Things to do before moving in new house

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I know that moving into a new house is a big deal. It's a time of excitement and change, but it can also be stressful. Having all the right things to make your transition as smooth as possible will put you at ease and help keep you feeling settled in your new home.

Here is a checklist to tick off when moving house so that you'll have everything on hand for packing up life in one place and starting again somewhere else!

Things to do before moving in new house
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Furniture is the first thing you need to check off your list. Are all the pieces of furniture for both bedrooms present and accounted for? If not, do a quick headcount and mark down precisely what is missing.

Your furniture is likely the most expensive item to move when it comes to your house. You can start by making sure you have enough boxes and bubble wrap for each piece, as well as a vehicle large enough to accommodate all of them. Ensure that you take inventory of your furniture, so nothing gets left behind or lost during the moving process!


Toiletries are personal items you and your family use daily, such as shampoo and conditioner. You can also include things like toothbrushes, soap, moisturizers, etc. Also, don’t forget toilet paper, sponges, etc., depending on what you use in your household. Just think of all your hygiene items or cleaning purposes.

Pantry and Fridge Stock

Things to do before moving in new house

Pantry and fridge stock refers to the groceries and other food items you’ll need to transfer to your new house. Before moving, make sure that the pantry is well-stocked with essentials like sugar, salt, pepper powder, and liquid items such as cooking oil and spices. It will also be helpful if you have some dry goods (rice, pasta), frozen vegetables, or meat in stock for emergencies.


Hangers are an essential item for any wardrobe. It is vital to have a decent amount of hangers to ensure proper organization and allow you the freedom to hang up your clothes without having to worry about them falling off or getting creased in transit.

You can get additional features such as padding for delicate fabrics, cedar chips that help reduce moths, plastic coating that doesn't snag on fabric and non-slip clips which keep blouses from sliding out if accidentally hung over another garment.

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Kitchen Utensils

Utensils are the smallest of things you need to pack for your new house. You will need these utensils to cook food and make general meal preparations. You should include the following utensils in your packing checklist: Stovetop pots and pans -Cutting boards -Kitchen knives Measuring cups and spoons -Wooden spoon.


Things to do before moving in new house

Curtains are an important part of the home dΓ©cor and make a huge difference when you walk in. Curtains also add to privacy, keep your house warm by blocking out sunlight and prevent dust from accumulating on them with time!

Ensure that you buy curtains depending on the size of your windows because there is nothing worse than purchasing ill-fitting ones after moving into a new place. You might want to check whether or not they need any special care such as dry cleaning before purchasing them.


In conclusion, there are several things you need to tick off your list when moving houses. They range from furniture and cleaning supplies to curtains depending on the size of the place that needs refurbishing! 

All in all, it is vital to hire professionals for more considerable scale changes or renovations unless you have prior experience with such projects. Hope these tips would help and may you have an enjoyable, memorable journey moving into a new house! 

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