Mohd Akhtaar - Founder of Mindful Muslim App - Review


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While writing and sharing this entry for you today, I must admit that this is the most difficult entry I have had to experience throughout my blogging days. But why, you ask? Because I have to genuinely open up and show my true self to all of you something that I've kept by myself and to my loved ones. 

My own mental health issues. I rarely speak or discuss or openly admitting to the public that I have this glitch of imperfection in my life. Writing this is hard, truly unimaginative for me to be reckless, showing my flaws to others. 

When it comes to this unforgiving world, full of judgemental eyes and disapproving society even in the modern age. I, who though people see as brave, strong or tough as nails woman, deep inside feels so petitely, petrified and reluctant to share my frequent frantic, out of control absence of mind to even the closes people in my life, let alone sharing it with the rest of the world. 

I feel naked. I feel ashamed. I feel as if I have wronged everyone in my life. And I am crying, bursting into tears forcing myself to continue with this writing even though struggling to think of words to make sentences for. 
Mohd Akhtaar - Founder of Mindful Muslim App - Review
But I have to do this. Not because it's supposedly a job for me and I am obliged to do so. I can just skip my feelings and just write whatever simple disconnecting characteristic review. But NO! I had made up my mind and I chose to pour my heart out. I believe that it is TIME for me to share my true self. 

People may distance themselves from me when they discovered this and I will not force anyone to stay if they feel the need to leave. I have made a point in my life that I will no longer hide nor stay afraid in the shadows just because people do not want to educate themselves or associate with a person who has mental health issues. 


Having mental health doesn't mean a person is straight-jacket crazy. 

Mental illnesses are health conditions that may impact a person's thoughts, perceptions, feelings and behaviours. or a combination of these. Mental illnesses are associated with distress and/or problems functioning in social, work or family activities. 

Mental illness is common. 

Mental illnesses are most generally associated with stress. The relationship between stress and mental illness is complex, but it is known that stress can worsen an episode of mental illness. Most people can manage their mental illness with medication, counselling or both.
Mohd Akhtaar - Founder of Mindful Muslim App - Review


There are lists of common mental health issues and mental illnesses such as Anxiety Disorder, Depression, Paranoia, Schizophrenia, Eating Disorder, Obsessive-compulsive disorder, Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), Dissociation and dissociative disorders, Bipolar affective disorder and more. 

Do you know that children can suffer from mental illness too? Its called  Behavioural and Emotional disorders in children. Common behaviour disorders in children include oppositional defiant disorder (ODD), conduct disorder (CD) and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)


I am suffering 3 out of the above lists. Depression, Anxiety and Post-traumatic Stress Disorder.  I've suffered this since I was a teenager. Life wasn't colourful rainbows but I've made do to survive my youth. I've managed to cope and hide my mental health, just because I didn't want to be treated differently by family and society at that time. The stigma of mental health. 

Throughout my young adult life, I've suffered a lot from sexual harassment, physical and mental abuse but after the passing of my loved ones. 4 people in consecutive years. That really hit me hard but yet, I've swallowed my pride and tried to move on. But not until a year that struck the core in me when I've experienced a bad relationship with my previous partner. I've had bad, dark thoughts to harm myself. 

I have checked myself to the nearest hospital for a mental diagnosis from professional help and that, resulting in me having PTSD that lead to mild depression and anxiety at that time. I've had to take medicine and had to forgo counselling for quite some time.  I've had to endure all this by myself with no help and no resources other than my counselling session.  All these happened without anyone knowing. You see how good I am at keeping secrets? 😏
Mohd Akhtaar - Founder of Mindful Muslim App - Review
Story cut short. I was off med after 2 years as I was showing good signs and improvement. I've stopped counselling too. I got busy with my career and got married. Had my 1st born and life was wonderful even though there's still ups and downs. 

But to my dismay, after giving birth to my 2nd born. I've suffered Post-Partum Depression that led up to my Anxiety coming back again.  It wasn't easy but I have persevered it against all odds. And now, finally, my family knew I've suffered mental illness since I was young. though some are still ignorant, at least they now know the reason why I've been so distant and rebel in my younger years. I wasn't in a good place. 

I've consulted a physiatrist and I was told that my illness is still manageable and was not needed to be prescribed any medication. I'll have my episodes, at odds time but I can still successfully emerge from it within a day or two. 

I'll try to listen to music, read some motivational books, busy myself with anything like house chores or playing with the kids or just sleep it off. But it's really hard to fall asleep or take a rest when your mind is taking over your emotion. You try to shut your eyes but your brain is still working. 

Over-thinking. Repeating things over and over again. The 'what-ifs, should have been' dilemma will circle around your head repetitively.  You can't help but keep on thinking. Not until your mind let you go according to its time. Tired but can't sleep. Which leads to insomnia and sleep deprivation. 

Nothing helps actually. I've secluded, sheltered
 and retreated myself every single time I hit an episode and hoping that I will not succumb to my inner demons.  

And with the current pandemic and MCO situation arising, my stress level has been increasing day by day.  As much as my husband helps around with the house chores and kids whenever he can, I am still suffocating and barely making it every single day. 
Mohd Akhtaar - Founder of Mindful Muslim App - Review
Therefore, as I am still searching for my inner peace and wishing that something can help me ease my sleepless nights. And thankfully, someone had shared with me a mobile application that can help me through the night without feeling unpleasant and without the help of medications. It's called MINDFUL MUSLIM APPS


Mindful Muslim is the world's first Islamic mindfulness app developed to help 1.8 B Muslims improve their emotional and mental well-being through guided talk downs of Islamic stories.

The app was launched in March this year and has been growing at a pace of 15,000 new members per month. The app now has more than 50,000 subscribers from all around the world including Malaysia, Indonesia, France, the UK, USA, India and many parts of Africa. The top subscribers include are from Malaysia, UK, the US and also UAE.

Mohd Akhtaar - Founder of Mindful Muslim App - Review


This wonderful app was created and developed in 2020 by the producer of Motivation Moments 500 by Mufti MenkMr Mohd Akhtaar and the Mindful Muslim apps won the Supreme of Auckland prize, University of Technology Entrepreneurship Competition X Challenge for the world’s first Islamic mindfulness app.

Mr Mohd Akhtaar aims to support Muslims all over the world who are facing mental illnesses such as stress, anxiety and depression. 
Mohd Akhtaar - Founder of Mindful Muslim App - Review

Fighting the stigma of mental health issues.

Have you heard these phrases before or were you the one who spew these words to someone who has had mental health issues before? 

'If you have mental health, you are a bad Muslim. You don't pray enough. You don't worship Allah enough. You don't Du'a or zikir enough'

Mashallah. Whatever it is, It is now the time for all of us to educate ourselves and be supportive to the ones that we know are struggling with their own self. 

Mental Health is overlooked in Malaysia, it's taken a toll on Malaysians because of Covid and the numbers are awfully increasing daily. 
Mohd Akhtaar - Founder of Mindful Muslim App - Review
Mr Mohd Akhtaar is extremely passionate about Mental Health, therefore is on a mission to inspire the positivity of Mental health amongst fellow Muslims. Hence, this is why Mindful Muslim Apps has reached to be the Market Leader, the best among the best in the Mental Health Space. 

Currently, Mindful Muslim main language is in English but soon to be other languages to update such as Malay for our Malaysian or/and Indonesia users. 
Mohd Akhtaar - Founder of Mindful Muslim App - Review


Mindful Muslims have some special features such as recitation of the holy verses of the Quran, zikir, stories of the prophets, motivational talks, recitation of ruqyah, special and daily prayers to relieve stress. The app has 51 stories of the prophets so far and consequently every month, new stories will be uploaded from time to time. 
Mohd Akhtaar - Founder of Mindful Muslim App - ReviewMohd Akhtaar - Founder of Mindful Muslim App - Review

Features include:

👉Guided Talk Down➤ You can choose from All, Anxiety, Stress, Hope or Fear to suit your current mood/situation
👉Sleep and Relax
👉 Build Sleep Playlist
👉Sleep Diary 
👉Help & Feedback section
👉- Guides ➤ Reference of Talk down , Etiquettes of Sleeping etc
👉Manage Subscription ➤ You can invite and share with your friends and both get 7 days free access. 
👉Change Language➤ This feature will be updated with more language.
👉Preferences➤ Gender & Time ➤You can select either Male or Female voice to your liking and Morning or Evening. 

Mohd Akhtaar - Founder of Mindful Muslim App - ReviewMohd Akhtaar - Founder of Mindful Muslim App - Review
You can make multiple selective playlists by building your own playlist for every concern you face.  Build Playlist from Du'a, Ruqyah, Reciters, Night Quran and Background Sounds.

Ruqyah categories include :

➤Feeling Frightened
➤Depression / Anxiety
➤Against Sihir
➤Evil Eye
➤Punishing the Jin 
And Many more....

Reciter includes Saad Al-Ghamdi, Mishari Rashid Al-alfasy, Abdul Rahman Sudais and Abdul Basit Abdul Samad.

Mohd Akhtaar - Founder of Mindful Muslim App - ReviewMohd Akhtaar - Founder of Mindful Muslim App - ReviewMohd Akhtaar - Founder of Mindful Muslim App - Review
You can also choose your own background sound to soothes and calm your nerve. 

👉Slow Drizzle 
👉Jungle Waterfall
👉 Soothing Rainforest 
👉 Sandy Beach
👉Chirping Birds and many more. 
Mohd Akhtaar - Founder of Mindful Muslim App - ReviewMohd Akhtaar - Founder of Mindful Muslim App - Review
The best feature I love besides the selective playlist would be the Sleep Diary. I can jot down whatever crosses my mind at the moment and read it again the next day to compare the mood I was in yesterday with the current mood. 

Initially, new features will be updated soon and they might include also a section for kids. 
Mohd Akhtaar - Founder of Mindful Muslim App - Review
My impression of Mindful Muslim? I wish this had come early in my younger years to help me cope with these anxieties but Alhamdulilah good things will eventually come and it's time for me to indulge, enjoy and recuperate myself with a better inner peace and better guidance.

Thank you Mindful Muslim Apps. Thank You Mr Mohd Akhtaar. This is definitely a lifesaver.  Keep up the great work and continue supporting people with Mental Health Issues. I hope this can help my fellow Muslim Mental Health survivors out there as much as it has helped me. 
Mohd Akhtaar - Founder of Mindful Muslim App - Review

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Mohd Akhtaar - Founder of Mindful Muslim App - Review

    Well, that's all for now! Thanks for reading my blog !! I hope you've enjoyed it!

Have a wonderful day and always be happy!! 


Love and rise up, 


 Be nice, Be respectful and Be responsible.

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