i-kao skincare review


i-Kao - Japanese Beauty Products That You MUST HAVE!

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As you all know I love to share about beauty products such as skincare, body care, beauty tools and such right? You can all check out my Beauty tag for all the reviews I've made previously. Though I mostly like Korean skincare but not biased, I do like skincare from others too such as Japanese, USA and Malaysian Local brands!

And today,  I'm going to share with you all about a notable Japanese brand that I've discovered recently called I-KAO.  Let me share a little about the brand before I jump into their products okay? 

About i-Kao

i-kao skincare review

i-Kao is a Japanese brand specializing in beauty products and cosmetics. i-Kao's initial focus was on developing high-quality medical equipment for cosmetic and plastic surgery hospitals, which was well-received in the industry.

And now, i-Kao has incorporated proprietary technology into home beauty products which enhance user experience and get results just like your usual SPA treatment made conveniently as well effectively done within your home skincare regime. 

i-kao skincare review

True Beauty Boost for Your Face

In view of the fact that i-Kao undeniable slogan, its beauty products are clinically proven with Dermatology Techniques From Japan and made conveniently and safely for you to use in your own home, enjoying all the advantages of professional face therapy at comfort. 

They had made it to cater to All Skin Types, even the most delicate skin, to benefit from their product. For whoever wants to eliminate flushing, age spots, chronic redness, or wrinkles. You'll see the difference right away with continuous usage and it is suitable for both sexes too.

Therefore, you and your partner who want to look younger with healthier-looking skin can share and feel beautiful in your skin with i-Kao's beauty products.

i-Kao Vision 

i-kao skincare review

Bring Luxury Skin Care Home

 i-Kao beauty tools harness powerful technology in a safe, in-home device that brings back beautiful, healthy-looking skin.

 i-Kao takes "skin beauty with technology" as its core concept. Through the perfect combination of leading intelligent technology and aesthetics, it hopes to deliver true and confident natural beauty to beauty lovers worldwide. The power to radiate beauty lies in every person.

Not only that, it will give your mind at ease knowing that all i-Kao beauty products are award-winning, patented products that have been recognised worldwide for their effectiveness and innovation. Now you know that you're in good hands with recognised beauty products with all these awards given, right? 

Now let's talk about i-Kao products, shall we?


i-kao skincare review

Currently,  i-Kao is offering a set of products called "Élégance Premium Set". An all-in-one device programmed with 6 different science-backed technologies. All functions are activated using a smart-touch sensor that detects skin contact. It's Painless, without any side effects, downtime or damage to your skin.

This Élégance Premium set of products includes:

The " Élégance " device 👉 allows face lifting, skin cleansing, IPL and eye care
 The “Lotion Oxygène”  👉 provides optimal results for skin cleansing, freckles, skin regeneration, and more. 
 The "Serum La Crème"  👉 allows you to lift the skin, remove dark circles, lighten the skin
 “Beauté coton” 👉 allows you to apply the products “Lotion Oxygène” and “Sérum La crème” on the “Élégance” device.

The benefit of the Élégance Premium set 

This magnificent i-Kao's four skincare sets consist of Élégance, Lotion Oxygène, Sérum La Crème, and Beauté Coton, which work together to provide a healthy, beautiful glow for your skin. It's an excellent tool for individuals who wish to perform SPA-like treatments at home.  

Élégance  Functions

i-kao skincare review

Clean: Cleanses and exfoliates the skin.
IPL: Uses Intense pulsed light to treat sun damage and eliminate acne.
Lift: Stimulates collagen production to lessen wrinkles and tighten skin.
Eye-Care: Minimises the risk of eye injury by carefully scanning the skin surface.
EMS: Uses electrical muscle stimulation to produce a sensation of deep relaxation that can help relieve tension in muscles.
LEDs for Skin: Provides therapeutic benefits for your skin with blue/red/near-infrared light.
WARMTH: Helps promote healthy and glowing skin.

Clinically Proven Results*

i-kao skincare review
You can also check out the HOW TO USE and BEFORE & AFTER here

Get this, The device and the products associated with it have been clinically tested and approved. The set is effective and provides visible results after a few days of use. If you are still sceptical, below is what most consumers had feedback on the usage of the Élégance premium set! 

➤100% of selected users instantly saw radiant, glowing skin
➤90% of selected users saw an improvement in tone and texture
➤76% of selected users had a significant reduction in the appearance of lines and wrinkles in just 8 weeks.

The proven results also include issues regarding pigmentation, acne skin, sun damage, ageing, hyperpigmentation, dark circle, wrinkles and others.

Thus, this should definitely be one of your reason to give the Élégance premium set a try, right? 

i-kao skincare review

Do you know that the “Élégance Premium Set” set is sold in several countries including Japan, France, England and now Malaysia? 

Okay, okay! I know maybe most of us can't really afford the whole set or are afraid that it would not be suitable for our skin, right? No worries, you can still opt for the other products that i-Kao has for a try first.


i-kao skincare review

🠞An immediate shot of oxygen that visibly clarifies.
🠞Your regenerated skin is silky and soft like never before.
🠞Erases signs of fatigue by refreshing the complexion.
🠞Skin appears radiant, the complexion smooth, wrinkles diminished, and texture refined
🠞Helps prevent a dull appearance and brightens skin tone
🠞Features a Japanese plum extract with antioxidant and anti-ageing properties


i-kao skincare review

🠞Skin-lifting & Tightening: Professionally formulated anti-ageing serum with clinically proven ingredients.
🠞Gentle & Effective: Suitable for even the most sensitive skin.
🠞Powerful & Proactive: Strengthens collagen and elastin fibres, increases the density and volume of the skin, decongests pores, and reshapes skin contours significantly.
🠞Restorative & Healthy: Improves dullness and helps reduce the appearance of dark spots caused by sun damage for even, glowing skin.


i-kao skincare review

🠞 Supremely soft texture luxuriously enhances the daily skincare experience.
🠞Uniquely designed to boost the effectiveness of lotions and emulsions by depositing the maximum amount of product back into the skin rather than absorbing it.
🠞Ultra-high-density silk helps dissolve dull skin cells for a refined, polished finish.

Do I need to have the Élégance Premium Set?

i-kao skincare review

To my personal opinion, if you really are looking to get that renewed, fresh, healthy skin you've always wanted. It is undeniable to suggest you try the whole range for more effectiveness in the long term. Like a good skincare routine, once you find a tool that changes the game for you, then you'll wonder what you did without it. They can be the perfect complement to your routine.

You will notice firmer, healthier-looking skin. Massaging your face with the Élégance Premium set ™ Massager lets your skin treatment penetrate deeply into the skin to rejuvenate and revitalise deep facial tissue. As a result, your face will glow and feel much healthier.

Its all-in-one device is programmed with 6 different science-backed technologies that proven technology with real results to stimulate, boost and improve your skin from within for better, healthier glowing skin. Inside and outside. 

Better yet, You may use this on your face, neck, chest, back, hands, and even legs! 

**The ÉLÉGANCE PREMIUM SET ™ works at different intervals for each user, But a general guideline is that within 3 weeks there should be a noticeable difference.

Where Can I Buy i-Kao Products?

Generally, you can directly make your purchases on their official website https://i-kao.com/ but if you know any listed local distributors that sell i-Kao products near you, you can purchase from them.  It's okay if you have any doubts about the items that you've purchased from the listed distributors, you can always validate the purchased product authentication HERE!

Payment & Shipping

i-kao skincare review

🠞They accept (COD) Cash on Delivery, Visa, Amex, MasterCard

🠞Cash on delivery (COD)
Cash on delivery is when a buyer pays for items after receiving them. The recipient pays upon delivery.

For Malaysian customers, only propose a cash-on-delivery payment method.

By availing of a Cash-on-Delivery(COD) facility, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

1. Cash on Delivery(COD) facility is FREE for orders above on i-Kao.
2. In the case of Cash on Delivery, confirmation will be taken from the recipient over the call.
3. Only cash payments will be accepted while delivering the order under the COD payment method. 
4. Demand Draft/ Cheques will not be accepted for orders booked under the COD payment method. It is strictly a cash-only payment method. 
5. E-Gift Vouchers or store credit cannot be used for COD orders. 
6. Foreign currency cannot be used to make a COD payment.
7. Any dispute arising is subject to the jurisdiction of Jaipur, Rajasthan

🠞Pay via Credit Card
You may still complete your purchase without a PayPal account. To do so, please click "Pay with Debit/Credit card information or finish your payment. Not available for all countries.

i-kao skincare review
They offer Free shipping on all orders worldwide. Customers don't need to pay any import tax. Worldwide orders ship via i-Kao logistic centres worldwide. They ship from their U.S. local warehouse agent.

JAPAN: Orders within JAPAN: 4-6 business days.
USA: Orders within the USA: 7-9 business days
FRANCE: Orders within FRANCE: 7-9 business days
MALAYSIA: Orders within MALAYSIA: 7-9 business days

i-kao skincare review

Standard orders must be placed by 11:59 PM Central Time to begin processing the following business day. Typically, processing takes one to two business days.

All orders require the recipient's signature upon delivery to prevent product theft, loss, or damage. Once your order is dispatched, i-Kao sends you a tracking number so you can track it. It's as easy as that!  They have a money-back guarantee too! And yes, they do have Global After Service, with a fee of course! 

i-kao skincare review

So that's my intake on this amazing Japanese beauty product for you to give a try! You can buy it for yourself or even for your loved ones!  Hope you'll love it! I will continue searching for the best beauty products for you to experience and treasure. Take care and see you all soon! 

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