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It's been a while since I've written an entry about skincare reviews, hence today I will tell you about my experience using the Hansaegee Nature Aqua Whitening Cream - The Water Drop Gel Moisturizer after about 1-2 months.  My followers know I've been raving about how the product effectively helps with the skin barrier and retains moisture balance for my skin. For those who haven't read my previous post, you can click HERE

But before I tell you about the after-effects. Let me explain what skin problems I faced before using Hansaegee Nature Aqua Whitening Cream


Hansaegee Nature Products review

I had a major skin breakout since the 1st MCO, I am not quite sure how it happened. It's either because of stress, wrong skin products or wearing a face mask.  I have a combination of oily skin around my nose and chin and within this area, my breakout was the worst. It took me almost a year to find the right products to incorporate into my new skincare routine as the old routine is no longer relevant to maintaining my skin health. 

I've tried so many products from hydrating, oily, acne, and to see which products my skin will tolerate. My skin would either be extra dry or extra oily the next morning. This irritated my skin more and made acne appears tremendously on my face. And the hot weather makes my face oilier with visible redness.  Other than that, my skin looks quite dull and sagging looking too!😭😭

I didn't have the confidence at all to go out without wearing any makeup even to the shop nearby. But yeah, thankfully, with a face mask on, I could hide my face from people. Lol. 

Hansaegee Nature Products review

But that is just a temporary solution, I really needed something that works on my skin for it to clear up at least a bit.  And that is why I am thankful that I've found Hansaegee Nature.  I saw one of my friends recommend the Moisturizer Gel-Cream on her Facebook and how it works for her skin and I was really intrigued to try it since it's not a heavy cream moisturiser that doesn't suit my oily skin. So I did some digging and checked out Hansaegee Nature's website and reviews before taking the next action. 


Hansaegee Nature Products review

To begin with, they don't only have the Hansaegee Nature Aqua Whitening Cream but other products as well. Such as Aloe AC Clean Bubble Cleanser and Sunscreen too!

But since I've found a Sunscreen for me, I didn't try it out yet but maybe soon! Therefore, I just tried the Aloe AC Clean Bubble Cleanser and  Hansaegae Nature Aqua Whitening Cream

I did a review on the  Aloe AC Clean Bubble Cleanser too! So you can check it out HERE for more information okay! 

Do check their website for newly launched products too! 


Hansaegee Nature Products review

Using the pair really helped my skin a lot!! Even though I still have acne and dark spots around my chin and cheek area but using these pairs had slightly reduced my acne, dark spots and sebum build-up. 

My inflamed red skin reduces and feels my skin is much softer and firmer after using these 2 months or so.  You can just use a little bit of the gel and it can be enough for your whole face. I think that is why I still have so many left even after 1-2 months of using it! πŸ˜‚


Hansaegee Nature Products review

The main ingredient in the Moisturizer Gel-Cream is Niacinamide which helps brighten skin, improve the appearance of enlarged pores, and have uneven skin tone, It can control excess sebum & oil on the skin. It helps to protect against sun damage and aid in rebuilding healthy skin cells.  Furthermore, it calms sensitive inflamed skin and firms up your skin. 


Hansaegee Nature Products review

Hansaegee Nature Aqua Whitening Cream is also known as a "Water Drop Moisturizer"  Because the moisturizing ingredients in the Aqua Moisturizer transform into Water Drop form immediately after use, giving a high moisture effect to skin the whole day

Hansaegee Nature Products review
Hansaegee Nature Products review

Water drops give moisture to the skin & a non-sticky feeling. My skin immediately feels hydrated, refreshed, cool and soft. When the skin barrier is healed and well-nourished, your skin will look and feel more supple and hydrated hence lesser oil and acne build-up.  It normalizes and controls excess oil/sebum for your skin. 


Hansaegee Nature Products review

It's so lightweight and quickly absorbed into my skin. Plus its non-greasy texture really makes it so satisfying to use.  You may look at its texture as thick as a regular cream, but rest assured, the water gel glides smoothly on your skin, making it look effortless glowing. 

Moisturizer Gel-Cream keeps my skin hydrated. It hangs onto moisture and gives my skin an overall plumping effect. And since then, I am hooked on Hansaegee Nature Aqua Whitening Cream. I've never left it even while travelling. It's a MUST-HAVE product!!

Hansaegee Nature Products review
This is a picture of the 2nd week of using the Moisturizer Gel Cream
Hansaegee Nature Products review
This is my latest picture after using approximately 2 months of the Moisturizer Gel Cream, I still suffer from acne and acne scars but it heals quite fast and my skin is much more supple and moist than it used to be.
Slowly, my face is recovering from bad acne breakouts due to poor skin barrier and dehydration. Hansaegee Nature Aqua Whitening Cream sure helps a lot in my recovery process.  I am so grateful and happy that I've found a product that works miracles for my skin. 

And I am proud to say that I can go out confidently without any makeup to hide my skin. πŸ’—

Psst... I even used it for my elbows or anywhere around my body if I feel the skin is dry. It instantly makes my skin feel soft and hydrated again. Totally amazing!! 


Hansaegee Nature Products review

And guys, since this month is Mother's Day, why not share this wonderful product with your mom, your wife, your sister or whoever deserves a loving care exceptional product that might change their life? 

Hansaegee Nature Products review

Head on to Hansaegee Nature's Website and enjoy great Mother's Day Special Promotions until the 31st of May 2022! Don't forget to check out their latest NEW launched Aloe Vera Sunscreen too! I can't wait to get my hands on it soon!!

So there you go! That's my final review for Hansaegee Nature Aqua Whitening Cream! 

Totally worth having in your skincare routine. I definitely love it. It's my favourite moisturizer of all time! Go and get yours today!!

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Hansaegee Nature Products review

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