know if the quarrying process leaves gaping holes or stone miner refills and rehabilitates exhausted quarries. Showing a sustainable process sets you apart.

social media platform to boost homemade business

Use  Facebook  Collection Ads 

Just like the name says, Facebook’s collection ads are good for showcasing a collection of items. They are good for grabbing attention in a fast-swiping environment like Instagram. You have one primary video or photo and three smaller ones.  

Facebook makes it easy to create a collection with templates for different purposes. You can make ads that are easier to convert your audience. There is a template for showing your catalogue and a template to help you tell your brand’s story. You can create  Facebook and Instagram ads on the same platform.

social media platform to boost homemade business

Sell on Google Shopping 

Google shopping is an underutilized gem because of its great search intent. Unlike social media platforms where people ‘accidentally’ come across items,  someone searching for a ‘Quilted bedspread’ is likely to take a high interest if one shows up in the results. 

Google shopping offers very competitive costs, which translates to higher ROIs in your marketing campaigns. The advantage of using Google shopping is the boost your webpage gets in- visibility and rank. 

social media platform to boost homemade business

Become Active on Pinterest 

Pinterest is the most active platform for people in the art and hobbies space. It is also a powerful search engine. Therefore, any serious handicrafts seller should invest space in establishing a vibrant presence on this platform. 

Pinterest users are in a demographic of active online shoppers for handicrafts and fashion items.  34% of Pinterest users are 30-49 years old, and 38% are 50-64 years old. You cannot reach this demographic group very well on other social media platforms. 

social media platform to boost homemade business

Use Micro-Influencers 

Influence marketing is very effective in marketing fashion items. But influence marketing is gradually leaning toward the use of micro-influencers, people who have  500- 3,000  connections. These influencers are more effective because most of the people in their circles are personally known to them. Their endorsement does not come out like outright marketing. Instead, they can nudge their audiences more subtly. 

There is a large market for high-quality handicrafts. But craftspeople have to embrace effective digital marketing tactics. Getting your digital strategy right is the hard part. After that, your handicrafts business takes off in leaps and bounds. 

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