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Do you remember while growing up,  the only computer games that were available for us to play was card games that were already installed in the computer software like Free Solitaire, Free cell, Klondike, Spiders and more. I must admit, those were the time that I've spent playing and learned how to count, navigate and predict the next move in a slow steady game.  I think everyone had played it at least once, just to pass time. 

Many times before. I've heard people say that video games/computer games are bad for you / children. Yes, there are Pros and Cons to playing digital games. But today, I'll just want to share with you why playing games is important and good for you. 

free 90s card games online


Video games are profitable in the way they engage with different sides of our daily lives. Some of the benefits are physical, psychological, and social. Opposed to popular belief, they can encourage healthy lifestyles, increasing social activity, slow the ageing process, and make the participant a better decision-maker through various avenues. 


free 90s card games online

Healthy brain stimulation 

👉Help increase better hand-eye coordination Improve your vision and hand coordination 
👉Video games can help you stay fit ➤ This would be for video games console such as Nintendo Wii etc.
👉Video games can stop cravings ➤When you are immersed in a game, you might stop all the snacking or bad habits such as smoking or drinking alcohol. 
👉Video games might slow down the ageing process ➤ keep you youthful by keeping your brain young. Put those brain cells working!

free 90s card games online

Development of problem-solving skills

👉Games can enhance your ability to learn to be a better leader or teammate. 
👉Improve your decision-making skills
👉Improved Focus and Attention
👉Video games can help you make new social connections ➤Yes especially when you play online team players games, which needs communications to play as a team.

free 90s card games online

Stress relaxation

👉Video games help to reduce stress. 
👉Video Games May Help Treat Depression and Anxiety. 
👉Known to assist people to overcome Dyslexia

Well, that's just some key points reason why playing video games is important and good for your health that I can provide for you. Therefore, I want to share with you an online game platform that I've found recently. Excellent for whoever love card games or just wanting to release some tension and stress with some relaxing number card games online. You can definitely check this awesome site at  - Free Online Classic Solitaire Card Video Game.
free 90s card games online

It's a browser-based  Solitaire game. And of course, there's the classic solitaire game I cherish since my younger years. I love that from this website,  I can learn about the basics of Solitaire. The History Of Solitaire, Solitaire Strategy, Alternative Names For Solitaire and many more. 

All I knew was how to play by learning myself. Not knowing there are such great stories behind a card game.   Not only for Solitaire but every game that you click and choose to play will have its own history, strategy and such.  The best place for you to play and learn at the same time.  

free 90s card games online

You can also find the TOP 6 core card games version available here similarly like Klondike, Freecell, Spider, Pyramid, Tripeaks and Golf.  And when I meant versions, there's bundle versions of the 6 Top cards.  You will definitely enjoy exploring them all. 

Although the website is called Solitaire and is primarily known as a card game, the use of the word has expanded to mean single-player games. The website also offers various types of games available for you to play.  For an instance,  a collection of card games, mahjong tile games, hidden object games, and a bunch of other fun online games you can play directly in your web browser.


free 90s card games online

Card games - 21 Blitz, Gin Rummy, Hearts, Casino Blackjacks and more.
Mahjong Solitaire Tile Games - Daily Mahjong, China Mahjong, Panda Mahjong, Mahjong Card Solitaire and more
Hidden Object Games - China Temple, Hidden Princess, Garden Secrets Hidden Objects and more. 
Match 3 Games - Candy House, Treasure of Atlantis, Zuma Ball & Zuma Legend
Logic Puzzle Games - Daily Bridges, Daily Sokoban, Daily Sodoku, Daily Tracks and A Nonogram a Day. 

free 90s card games online

Word Games - Daily Crossword, Daily Word Search, Letter Scramble
Other Fun Arcade Games - Cookie Monster and Tennis. 

Let me list down some of the games that I personally like to play and enjoy in my free time. 💛

free 90s card games online

Candy House - Fun 50 level match 3 games that are similar to Candy Crush game. 
Zuma Legend - The legendary Frog shooting ball matching 3 colours. If you want to play a different version of Zuma, you can try Zuma Ball. It's a fusion of Zuma and Pinball but I love the original version though. 

free 90s card games online

Gin Rummy - A faster alternative to Rummy. I played against a criminal in a jail cell. It is a different theme from what I used to play. 
Daily Sodoku - I've always had a sodoku book with me but now I can play sodoku online anytime. 
Daily Crossword - word puzzle, my favourite pastime game.  Here they have time and dates records to check your time scores. 

The other games that they have are modern remakes of arcade classics of my favourite games too!

free 90s card games online

Cookie Monster - a PacMan inspired game where the ghosts turn into cookies when you eat a power pellet.  So cute! 
Tennis - 1 versus 1 tennis match against the computer. This is so much fun. It reminds me of the tennis games I played on Nintendo console games. Addictive! 


free 90s card games online

Overall, I really appreciate and applaud the time and effort they've put through to enable us to play our childhood favourite games that we've all grown up with.  It brings me back all those sweet memories of my childhood for sure. Would appreciate it if they can bring more other games like Tanks, Bomberman, Circus, Tetris and such.  

And even if you've never played a certain game on the list before or you wanted to learn more about the games. This is unmistakably the right place to starting learning and playing the games you've wanted to try. No worries, every games page will provide on how to play and more! 

free 90s card games online

So there you are! I hope you'll enjoy as much as I did! I've bookmarked the site as my favourite so that I can continue to play again next time.  Share these online card games with friends and family! Take care all and relive your childhood memories with 90s games online from !!

 Well, that's all for now! Thanks for reading my blog !! I hope you've enjoyed it!

Have a wonderful day and always be happy!! 


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