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Dutch Lady, the most chosen¹ growing up milk powder 1+ brand in Peninsular Malaysia unveiled its latest innovation in a bid to support optimal growth amongst children

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As parents, we are always searching for the best things in life for our kids. Be it for food, drinks, education or lifestyle. And for parents with infants and toddlers, beside nutritious foods. We are constantly searching for the best formulated milk for our children.
Though breastfeeding is the best milk for our child but not everyone is lucky when it comes to producing milk supply. So as an alternative, parents have to choose formula milk that suits their child the best.

I was fortunate enough to join Dutch Lady MaxGro’s zoom meeting with great specialised nutritionists. I’ve learned so much about children’s developments and growth within the 30 minutes I attended. I am amazed and dumbfounded to know that Malaysia has a malnutrition problem.

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According to the National Health and Morbidity Survey 2019 (NHMS 2019) released by the Ministry of Health, Malaysia, the prevalence of stunting and underweight in children under five years of age in Malaysia has increased from 17.7% in 2015 to 21.9% in 2019.

A study conducted by the South East Asian Nutrition Survey (SEANUTS) in 2012 also revealed that 1 out of 2 children in Malaysia did not achieve the Recommended Nutrient Intakes (RNI, 2017) for Calcium and Vitamin D³, both are important nutrients for bone growth.
In ensuring our future generations have sufficient nutrition, Dutch Lady Milk Industries Berhad (DLMI), Malaysia’s leading dairy company, launched its first milk based formula dietary food DUTCH LADY MaxGro. DLMI also unveiled a new campaign to complement the launch of its latest innovative product.

Themed "Cita-Cita Tinggi Mampu Dimiliki", the campaign aims to raise awareness of Malaysian children’s nutritional needs and promote regular height tracking to ensure their ambitions to grow taller and healthier are achieved, thus meeting their optimal growth potential.

Specially formulated to provide children with 80% of the recommended nutrient intake⁴ (Malaysia RNI 2017), DUTCH LADY MaxGro is suitable for children aged 1 - 9 years old and it is packed with essential nutrients to help them meet the requirements of a well-balanced and complete diet. 

This latest innovation by DUTCH LADY MaxGro contains 9 Essential Amino Acids (9EAA) — which are the building blocks in Protein for bones and muscle growth, Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), Calcium — for strong bones, and Vitamin D — for aiding Calcium absorption. 


Other nutrients that can be found in DUTCH LADY MaxGro include Iron, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Zinc, Vitamin A, E, K1, B1, B2, B3, B6, B12 and C — to support children’s optimal growth and development.

“The DUTCH LADY brand has been building strong families for more than 50 years, and we want to fulfill our purpose of nourishing Malaysians by introducing nutritious dairy products to our consumers,” said Tarang Gupta, Managing Director, DLMI.
“And to keep up with the everyday needs of Malaysians, we strive to formulate a new offering that tastes great and at the same time bring the best value to our consumers. Our latest milk offering, DUTCH LADY MaxGro, is a testament to our ambition to help Malaysian children embark on their journey of proper nutrition for a healthier and better future,” he added.


As a Malaysia's leading dairy company, DLMI, further dialed up the ante by introducing MaxGro Growth Tracker application, a growth tracking tool that helps parents to keep track of their children’s development and growth progress at the virtual launch. 

Aside from tracking a child’s Physical Growth, the application also allows parents to monitor their children’s Cognitive Growth, check their Immunisation Schedule, update their Teething Log, and much more.

The MaxGro Growth Tracker app was developed for parents to help their children reach their ambition to grow taller and healthier with ease, and is available on Google Play for free.

Zatur Hassim, Marketing Director, Specialised Nutrition, DLMI, highlighted that the key findings from frequent surveys done with Malaysian mothers help us understand their concerns about their children’s growth. 

“Based on our observations, apart from seeking milk offerings that can provide complete nutritional support for their children’s growth, Malaysian mothers also looked for convenient ways to keep track of their children’s growth progress. This is why the DUTCH LADY brand took this proactive role in developing a growth tracking tool – to make it more accessible to all parents in Malaysia. Echoing the aim of our campaign, we wanted to amplify the message of Cita-Cita Tinggi, Mampu Dimiliki — which translates to high ambition or ambitions to grow tall that is within reach,” she added.


Tested by a lineup of real Malaysian mothers: 

  • 99%⁵ would recommend DUTCH LADY MaxGro to their friends and family 

The taste and suitability of the all-new product has also garnered positive feedback from their little ones:

  • 96%⁵ agreed their child loves the taste of DUTCH LADY MaxGro, and 

  • 98%⁵ agreed after drinking DUTCH LADY MaxGro, their child has no digestion issues. 

The survey was done in collaboration with the Home Tester Club in Malaysia. 


Also present at the virtual launch event, was Dr Azam Mohd Nor, Consultant Pediatrician from Pantai Hospital Kuala Lumpur. According to Dr Azam, height is a key indicator of a child’s health, and poor nutrition is a pervasive issue in Malaysia.

One of the best ways to address malnutrition is through consumption of nutrient-dense milk and for parents to consistently measure their children’s height and growth to ensure that they are growing healthily.

After reading and researching some more information about its benefits, I’ve purchased and waiting for my Dutch Lady MaxGro packs for my children to consume. I can’t wait !! Hope my kids will love it ๐Ÿ’“


Support your child’s optimal growth potential with the all-new DUTCH LADY MaxGro, found at key retail outlets nationwide. For more information, please visit www.smartmoments.com.my and request for a complimentary sample now.

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Photo Credit : Google Image and to its owner.


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